Tips For Moving During Summer

moving during summer

Moving During Summer? All The Things You Should Know

Everyone knows that the best time to move is during summer. The weather is much predictable, and you don’t have to worry about snow or rain. The roads are much less vulnerable to dangerous conditions that might cause an accident. It’s also the most ideal for parents who have kids who go to school.

However, moving during the summer also has its challenges. The most obvious one being the heat of the summer. But you have nothing to worry about. In this blog, we’ll share some of the most valuable tips to make your life easier while you move during the summer season.

Here are a few tips that you should take not if you want to move during summer. Whether you are moving from or to Denver within the state or moving across the country, these moving checklist tips will help you make the task easier.

warm clothes

Wear Comfortable Clothing

It is a no-brainer tip but still essential to include here. A lot of people on the day of the move still make this mistake. Moving is a workout in itself-from packing your stuff to carrying everything. You should wear comfortable clothing with lightweight and breathable fabrics. It would be best if you also avoid clothes that you can freely move in.

You can also wear white or other light neutral colors. Black fabric tends to trap heat, so it will make you feel hotter quickly. Clothes made of synthetic materials can also have the same effect. They do not allow air to pass through easily and will accumulate heat near your skin. Wearing loose clothing can improve the airflow and lessen the warmth you are feeling.

Furthermore, you should not forget proper footwear. Wearing slippers or sandals might be ideal for some to beat the heat. But if you will be carrying a lot of packages, wear good non-slippery shoes instead. It is to protect your feet from injuries in case accidents happen while you are moving.

sun scream

Protect Yourself from The Sun

Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause irreversible damages to your skin that might result in diseases. Having the proper clothing is your first step in protecting yourself from the heat. 

If you are extremely sensitive to UV rays, you can wear white long sleeves to give extra protection against the sun. Covering can prevent UV-related diseases from damaging your skin.

Applying sunscreen before you start moving is something you should do. Apply the sunscreen minutes before you expose yourself to the sun. Make sure to apply sunscreen to every inch of your exposed skin. For extra measure, use waterproof sunscreen as you might also be sweating a lot.

Since you will often come in and out of your house, you should also have sunglasses to avoid straining your eyes from the shifting light. Alternatively, you can also use a cap to lessen the glare of the sun on your eyes.

first aid kit

Bring Essential Tools and Items

No one knows what might happen during the move, so be prepared with everything you will need. Prepare all the equipment, tools, and materials that you need beforehand. It is also lovely to have some extra if you need it.

A bottle of water is one of the essential things to bring. Make sure to use a bottle that will not quickly get warm in the weather. Having a cool refreshing drink whenever you feel hot is essential when moving during summer.

After packing, you also need to keep extra bubble wraps and packing peanuts. You do not know when you’ll be needing more. You can use the ones that you have gotten from your online purchases.

Bringing an extra pair of scissors and packing tape is a good idea if one of your boxes breaks. You can also get ropes to secure all your stuff safely in your vehicles. You must give special attention to boxes containing fragile objects.

Furthermore, make sure that there is always a first aid kit accessible. You will need band-aids, antibacterial ointment, and a few bandages should be in your first aid kit.


Start Moving Preparations Early

One of the most valuable tips to remember is never to procrastinate on your move. It’s always better to prepare early to have enough time to fix any problem that you might encounter down the road.

Check your vehicle if all your stuff will fit. If you are moving within the state, you can plan to go back and forth. However, make sure that you are maximizing each trip so that you will save gasoline. Coordinate with the people who will be helping you to move. Everyone should be on the same page regarding the plan.

It would be best if you also did a little research about what you should not expose to heat for a long time. For example, medications and other perishables should not be exposed to high temperatures. You should also keep records, candles, and other items from heat. You need to move these materials in an air-conditioned car to avoid any damages.

It is nice always to put all your plans on a piece of paper to check if things still need to be done. It will help you be organized and avoid forgetting important things to do. You can easily avoid all of the stress by hiring a moving company, which Denver Moving Group will discuss in the next section.

Assess as early as possible if you will need movers. You do not want to book a moving company a few days before you plan to move. Worst case scenario, you will not be able to find one that is free on your scheduled move. It can cause delays that might cost you more money in the long run.

finding new movers

Hire A Reputable Moving Company

If you do not have enough time to do everything, you can always hire a reputable moving company to assist you. It is also helpful for you and people who are planning a long-distance move. While it might save you some money to do it all yourself, but it will take a lot of time, energy, and effort. If you have the budget, make a smart move, hiring a moving company is your best bet.

Do not go for just any company that you find on the internet. Do a little research and check their credentials and their reviews. It is especially true if you want to hire cross-state movers. You want to go for a company that provides the best and most reliable services.

If you want, you can only check if they have packing services. It is a good deal as you do not need to pack everything you own. They will be able to handle everything from packing to bringing your stuff to your new home.

To add, you should always book early cause a lot of movers are fully booked during the summer. Our movers will be able to assist you with everything you need.

researching movers

Schedule Your Move Properly

Whether you plan on DIY (doing it yourself) or hiring a moving company, you should plan your move ahead of time. When you need to take time off your work, you should thoroughly plan the time to pack and arrange all documents necessary. You should be flexible with the pick-up and delivery dates.

Anticipate the traffic flow on the day you move. The weekend tends to be busy for populated areas like New York and California. It is best to schedule during the weekdays, so you will not be expecting heavy traffic.

If you are hiring (or want to hire) a moving company, it is also best to schedule weekdays. During the summer, the demand for cross-country movers is high, especially on weekdays. You might have difficulty finding a reputable company available on weekdays unless you plan weeks. It means that you might have to take a day of vacation from work to oversee the process.

movers arrive

Coordinate with Movers

If you hired a moving company to move or pack your stuff, you should contact them to ensure that everything is going well. Ask them what time they will be coming to your house. You should ensure that everything is ready to go once the movers arrive to avoid any delays.

You should also ask them about the approximate time you will finish everything. You can start unpacking your stuff in the new house as soon as the movers are done with moving your stuff. If you availed of the packing services, be clear if unpacking is also part of the contract with your movers.


Summertime is the most accessible season to move, but there is still a challenge, as stated above. Hiring a company to help you is beneficial, especially if you plan to move across the country. You can easily avoid all the moving hassle of staying under the heat of the sun for prolonged periods while carrying around packages.

Ready to move to your new home? Contact our specialists, and we will give you a quote to provide you with the best moving services.

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