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Have you ever been in a situation where the thing that worries you the most is whether your prized possessions will arrive safely or not to your new home? If you don’t want to go through that, this is the moment you need to start thinking about moving supplies! By choosing the correct packing materials and using proper techniques, even your most fragile items will arrive safely after the moving process.

Moving is stressful and exhausting. Knowing the various types of moving boxes and packing materials out there will help you in the packing process and will make things much easier. It is also essential to know the dimensions of every box as well as the weight capacity.

Using labels and color markers helps you keep your items organized and take away the stress of not knowing where you packed particular objects. Believe us when we say that not organizing your stuff with the right moving supplies makes the moving process a private hell when you unpack.

So, how do I know which moving boxes and moving supplies I need? Here at Denver Moving Group, we invite you to keep reading to understand how and why to choose those materials.

What Do You Need for Next Move?

moving boxes

  1. Moving boxes
  2. Plastic bins
  3. Picture/ Mirror boxes
  4. TV Boxes
  5. Wardrobe boxes
  6. Packing tape
  7. Tape gun
  8. Multi-color permanent markers
  9. Packing paper
  10. Stretch wrap
  11. Bubble wrap
  12. Mattress cover

These are all the supplies you need for packing. Take your time to make a list of every item you need to pack before moving out, and keep in mind that it takes more than a couple of days to pack all your things, so we recommend beginning the packing process at least a couple of weeks before the day you´re planning to move out. When you know how many items you need to move, gather all the packing materials and organize where to put every category of things (from the most fragile, heaviest, and most oversized items to the least).

We want you to stay organized, so we´re going to give you a step-by-step guide on how to choose the right packing supplies!

Step 1: The inventory

inventory moving furniture

Imagine yourself in a hypothetical situation where you´re organizing a birthday party for your children. When that day comes, you are frustrated because you forgot to buy some essential things for the birthday party. It can also apply in your moving process, and making a list of inventory of every item you want to move will save you from this frustration. As we mentioned before, organize them into categories to identify the most fragile and valuables. 

Step 2: Make a list of supplies!


Knowing exactly how many items you have to move to your new home, now you can estimate how many of the past list of supplies you need to buy. Taking into consideration every category of items you made.

Step 3: The right boxes

moving boxes

How would you feel if you´re carrying a box with a fragile or heavy object and suddenly it falls apart and your prized object breaks? To avoid this from happening, make sure you know the maximum weight capacity of each box you purchase. You can research it online or at the store. We also recommend using plastic bins for fragile items such as dishes.

Step 4: Shop Smart

buy your own packing supplies-2

Sometimes people think that any supply can get the job done. But how many times has it happened that the tape people bought doesn’t stick to the box, or the markers didn’t last long? Before buying your supplies, make sure to read reviews online and purchase products from reputable suppliers. 

Now with the list of supplies you need, your inventory, and having read reviews online, you are finally ready to buy all the material you need for your moving!

recycled boxes

Saving Money on Packing Supplies!

During the moving process, you may exceed your budget while buying your packing supplies. Still, there are many reliable ways that you can do to save money on packing supplies, and we are going to provide you with some examples so your budget stays within the margin.

First, search for good condition used boxes.

Many people on social media are looking to give away their used boxes for free. Also, you can go to storage facilities, liquor stores, or department stores that often throw away their boxes. Any one of these options could be a good source of used boxes, but another way to save money on boxes is gathering all good condition boxes from products you buy since almost everything we purchase online arrives in a box these days.

The second way is to get creative with the materials you dispose of.

There is a chance that you already have plenty of items in your home that you can use as a packing supply and, in a way, serve a double purpose. For example, you can wrap pictures in bath towels before you put them in the picture box; use pillow covers, comforters, or garbage bags to save small non-fragile items. Pack your clothing and personal items in your suitcases for more accessible transport.

The third way. Ask your friends or even your Denver movers.

A not-often used way to save money on packing supplies is to ask your moving company or some friends to rent or borrow some of the materials you need. Sometimes you need extra resources to move some heavy stuff in your moving process. When it comes to moving supplies like hand trucks and furniture pads, you can rent these items for a small fee compared to the cost of buying them new.

To finish, we will provide you with some ‘Packing Pro Tips’ so you pack all your stuff as a professional!

labelled boxes

Moving Tips

Pro Tip #1. Number all your boxes! 

While checking your items packed before you move, make sure you identify your boxes with a number, that way, you can quickly know when a box or plastic tub is missing and what was in it.

Pro Tip #2. Organize all boxes in one room.

A significant time-saver on your move day, this way, we can move them faster to the truck and complete the moving process quicker for you.

Pro Tip #3. Only what’s needed!

A crucial packing professional tip is organizing all your items and making sure you don’t move anything you no longer need. By doing so, you are utilizing less space on the truck, which equals a price reduction on your moving quote.

Pro Tip #4. Document everything!

We talked about making a master inventory and identifying your boxes. Still, an essential packing pro tip is taking pictures of every place in your house to verify later that you left everything in excellent condition.

Great! Now you are ready to find your packing supplies and start moving to your new place. Remember everything we told you, and your moving process will be easier and comfortable.



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