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Cross Country Moves – Personal Moments

A Little TLC Goes A Long Way

In the long-distance moving industry, there are always plenty of personal stories to be told. One of my favorites occurred a few years ago when my company was hired to move a family from one side of the country to the other. They were newcomers to this country and were still going through some culture shock.

As soon as the movers arrived at the house, they got to work loading up all of the furniture and boxes. The family was excited to start their new life, and they stood by and watched as the movers worked.

on time movers
Yay! The Movers Arrive On Time, Let’s Go…

After a few hours, the family started getting a little antsy. They wanted to know how the move was going but didn’t want to get in the movers’ way. So they started asking questions from a distance.

“Is everything going okay?” they would ask.

“Is it taking longer than you thought it would?”

“Should we be doing something to help?”

The movers tried their best to answer the questions, but it was difficult with all the noise and chaos in the house. And eventually, the family got so frustrated that they just gave up and went inside.

A few hours later, when everything was finally packed up and loaded into the truck, one of the movers came over to talk to me.

mover load truck
Every Cross-Country Move Start With Loading The Boxes Into The Truck

“I think you should go talk to those people,” he said. “I think they’re really upset.”

I went inside and found the children together in the living room. They looked exhausted and defeated. As soon as they spotted me, they commenced asking questions again.

“Is everything going to be okay?” they asked.

“Are we going to make it on time?”

“What’s going to happen to our stuff?”

I did my best to address their questions, but I could tell that they weren’t really listening. They were just desperate for reassurance. So finally, I just sat down with them and held them while they cried.

It was a long, emotional day for everyone involved. But in the end, the family made it to their new home safe and sound. And they even managed to laugh about the whole experience once they were settled in.

Moving is never a simple endeavor, especially when you’re in unfamiliar surroundings. But sometimes, it’s the little things that make all the difference.

Going Around In Circles

Another funny story from my local moves was when one of the movers got lost on the way to my new house. He was supposed to be driving from my old house to my new home, but he got lost and wound up driving around for ages.

moving with kids

I think this is because the subdivision I moved to was brand new and did not come up on most GPS devices yet. Also, the cell phone signal was terrible, so if the mover had tried to call, I doubt my phone would have rung.

My new neighbors thought it was hilarious that a stranger kept driving by their house repeatedly, and they even called the police on him. Luckily, he eventually found his way to my house and unloaded all of the boxes.

Sing Us A Song…

I remember the time that we had to move a piano. It was a huge, heavy thing and we were stressed about how we would get it from one point of the house to the other. We called our local, long-distance moving company, and they sent over a team of professionals to help us out.

The guys arrived with their truck and started getting to work. They were so efficient and robust that they had the piano moved in no time at all. In fact, they were done so quickly that we actually had some extra time on our hands! As it turned out, one of the movers was a pianist himself and treated us all to some Chopin. I was very impressed.

We were so grateful for their help – not only did they move the piano quickly and easily, but they also gave us a head start on packing up the rest of our things. I would recommend using their services if you need to move something large and heavy!

From A 12-Year Old Perspective

I remember when my mom called me up and told me she had signed us up for a long-distance move. I was so excited – or at least, I tried to be. In reality, I was terrified. I had never even seen one of those big moving trucks before, let alone driven one. But Mom was determined to do this herself, and she’d already paid the company in total.

So the movers arrived on a hot July day, and they got to work loading all our stuff into the truck. It rapidly became apparent that this was about to be a considerable undertaking – boxes, and furniture piled high in every room of our house. They managed to get everything loaded onto the truck, but it was a tight fit. The movers started driving… and drove… and drove some more.

kids moving house

Our new home wasn’t as close as we thought – it was over 1,000 miles away! By the time we finally arrived, everyone in the car was exhausted – including me, even though I hadn’t done any of the liftings! When the movers arrived the following week, they unloaded all our belongings into our new home. I was still totally drained but also relieved that it was finally over.

Redefining Contract “Flexibility”

I remember when I was a new employee of another long-distance moving company. I had just been hired as a driver and was excited to start my new career. On my first day on the new job, I met my co-workers and got a tour of the warehouse. The next day, I woke up at 5am and eagerly headed to work.

As soon as I got there, my boss pulled me into his office and told me I needed to start working in the warehouse instead of driving. Apparently, they were short-staffed and needed someone to do manual labor. I was devastated.

I had gone through all the training to become a driver, and now I was stuck doing manual labor in a dusty warehouse. It wasn’t what I wanted at all, but it was better than being unemployed.

For the next few weeks, I worked long hours in the warehouse, moving boxes around and trying not to get injured. Thankfully, my boss eventually realized they needed someone to drive customers’ belongings from point A to point B, so he put me back behind the wheel.

Moving To Texas On A Shoestring

I was recently contacted by a potential moving client looking for a long-distance move. They were moving from Colorado to Texas and were in need of someone to help them with the move. I told them that I could definitely help them out, and we arranged a time for me to come and survey the move.

I arrived at their house on the appointed day and began surveying their belongings. As I was doing so, I noticed they had a lot of stuff. In fact, it seemed like they may have been trying to move to Texas for some time. I enquired as to how long they’d been living in Colorado, and they told me that they’d only been there for about six months.

dallas Fort Worth texas

It turns out that they had moved all the way across the country for a job but had recently lost it. They were stranded in Colorado with no way to get back home and all their belongings still in boxes. They were hoping that I could help them get everything back home again.

After hearing their story and outlining what we could do for them as a mover, I decided we could make this work and agreed to help them relocate everything from Colorado to Texas. It was going to develop into a monumental undertaking, but I knew I could do it if we worked together as a team.

In the end, we got everything packed up and moved without any significant problems. It was a lot of work, but it was worth it knowing that I was able to help out a family in need. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you’re ever considering a long-distance move. I’d be happy to help out in any way possible.

bad movers

Disaster In Denver

I moved from Denver to Austin, and my movers totally botched the job. They showed up at our new door a week later than promised, with only half of my stuff, and when they finally got everything unloaded, it was all thrown together in a giant pile in the middle of my living room.

I had to call the company multiple times to try to get them to fix the situation, but nothing ever happened. Finally, I just washed my hands of them and had to hire Denver Moving Group to come to collect the remainder of my stuff from Denver. It was a total disaster!

“Honey, We Have To Move!”

I remember the day my husband called me in a panic. “Honey, we have to move! The office I work for is transferring me to Austin, and there’s not enough time to do it ourselves. We have to hire a moving company.” This was 8 months into our marriage, and we had never moved before. Needless to say, we were in for a long, funny journey.

We started by interviewing several moving companies. The first few said they could do it within our budget, but after further questioning, it became clear that they were trying to scam us. They quoted us a price that was much lower than what they would actually charge once the move began.

Finally, we found a reputable company and scheduled the move for 2 weeks later. In those 2 weeks, we packed up our entire apartment ourselves (which wasn’t easy with a 1-year-old). The movers turned up on time and immediately got to work packing everything up into their truck. It was amazing how quickly they worked!

moving process
Let’s Move – Movers Did A Great Job!

The drive from Pennsylvania to Texas took 3 days and thankfully went without any significant problems (other than my husband getting carsick on Day 2). When we finally arrived in Austin, and our movers arrived the following week, we were exhausted but relieved.

Now, 5 years later, we’ve moved again – this time to Atlanta. And once again, we had to hire a moving company. But we knew what to expect this time and were prepared for it. If you’re considering whether or not you ought to hire a moving company, here are a few tips to walk you through the search process:

  1. Do your research – interview several companies and get quotes from each one. Be sure to ask lots of questions to know exactly what they will and won’t do for you.
  2. Get everything in writing – once you’ve settled on a company, have them send you a written contract with all the move details. This will help avoid any surprises later on.
  3. Be prepared for the cost – moving companies can be expensive, so be sure to have plenty of money beforehand.
  4. Relax and enjoy your new home! – After all the stress of packing and moving, it’s essential to take a deep breath and enjoy your new home. You’ve earned it!

From The Rockies To The Sunshine State

I remember the day my husband got a call from his long-distance moving company asking if he’d be interested in moving to Florida. We were living in Colorado then, and I was six months pregnant with our first child. My husband told them we’d have to think about it and then promptly called me into the room to discuss what this would mean for our family. After much deliberation, we decided that it made sense for us to move down to Florida so that we could be closer to my parents (who lived in Orlando) and our son could grow up near his cousins.

from denver to california
Oil Paint. From The Rockies To California. by MidJourney AI

The next few months were a maelstrom of activity as we prepared for our move. We had to sell our house, pack up all our belongings, and arrange for our cat to travel down with us. Luckily, my husband had done quite a bit of long-distance moving in his previous job, so he had a good concept of what needed to be done.

The movers from Denver Moving Group arrived on the day they said they would, and within hours everything was packed up and ready to go. Our cat seemed traumatized by the whole experience (she spent most of the time hiding under a bed while the movers were here), but we made it to Florida in one piece.

Since moving to Florida, our lives have been transformed in so many ways. Our son has now grown to be a happy and healthy toddler, and we feel like we’ve finally found our home. We love the weather here, the people are friendly, and there’s always something to do.

We’re so glad we decided to move, and we would recommend it to anyone considering a long-distance move. Thanks, Denver Moving Group, for making our dream a reality!

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