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long distance movers in denver

When searching for long-distance moving companies near me

There are many long-distance moving companies in Denver these days. Usually, the first thing we do is search the web for moving companies near me, which eliminates the out of state moving companies from that list. However, the organic search for top moving companies near you will not necessarily present the best long distance moving companies near me. Many businesses invest thousands of dollars in marketing every month to be on the first page in Google and Bing; therefore, it is our due diligence to investigate further and confirm that these interstate moving companies are truly locally owned and operated as they state they are.

long distance movers in dever

Moving & storage companies near me

Behind these search results, you will find that some of these businesses are small moving companies in Denver, some that are national long-distance moving companies, and even moving brokers, which are not even based in Colorado. When shopping around for moving companies quotes, we always recommend visiting the facilities of these moving and storage companies near me. At Denver Moving Group, we know that there is no second chance to make a first impression, which is why we always welcome you to visit us at our 40,000 square foot storage and office facility.

Cross-country moving group

As one of the best relocation moving companies in Denver, we put all of our efforts into making sure that when you search for cross country & long-distance moving companies near me, our business will be presented to you since we are locally owned and operated in Denver, CO. Whether you are looking for house moving companies or to get an idea of moving companies’ prices, our professional moving coordinators and estimators will be more than happy to assist you.

Moving companies Denver reviews

Searching for cheap long distance moving companies will most likely not provide you with the best moving companies near me results. As a licensed, bonded, and fully insured moving company in Denver, we encourage our clients to use other platforms such as the Better Business Bureau and the Department of Transportation to verify the credentials of every long distance moving companies near me before making any decision. Take into consideration that in most cases, searching for cheap moving companies won’t provide you with the top reputable moving companies long distance moves.


A Dependable, Trustworthy Moving Company in Denver

Whether you need to move into a one-bedroom apartment across town or a new family home in another state, the Denver Moving Group is your go-to for moving help. We are one of the best moving companies in Denver, so let us take the uncertainty and stress out of getting you and your belongings where you need to be. We specialize in local and long-distance moving and storage services at fair prices. The Denver Moving Group prides itself as a reliable movers company that brings real solutions for residential and commercial moves.

Experienced, Knowledgeable Moving Experts

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Your homes and businesses contain items that are of high personal and monetary value. You can’t trust these belongings to just anybody in Denver. It would help if you had professional movers who are extremely knowledgeable about the best methods for packing, loading, moving, unloading, and storing. The Denver Moving Group is ready to help you pick up your residences and businesses and relocate from here to wherever. We bring you the affordability of a local moving company with the resources that come with national moving companies. There’s no job too big, too small, or too far!

A Protected and Covered Move

As both a local and long-distance moving company, we know that there is considerable room for error when it comes to hauling your possessions from one place to the other. We back up every assignment by being appropriately licensed and fully insured. The Denver Moving Group is registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation and has the authorization you’d expect of one of the nation’s best cross country moving companies. Trust your moving needs to local and cross country movers insured to cover any damages and losses that may occur. Your peace of mind is important to us, and you can rest assured knowing that your move is protected with insurance.

Ready and Willing To Work With You

moving companies reviews
Check out our moving company reviews.

At the Denver Moving Group, we know that no two jobs are the same. Even if two assignments are similar in destination and size, we understand that every assignment comes with its own unique parameters. We’ve established a reputation as one of Denver’s best moving services by helping our clients plan and schedule moves that work with their timeframe.

We haven’t established ourselves as a company of reliable movers by being inflexible. We know that there are all kinds of personal and professional motivations behind relocations. When you ask yourself, “Is there a moving company near me that can cater to my situation?” the Denver Moving Group is ready and responsive with a confident “YES!”

Truly Affordable Movers in Denver

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How much do packing services cost?

There’s already a lot of uncertainty regarding interstate moves, but cross country moving costs shouldn’t be unclear. Whether you’re funding the move or having it covered by an employer, at the Denver Moving Group, we prioritize pricing transparency as well as being one of the most affordable moving companies around. When you’re looking for quotes on long-distance moving, reach out to us to talk specifics. We offer several ways to help you get a reliable appraisal for your relocation, including free in-home estimates and free video chat estimates.

Your moving quote must be as accurate as possible. We recommend an onsite visit to homes and businesses from one of our moving specialists to make sure the long-distance quotes align with what our customers expect. With the Denver Moving Group, you don’t have to worry about your moving company cost ballooning with surcharges and fees for the following items:

  • Loading and unloading – We don’t hold items a hostage by tacking on charges to fill and empty our moving trucks.
  • Mileage, fuel, and tolls – Some cross country moving companies attempt to make extra money by charging their customers for taking the best route. We truly are your go-to for affordable movers, and we won’t charge you extra, even if the safest and quickest route includes tolls.
  • Extra padding and protection – We go the distance when it comes to keeping your items safe. As expert furniture movers, we know that some belongings need additional cushioning to survive the move.

Even with our best estimates, sometimes the actual move isn’t exactly what was predicted. We are confident in providing moving company quotes that are fair and trustworthy.

More Than Just Moving Services

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Long Distance & cross-country movers in Denver


As one of the best out-of-state moving team available, we know that relocation jobs vary from customer to customer. Some of our clients are super hands-on and only need to hire movers to load, transport, and unload their items. They’ve taken care of all the packing and organizing. However, we also recognize that for many of our customers, packing logistics is a high demand on their time and effort. We are enthusiastic about showing you how the Denver Moving Group can take care of your needs:

  • Packing Services: There’s no need for you to stress about figuring out the best way to pack your items, especially heavy, large, oddly shaped, and high-priced belongings. We provide the know-how and the materials needed to keep your items safe and secure for the trip.
  • Unpacking Assistance: We can also assist you with unpacking any boxes that we packed, especially if you’re having difficulty figuring out how to fit your items into the new place. The best interstate moving companies know that some times the unpacking can be overwhelming. We’re here to help out any way we can.
  • Storage: As one of the top state to state movers in Denver, we offer storage solutions to accommodate your relocation. Do you need your things to move before you get there? Perhaps you have a tight window for vacating a property. We’ve got you covered with short-term and long-term storage solutions for your items.
  • Moving Materials: At the Denver Moving Group, we can also help you dispose of all moving materials, including boxes and packing supplies.

We support you with the best movers and packers to help make your relocation as smooth a transition as possible. We save you the hassle of having to coordinate with separate moving and storage companies, serving as your one-stop-shop for packers, movers, and storage.

Reasons To Choose the Denver Moving Group

The Denver Moving Group is a family-owned and operated moving company in Denver, CO, that understands every aspect of local and long-distance relocations. With over 30 years of experience, we are one of the premier moving companies Denver and other Colorado residents and businesses rely on for affordable, dependable, professional, and prompt moving services. We are expert commercial and house movers who are enthusiastic about planning and executing your moves. Call us at (720)370-3523 to get started on a quote or fill out our online form. When you need out of state movers you can trust, we stand ready to get it done.

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Long Distance Moving Services


How much does a moving company charge?

The price of a move depends on several factors, most importantly the distance of your move and your move’s size. For example, are you moving into a one-bedroom apartment or a four-bedroom single-family home? Our moving cost estimator specialists will help you get an accurate assessment of your bottom line. Please fill out our form and get an estimate for your move today!

How do you choose a moving company?

As with many services, word of mouth from family and friends tends to be a good starting point. You can also look online for detailed reviews from BBB, Google, and Moving.com. Wherever you look, make sure you go with a licensed, insured, and registered company for long-distance or interstate moves. Also, look for companies that are upfront on things such as pricing and staffing (e.g., the use of student movers, criminal background checks, etc.).

How do moving companies work?

Moving companies help individuals and organizations facilitate local and long-distance moves with experts in planning, packing, transporting, and storing items. Call us today to learn more about our approach to getting you where you need to be.

What do moving companies do?

The right moving companies do everything from coordinating and scheduling your move to packing/unpacking, loading/unloading, shipping, and storage. We provide packing materials, storage supplies, moving vehicles, and the workforce needed for safe and efficient operations.

How far in advance should you book a moving company?

It’s usually best to book as soon as you know your move’s details to lock in a spot as soon as possible. Booking in far advance is your best bet when it comes to pricing and availability. We can also accommodate next-day moves in some situations. Call us right away to set up your move today.

What is a long-distance move?

Long-distance generally refers to an interstate move crossing state lines. As long-distance movers, we are required to be registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation. We are the premier long-distance movers Denver residents can rely on.

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