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Moving Tips

Our moving and packing tips have been collected in the hopes of making your local or long-distance move run more smoothly.

Preparing for a relocation can seem to be a difficult challenge. We aim to deliver excellent offerings that follow our high expectations, and we believe your home is your castle.

Moving Terminology 

In terms of relocating, there are two types of movements: local moves and long-distance moves. 

When a person relocates within the same state, this is known as a local move. Each moving company in Denver must be registered with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission. Comparing the costs and services of various moving companies is a common-sense moving tip since the range of services can vary significantly.

A long-distance move occurs if you relocate more than 100 miles within the same state and can no longer be priced as a local move. The proper term for this type of relocation is Intrastate move.

out of state moving

State-to-state moves or interstate moves are other terms for these types of moves. Since the United States Department of Transportation regulates interstate movers, it is crucial to be as comprehensive (and thorough) as possible when deciding what will be moved.

A Full Pack Move, Partial Pack Move, and Standard Move are the three primary forms of moves in terms of packing.

A Full Pack Move is when the moving company and movers are responsible for providing all packing supplies and packing your entire household from the smallest item to the most significant things. It is also called White Glove Service.

A Partial Pack Move is when you pack most of your belongings into boxes or plastic bins, and the moving company packs items that you may not be able to manage—products such as dresser mirrors, televisions, furniture with glass, extensive artwork, and even pianos.

A Standard Move happens when you get everything ready for the movers ahead of time. It is good to get everything labeled before the mover’s visit. When it comes to unpacking, this would be incredibly useful. Since you will be focused on details at the last minute, all packing should be done before the movers get to your home.

Choosing which items to relocate

donate unused items

Choosing which things to move and which to dispose of or leave behind is one of the vital choices.

It is essential to know the scale of the new sites before making such decisions. Not only is it inconvenient, but transferring things you do not use or that are too big for your unique location can be rather expensive. It may sound insignificant, but the more precise you are, the easier your move will be.

Obtaining Moving Estimates

moving estimate email

Another piece of common-sense moving advice is to call multiple moving companies to see which mover better fits your requirements. Since moving companies lack standardization in their offerings and costs, it is crucial to shop around. One corporation may charge a flat fee, while another may charge by the individual and hour. Create a complete list of everything that needs to be relocated. Many businesses employ a professional moving consultant who can help you customize a moving schedule and provide additional comforting advice depending on the specific circumstances.

You must have an accurate list of things that are going to move by the moving company. Customers failing to list items that the movers must manage are among the most challenging obstacles that moving companies face. Moving companies coordinate several movements with the same truck and movers, particularly for long-distance moves. Keep in mind that your move’s overall cost will change if you wish to take more items or fewer items.

Choosing Relocation Times and Dates

On movements that take less than a full day, plan your move in the morning rather than the afternoon if you have the choice. The team will be more alert, and you will have more daylight hours to finish the transfer if necessary. Similarly, for local movers, early to mid-week is typically less crowded than Friday. Many people want a Friday moving date if they cannot move on a Saturday to take advantage of the weekend to get settled.

Before Moving, Get Rid of Some of Your Belongings

It cannot be overstated how helpful it is to release, let go of, discard, get rid of, recycle your unwanted belongings before calling a moving company. This is the perfect time (for a garage sale) to go through this process because you will be moving. Reduce the number of things you have to get your items more organized and save money on moving or reducing the headaches of finding out where to place them. It is a fantastic exercise to do while you prepare for your move. Begin by getting rid of any duplicates of the same thing that you do not use.

clothes donations

Do You Have an Excess of This Sort of Item?

You are going to decide whether you have duplicates of any items or older, less suitable variations of the same type of object as you plan to move and go through the process of searching through your belongings. There could be unwanted clutter to get rid of. The sorting method entails collecting all of the different piles of items, emptying them, and separating things into identical groups. Make use of the nice moving boxes provided by your moving company. 

Office equipment, kitchen utensils, sports and crafts supplies, sewing, automobile, hardware, electronics, documents, and other categories are examples of types. You could find five of the same things until you see the full array of items in front of you. Then you must (well. that’s required) decide whether or not to remove any of the duplicates, perhaps opting for the older, worn-out, bent, less suitable, less flawless version. When only one is needed, you can have an exact duplication.

Why Do People Have Multiples of The Same Thing?

People may also retain an older version of an object because they believe they will use it at some stage. However, once you know you already have multiple of the same piece, it is easier to let go of this extra one. Knowing that this item would go to a deserving beneficiary (a worthy cause or person) makes it simpler to let go of. And if they know they have it somewhere, people prefer to purchase multiples of the same thing because it takes more time to locate the missing item than to buy another.

When you get ready to move, an excellent moving company will inspire you to get those boxes of miscellaneous items together and see what is inside. You are going to see how many extras you have in those often-used items. You should toss it, trash it, or recycle it. Just do it before moving.

Moving Stress Relief Tips

Be sure you have contingency planning in place.

You can guarantee that if you leave anything to chance, things are not going to go as expected. (Check out Murphy’s Law.) Be sure you have thought about everything, from how to keep the kids and pets entertained to what to do if the moving truck breaks down. Your first line of defense against an unexpected complication is a successful backup strategy.

Always employ professional movers.

reassembly assembly services

Having only two capable people to perform all of the heavy lifting might cause a problem. It is wise to hire twice as much stuff as you think you will need, or better yet, a competent team that knows how to get the job done quickly.

Please do not throw anything away; you never know when it could come in handy.

You never know what professional movers you will need until you have moved into your new residence. For example, if your gas services are switched off, or your appliances are not yet built or fixed, the old camping stove could be the only thing you have to cook with.

Make the best possible plans for the day.

It is not an excellent idea for people to fall over each other. Be sure you prepare ahead of time with builders, maintenance workers, and the cable man so they do not get in each other’s way. If you hire a moving crew, you may want to arrange the contractors and service suppliers on a specific day so that your moving crew’s productivity is not hampered by too much foot traffic.

Have the essentials near at hand.

You will save much hassle if you can get your hands on what you need without looking for it. This rule applies to all, from silverware, children’s toys and power tools. Do not just toss anything into boxes without first labeling what is inside and where it belongs.

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