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What To Do If Your Long Distance Mover Cancels

The boxes are packed, and you are ready to start your new adventure in a new city. As you anxiously stare out the window waiting for the moving truck to arrive, you get the phone call no homeowner wants to receive: Your moving company cancelled at the last minute. Now you are left with a house full of boxes wondering how you will find last-minute moving services.

Instead of stressing, here is a simple guide to help you understand why moving companies cancel last minute, how to handle a last-minute cancellation, and what to do when you are stuck researching long-distance moving companies in your area that offer last-minute services:

movers vs freighters
Despite both being in the logistical business, moving companies have the distinct know-how as well as the proper insurance, to relocate your household goods

Moving Companies Vs. Local Freight Companies: Know the Difference

Before you start the process of finding a new moving company or choosing a new move date, it is essential to understand the different services available and what is the best option for your residential relocation. While creating a backup plan, chances are you entertained hiring a local freight service.

Local freight companies typically do not handle residential moves for several reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that freight companies simply cannot secure the proper insurance to handle and relocate household goods. Freight companies cannot provide a regular moving service, which is why you always need to hire a residential mover.

What Happens if a Mover Cancels Last Minute?

It’s a worst-case scenario that can, unfortunately, happen to anyone: Your long-distance moving company has canceled last minute. This last-minute cancellation can occur at any time after the moving contract is signed.

In some cases, you might be left watching for the moving trucks on your scheduled moving day. Other times, moving companies will cancel a few days or weeks before your moving date.

cancellation policy movers
Be sure to review each portion of your moving contract, including the cancellation policy.

Can Movers Cancel Last Minute?

Like any other service, your moving company can cancel last minute. When you sign a contract with most long-distance or local moving companies, there is a stipulation that states, under certain circumstances, your moving company can cancel – even on the same day as the scheduled move.

movers cancelling
While unscrupulous movers may cancel for a number of reasons, reputable movers may also have valid reasons to take action

Reasons Why a Mover May Cancel Last Minute

Even reputable movers cancel last minute – and there are several legitimate reasons why a last-minute cancellation is warranted. Here are a few of the most common reasons why even a reliable mover will cancel at the last moment:

bad weatherBad Weather Conditions

The summer months are considered the “busy season” in the moving industry. To save money, many homeowners will schedule a relocation during the late fall or even in the middle of winter. Unfortunately, scheduling an off-season move leaves you at Mother Nature’s mercy. Inclement weather and natural disasters happen, and both can disrupt your relocation.

If the moving company reschedules or even cancels due to bad weather, there are others. Renting temporary storage units or rethinking your timeline can help you find an urgent solution to an unavoidable problem.

If you were looking for a moving company in Denver to relocate your household in the winter months, discuss these concerns and work with the company to create a contingency plan.

technical problemsTechnical Problems

Accidents happen, and even though professional movers are highly-trained and able to handle almost any obstacle in their path, there are times when technical problems will postpone your relocation. One of the most common technical issues that can arise is a traffic accident. A family emergency might also occur that can postpone a moving crew that is scheduled to relocate your house.

Once again, these are unavoidable roadblocks that, although frustrating, can be resolved without too many headaches. For example, most companies will dispatch a new moving truck or crew within a few days of your original moving date – at no extra cost to you as a customer.


Once again, the summer is a hectic time for most local and long-distance moving companies. Despite your best efforts to plan accordingly, it is possible that your movers will not show up simply because the company is overbooked. Moving companies experience huge surges during the early fall when kids move out for college and because the weather is so favorable.

scammerYou Are the Victim of a Moving Scam

Unfortunately, if the moving company is a no-show and you are having trouble finding a quick resolution, there might be facing a completely different scenario: You may be the victim of a moving scam. Scam artists are everywhere, and it can be tricky for the average homeowner to differentiate between a reputable moving company and a scam artist.

If you fall victim to a despicable moving scam, or you suspect you are in contact with scam movers, notify authorities immediately. Do not have any further contact with the disreputable moving company. Legal action might be required if you have already agreed to pay the movers.

moving brokers scam

Be Vigilant For Moving Scams

Most movers are reputable, honest, and can be trusted to relocate your household goods. However, there are scammers out there, and knowing how to spot a moving scam will help save you a lot of money and several headaches. Here are a few telltale signs of scam movers:

researching moversResearch the business address and phone number. A reputable moving company will have a recognizable physical address and phone number. If you cannot find the physical address or if you call the phone number and no one picks up, look for a reputable moving company in your area instead.


movers license and insuranceAsk about licensing and insurance. At a minimum, all companies in the United States must be licensed through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMSCA. If the company does not hold this license, it cannot legally relocate your household goods.


movers reviewsRead the reviews. Check out the online reviews. If the reviews are all negative, or you can’t locate any online reviews of the company, take this as a clear sign to keep looking.


examining contractRead the contract. Whether you are moving long-distance or locally, reputable moving companies will come to your home and perform an inspection before offering you a free estimate. If the company offers you an estimate without coming to your home or if the estimate seems too good to be true – chances are, you are the potential victim of a moving scam.

Whether you work with a pod moving company, same-day movers, or even junk removal services before the relocation – any trustworthy mover or moving professional will always provide a clear moving timeline, a free quote, and transparent pricing.

finding new movers
Professional movers will have the experience to handle your heavy furniture with TLC. If you’re able to find an available mover, give them a call!

Find Another Full-Service Mover

In most cases, if the moving trucks don’t show up, you are left with one lingering question: Now what? Whether you are moving locally or across the country, your best bet is to either devise an alternate plan or hire last-minute moving services.

If you already have a signed contract and can put off the move to a later date, a storage unit, a moving container, and a few helpers to relocate your stuff to short-term storage might be your only option.

However, if the moving company is flexible, you can cancel your current contract and research last-minute moving companies in your area. Because short-notice movers must work at maximum efficiency, you might pay more, especially if you are working with an actual mover that provides a wide range of amazing services, including packing, unpacking, and short-term storage.

Be aware that although this is a good solution, you might not find an available moving company during the peak season, which is the late spring and summer. If this is the case, you can maximize your chances of finding a moving company in a few ways; just make sure they have more trailers.

moving faq
You can never know too much about your chosen movers. Let us know if you have any unanswered questions!

What People Ask Most Moving Companies

last minute cancellationCan movers cancel last minute?

Yes, moving companies can, technically, cancel at the last minute. However, reputable businesses strive to avoid such situations because it’s highly unprofessional and could harm their reputation. Nonetheless, unexpected circumstances like severe weather, mechanical issues, or unforeseen staffing problems may sometimes force movers to cancel at the last minute.

movers lateIs it normal for movers to be late?

While it is not ideal, moving companies may occasionally arrive late due to unforeseen circumstances such as traffic congestion, previous moves running longer than expected, or vehicle malfunctions. Nevertheless, professional moving services should prioritize punctuality and communicate promptly about any delays.

busy moversWhat days are the busiest for movers?

The busiest days for movers are typically during weekends and at the end and beginning of the month, when most leases turn over. Additionally, the summer months (between May and September) are the busiest time of year for moving companies, as many people choose to move when the weather is most favorable, and children are out of school.

comparing movers and brokersWhat is the difference between a mover and a broker?

A mover, also known as a moving company or carrier, is a company that provides the physical labor and transportation necessary to move your belongings from one location to another. A broker, on the other hand, does not move items. Instead, they coordinate the move by acting as an intermediary between customers and moving companies. The broker locates a suitable mover based on the customer’s needs but doesn’t have direct control over the quality, timing, or specifics of the move.

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