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The Ultimate Checklist for Your Denver to New York City Move


Welcome to your ultimate checklist for making the big move from Denver to New York City. Moving across the country can seem overwhelming, especially when you’re considering moving to NYC alone. This article will provide a comprehensive guide and offer useful tips to make the transition as seamless as possible. We will cover essential elements, including planning, budgeting, hiring long-distance movers, packing, and comparing various factors such as cost of living, rental and home prices, education, weather, and traffic between cities in the Denver Metro area and the five boroughs in New York.

As one of the best cross-country moving companies, we’re here to make your move smooth and stress-free. Let’s get started!

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Start your moving plans off on the right foot by preparing early!

Planning Your Move

planning earlyStart Early

Moving is a massive project, especially when it involves cross-country movers. The key to a successful move is starting early – preferably several months in advance. Early planning gives you ample time to decide what to take with you, what to sell, donate or dispose of, and organize everything you need for the move. This also allows you to have enough time to research and find national moving companies and long-distance moving companies near me, check out their reviews, and settle for the best service.

moving budgetBudgeting Your Move

Every long-distance move is unique and comes with its costs. When moving from Denver to New York City, it’s crucial to factor in all potential expenses. These can include moving company costs, packing supplies, travel expenses, temporary housing, deposits for utilities, new home furnishings, and the cost of living in NYC.

hiring moversHiring a Moving Company

One crucial aspect of a cross-country move is hiring a reliable moving company. Your search for” long-distance movers near me” or “national moving companies” should yield a list of potential movers. From this list, select companies that have excellent reviews, a proven track record, and can cater to your specific needs. We are proud to be among the best cross-country moving companies offering excellent service across various locations.

Remember, cheaper quotes are not always better when it comes to hiring movers. The lowest quote may not offer the best service. Quality, reliability, and a good reputation often come at a price, but the peace of mind that comes with knowing your household goods and belongings are in safe hands is priceless.

donating stuff downsizingDecide What to Bring

When moving, especially to a city like New York, with typically smaller living spaces, it’s necessary to decide what to bring with you. Start by taking inventory of all your furniture and belongings. Divide your things into what to keep, sell, donate, or throw away. Keep in mind that the more items you move, the higher the moving cost. Besides, downsizing gives you a chance to declutter and start fresh in your new home.

insuranceGet Insurance

Ensure your belongings are covered during the move. While all professional movers provide basic liability coverage, it might be worthwhile to consider full-value protection, especially for high-value items. Many long-distance moving companies near me offer different insurance options, so make sure to ask about this.

packing boxesStart Packing

Once you’ve decided what you’re bringing with you, start packing. If you feel this task is too big, consider hiring professional packing services. It’s important to note that packing for a cross-country move is different from a local move. You need to ensure your belongings can withstand the long journey, so proper packing and labeling are critical.

denver vs nyc

Comparison Between Denver Metro Area and NYC Five Boroughs

Costs Denver Manhattan Brooklyn Queens The Bronx Staten Island
Average Home Price $574,000 $1,421,000 $943,000 $549,000 $560,000 $625,000
Average Rent (1 Bedroom) $1,968 $4,615 $3,251 $2,800 $2,126 $1,714
Average Meal Cost $30 $60 $45 $40 $35 $40

cost of livingCost of Living

When moving from Denver to New York City, it’s essential to understand the shift in cost of living. Life in the Mile High City is considerably more affordable than in the Big Apple. New York is renowned for its high cost of living, with the city’s housing market as one of the most expensive in the country. However, the cost can vary widely among the five boroughs.


Housing is one of the most significant factors contributing to the cost of living difference between Denver and NYC. Whether you’re planning to buy a home or rent, be prepared for a considerable increase. NYC’s housing market is one of the most expensive in the country. However, depending on the borough, you can find more affordable options. For example, Manhattan is the most expensive, while The Bronx and Staten Island are typically more affordable.


When it comes to education, both Denver and New York have numerous excellent options. In Denver, the public school system is highly rated, and there are also numerous prestigious private schools.

The Big Apple is home to some of the country’s most prestigious private and public schools, including specialized high schools for gifted students. In addition, NYC is home to renowned universities such as Columbia University, the City University of New York, and New York University, among others.


If you’re used to Denver’s 300 days of sunshine, the weather in New York City might be a change for you. NYC experiences a humid subtropical climate (between 51% and 76%), with hot, humid summers and cold winters, and precipitation evenly spread around 50″ throughout the year. Snow during winter can be heavy – something you’ll need to prepare for when moving to NYC.


Traffic in any big city can be daunting, and New York City is no exception. While Denver has its fair share of traffic, it doesn’t compare to NYC. However, New York has an extensive public transportation network, including buses, subways, and ferries. Many residents in NYC find owning a car unnecessary, choosing instead to take advantage of these public transportation options.

New York apartment

Settling into New York City Life

Moving to New York City is more than just physically relocating. It’s about embracing a new lifestyle, adjusting to the city’s pace, and becoming part of the diverse culture.

updating addressUpdating Your Address

Once you’ve moved, updating your address is one of the first things you should do. This update includes not just your mailing address, but also on documents like your driver’s license, and with institutions like your bank, and insurance company.

healthcareFinding a Healthcare Provider

If you had a regular doctor in Denver, you would need to find a new healthcare provider in NYC. Ask for recommendations, check with your insurance company, or search online for doctors in your area. Also, take the time to locate the nearest hospital, pharmacy, and other health services.

car registrationRegistering Your Vehicle

If you’ve decided to keep your car, you’ll need to register it in New York. Visit the New York Department of Motor Vehicles website for information on how to register your vehicle and transfer your driver’s license. Remember, New York has strict parking regulations, so familiarize yourself with these to avoid fines.

NeighborhoodExploring Your New Neighborhood

Once the boxes are unpacked and you’ve settled into your new home, take time to explore your neighborhood. NYC is famous for its diverse neighborhoods, each with its unique character and charm. Visit local parks, check out nearby restaurants and shops, and familiarize yourself with your new surroundings. Whether you’re in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, or Staten Island, there’s always something exciting to discover.

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Making Your Move a Success with Denver Moving Group

Whether you’re moving from Denver to Manhattan, from Aurora to The Bronx, or any other cross-country move, finding the right long-distance movers is key to a successful and stress-free move.

At Denver Moving Group, we offer top-notch long-distance moving services to cater to your unique moving needs. With our team of skilled and experienced movers, we ensure your belongings are handled with utmost care and delivered safely to your new home.

If you’re making a local move within Colorado, we’ve got you covered too. Our extensive local moving services are available in Aurora, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins. Check out our services in AuroraBoulderColorado Springs, and Fort Collins.

Apart from moving, we also offer professional packing services and storage solutions. So, whether you need full-service packing, partial packing, or custom crating, our packing services are designed to make your move easier. If you need to store your household goods temporarily, our secure storage options are the perfect solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

cheapWhat is the cheapest way to move from NYC to Denver?

The most cost-effective way to move from NYC to Denver would be a self-move, where you pack your items and drive a rented truck. However, this involves significant time and effort. If you have a small volume of belongings, shipping them via a train or bus service can also be affordable. Ultimately, hiring a professional moving company can save you a lot of stress and, considering potential mishaps, could be the most economical option in the long run.

cheaper place to liveIs it cheaper to live in NYC or Denver?

Living in Denver is significantly cheaper than living in New York City, particularly when it comes to housing costs. While the cost of living can vary depending on your lifestyle and spending habits, overall, you’ll find that your money goes a whole lot further in Denver.

time zoneIs Denver 2 hours behind New York?

Yes, Denver is 2 hours behind New York. Denver operates on Mountain Time, while New York operates on Eastern Time.

day of the weekWhat is the cheapest day to move to NYC?

Midweek moves (Tuesday to Thursday) tend to be cheaper than on weekends, as demand for movers is usually lower. Also, moving during the off-peak season (fall and winter) can help you save money.

saving to relocateHow much money do I need saved up to move to NYC?

It is recommended to save at least $4,000 to $8,000 before moving to NYC. This should cover rent, utilities, groceries, transportation, and other necessary expenses.

moving on a budgetHow to move to New York on a budget?

Planning is key when moving to New York on a budget. Compare costs of different moving companies, declutter to reduce the volume of items you need to move, and consider more affordable neighborhoods for living. Utilizing public transportation, cooking at home, and enjoying the many free activities in the city can also help you save money.

moving to nycIs it still worth moving to NYC?

Absolutely! Despite its high cost of living, NYC offers unparalleled opportunities, a vibrant cultural scene, and a diversity that few cities can match. It’s a city where you can continually explore, grow, and be inspired.

salaryWhat is 100k equivalent to in NYC?

Due to the very high cost of living, a $100k salary in NYC may feel closer to a $50k salary in Denver. However, this can depend on factors such as your lifestyle, expenses, and where you choose to live in the city.

high cost of livingIs Denver considered to have a high cost of living?

Compared to the national average, Denver does have a higher cost of living. However, compared to many other major cities like NYC, Denver is quite affordable, particularly in terms of housing.

stressfulIs life in NYC stressful?

Living in NYC can be stressful due to the fast pace of life, high cost of living, and population density. However, many residents find the city’s energy, diversity, and opportunities outweigh the stressors.

crowding in nycWhat are the disadvantages of living in NYC?

Some disadvantages of living in NYC can include the high cost of living, small living spaces, crowded public transportation, and noise. However, for many, these challenges are outweighed by the city’s unique benefits.

40 years oldIs 40 too old to move to NYC?

You’re never too old to move to NYC! The city caters to all ages with its diverse neighborhoods, activities, and communities. Regardless of your age, if you’re adaptable and open to new experiences, NYC has plenty to offer.

high quality of lifeDoes NYC have a high quality of life?

Oh, you bet! Living in NYC is the very definition of a high-quality life if you’re a fan of $7 lattes, being nudged by a stranger’s elbow on a crowded subway, and having a closet that doubles as your bedroom. Why, who wouldn’t want to swap a spacious Denver backyard for the view of another brick building out of your tiny apartment window?

This is the city that never sleeps, after all. Who needs sleep when you can pay double for the privilege of living with the constant symphony of sirens, honking cars, and your next-door neighbor practicing the trombone at 2 AM?

And let’s not forget the world-class dining. Who wouldn’t want to wait two hours for a table at that hip new restaurant where you can pay $50 for a piece of chicken so organic it practically laid itself?

Jokes aside, NYC does have a lot going for it. Culture, diversity, opportunity, and energy – it’s all there in spades. But a high quality of life? Well, that depends on how you define it, and just how much you’re willing to pay for it. After all, the city’s motto might as well be, “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere… but making it here is gonna cost ya.”

good ideaWhy is moving to NYC a good idea?

Moving to NYC can be an exciting adventure. Here are four reasons why it might be a good idea:

  1. Job opportunities: NYC is a hub for many industries, including finance, fashion, entertainment, technology, and more.
  2. Diversity: The city is home to people from all around the world, making it incredibly diverse and vibrant.
  3. Culture: NYC is renowned for its cultural institutions, including Broadway, world-class museums, art galleries, and more.
  4. Food: With a melting pot of cultures comes an array of international cuisines available at every corner.

salary for nycWhat is the perfect salary to live in NYC?

The ideal salary to live comfortably in NYC depends on your lifestyle and spending habits. As a general rule of thumb, your annual rent should be no more than 30-40% of your pre-tax income. Given the high average rent in NYC, an income of $80,000 to $100,000 or above is often considered ideal. However, it’s possible to live on less, particularly with careful budgeting and by choosing a less expensive neighborhood.

areas of nycWhat area of NYC is best to live in?

The “best” area to live in NYC greatly depends on your personal preferences and lifestyle needs. Some people prefer the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, while others enjoy the residential feel of Queens or the cultural vibrancy of Brooklyn. Research different neighborhoods, considering factors like commute times, amenities, and affordability, to find the best fit for you.

difficultIs living in NYC difficult?

Living in NYC can be challenging, given the high cost of living, fast pace, and dense population. However, many people find that the opportunities and experiences the city offers make it worth the challenges. It can and will take time to adjust to the rhythm of the city, but once you do, you might find that living in NYC is an experience like no other.

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Wrapping Things Up

Moving to New York City from Denver is a big step, but it’s also an exciting opportunity filled with new possibilities. This moving guide is designed to help you navigate the process and make your move as smooth as possible. Remember, whether you’re moving to NYC alone or with your family, the most important thing is to plan ahead, stay organized, and hire the right long-distance movers to assist with your move.

Ready to start your NYC adventure? Contact us today to discuss your cross-country moving needs and get a quote. At Denver Moving Group, we turn moving challenges into a pleasant experience! Let us make your cross-country move a success.

Remember, it’s not only about the destination but the journey. Here’s to a new chapter of your life in New York City!

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