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Denver Moving Group Answers Your Questions

Opting for the right long-distance mover in Denver can be challenging. There are so many long-distance moving companies in the Denver Metro area, and it can get confusing to know which moving company is right for you.

When you’re looking for a moving company, it’s essential to keep in mind that they can do a lot to help make your move go as smoothly as possible.

Here are a few frequently asked questions that we usually receive from our clients. As always, we will aim to be of assistance!

carrier or a brokerQ: Is your company a carrier or a broker?

A: Denver Moving Group is a full-service CARRIER. This basically means that we provide the trucks, the drivers, the movers, and all the padding and blanketing your items will require.

When the time comes to make a long-distance move, it’s essential to work with a qualified moving carrier such as Denver Moving Group. Many people believe that working with a moving broker is the same as working with a moving company, but this is not the case.

There are many reasons why moving carriers are better than brokers. But primarily, carriers often have more experience and expertise than brokers when it comes to moving goods.

describe yourselves as Full ServiceQ: What do you mean when you describe yourselves as Full Service?

A: This means that we will care for all the labor work. We will undertake the transport of your furniture and boxed items from your home, onto our truck, and into your new home!

If you require a full-service moving company that can take care of everything for you, then look no further than the top-notch professionals at Denver Moving Group. We can help to make your relocation as stress-free as possible by handling every detail of the move, from packing and loading your household goods to unloading and unpacking them at your new home.

moving questionsQ: Why can’t I get an instant online quote? Why do I have to speak to somebody about the details?

A: Like snowflakes, fingerprints, DNA, or even wedding arrangements, no two house moves are alike! There are way too many complicated variables in this moving equation to throw you a generalized figure based on the capacity of your home. You may live in a three-bedroom house, but you may only have half the amount of items as the next client moving from a similar property.

All we require from you is about 15-25 minutes of your time to elaborate on which of your worldly goods you wish to entrust to us. Should you have any fragile items that require special care, it’s worth taking the time to let us know in advance. Alternatively, you can build your inventory using our unique interactive system if you’re not available to receive our call as soon as you would desire. Your sales rep will happily provide you with the tools to do this.

Take warning in accepting instant online quotes from other moving companies without initially providing an inventory, as the prospect of miscommunication and last-minute extra surcharges will increase exponentially!

working motherQ: I’m at work, so I’m unable to go through all this now!

A: Not a problem. We understand that many customers continue to work right up until they move. If you are still looking for a quote from us, let us know when a more suitable time to call you might be.

We can get in touch with you after typical working hours or even on the weekend if convenient! Let us know, and we’ll take steps to make it happen.

charage by weightQ: So your company does not charge by weight?

A: No. Unless a moving company is willing to go to your house and weigh your household items as part of an estimate, there is no way to tell your furniture’s weight. The mover may take your items to a weighing station to verify the weight, but typically, by that time, you have already pledged to that moving company and whatever weight they may have quoted to you over the phone.

moving estimateQ: So, how are moving estimates based on space better than estimates based on weight?

A: Fixed dimensions of furniture do not fluctuate as erratically as weight. For instance, a Queen Size bed frame will usually always have the measurements of every other Queen Sized bed.

However, the frame’s weight differs tremendously based on the materials used. This can end in another company charging you unnecessarily for a furniture item.

walkthrough questionQ: How exactly do you quantify the cubic feet of my furniture over the phone?

A: There are two ways we go about this; our database contains a thorough index of household items with pre-programmed volumes for each item, working on the basis that a specific item rarely exceeds the cubic feet assigned by the system (refer to the Queen Bed analogy above).

A more pinpointed way is for the customer to provide us with measurements of their items, a far less troubling assignment than you might think! All we require is the measurements of any furniture items that are too large to fit inside a moving box. With specific measurements for all of your worldly goods, the opportunity for ambiguity and confusion in your estimate is significantly lowered.

estimate moving includeQ: What details does your estimate include?

A: Our moving estimates include the following services:

  1. Fuel surcharges,
  2. Tolls and taxes,
  3. An unending supply of moving pads and blankets to protect goods while in transit
  4. The loading/unloading of all of your household goods from house to house.
  5. Limited Liability Coverage equating to $0.60 per lb per article by law; this is NOT an insurance policy. Example: A 47 inch flat-screen TV weighs approximately 40 lbs. The limited liability coverage would be 40 lbs. x $0.60 = $24.

estimate NOT includeQ: What does your estimate NOT include?

A: Our estimates do not include the following services (unless otherwise discussed with your moving coordinator):

  1. Unpacking of boxes.
  2. Packing supplies including boxes, bubble wrap, shrink wrap, packing paper, crates, etc.
  3. All cabinets, dressers, and drawers MUST be emptied out before being loaded onto the truck
  4. Garbage bags will NOT be accepted due to their delicate integrity and will NOT be loaded onto the truck unless boxed.
  5. Washer, dryer, ceiling fan, televisions, or any other electronics MUST be unhooked/ unplugged prior to arrival. Denver Moving Group does NOT hook up any of the above items.
  6. Cribs and bunk beds MUST be disassembled prior to arrival. By law, Denver Moving Group does NOT reassemble cribs and bunk beds.
  7. The following items MUST be boxed or crated either by you or by Denver Moving Group at an additional cost. For a list of these charges, consult with your moving coordinator:
  • Televisions, monitors, computers, electronics
  • Mirrors, pictures, artwork, lamps
  • Glass tops, glass shelves, glass doors, marble top
  • Mattresses MUST be in mattress covers or a mattress box

moving boxes I will haveQ: I’m unsure how many moving boxes I will have! How do you account for that?

A: Not to worry. Nobody EVER has a 100% accurate count of the number of boxes they plan on moving! One way to work this out is to give us a ball-park figure of the maximum possible number of containers you see yourself relocating with. We will then furnish you with an estimate based on those figures. Later on, when you have a more accurate perception of your box count, we can return and reduce your moving estimate instead of increasing it.

estimate include you packingQ: Does the moving estimate include you packing our boxes?

A: Our basic moving quotes do not include the packing of your boxed items nor the boxes themselves. We expect all boxes to be packed and sealed by our movers arrive. We can furnish these services to you at an additional cost.

protect all my fragile itemsQ: How should I protect all my fragile items?

A: The Department of Transportation requires that all fragile items and furniture units with substantial amounts of glass, including table glass tops, as well as artwork, stone, marble, and granite items, must be appropriately wrapped and protected by you before our movers can load them onto the truck; otherwise we would have to pack these items which comes with extra charges. Just like the moving boxes, we can offer these services to you at an additional cost.

packing before your movers arriveQ: I’m swamped right now, so I won’t have time to take care of all this packing before your movers arrive. What can I do?

A: No worries. We can offer you a Full Pack Service, which takes care of all your boxed and fragile ones! Prices will vary depending on the overall size of your shipment – the more extensive your move, the more you will need packing.

We will bring all the moving boxes and packing supplies you request and get to work, ensuring that every last item in your home is prepared and good to go!

moving furnituresQ: What can you do for me if I have a lot of furniture that can be taken apart?

A: Any furniture that you have, which can be disassembled, bed frames, tables, bookshelves, desks, etc., we will gladly take care of! Disassembling and reassembling your furniture is all part of your estimate.

moving delivery timeframeQ: What do I need to know about the delivery timeframe?

A: The delivery process will begin from the first date that you are able to accept your goods and NOT from the pickup date. Because nationwide moving companies consolidate their moving shipments, delivery general time frame by law is up to 21 business days from your first available date to accept your goods.

Denver Moving Group’s national average time frame of 1-14 business days from the first date that you are able to accept your goods.

Please be advised that unforeseen errors such as bad weather, traffic, road conditions, mechanical breakdowns, and issues with earlier drop-offs may delay subsequent deliveries.

collect my goodsQ: What do you suggest I do regarding choosing a date to collect my goods?

A: In order to safely avoid any scheduling conflicts with your personal arrangements, Denver Moving Group highly recommends NOT to schedule a flight or make similar travel plans on the same day of your move.

While Denver Moving Group will always take great pains to honor the scheduled commitments to you, several factors may occur that may affect our estimated time frames of arrival at your pickup location, such as bad weather, traffic, road conditions, and mechanical issues.

Because of this, it is paramount you request from us a pickup date that is no closer than 24 hours before embarking on any travel commitments you have made and/ or the date you have agreed with your landlord or realtor to vacate your premises.

Denver Moving Group will NOT be held responsible for missed flights, rescheduling flights, or any fees that might occur.

pay for the moving estimateQ: How do I pay for the moving estimate?

A: Payment of your estimate works in three stages:

  1. To reserve the move date and guarantee you a spot on our shipping calendar, we require a $100 booking deposit. This fee is deducted from your total and can be made fully refundable up to 48 hours before your move. Payment can be processed over the phone using a credit/debit card, or you can mail a check to our office.
  2. On the day of pickup, 60% of the balance is due. This balance can then be paid with cash, credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, or Discover), personal check, cashier’s check, or money order.
  3. The final balance (40%) is due at delivery. Method of payment must be paid in the form of CASH or POSTAL MONEY ORDER FROM THE POST OFFICE.

must vacate my homeQ: What can I do if I must vacate my home but can’t receive my belongings immediately?

A: Fortunately, we can provide you with up to one month of FREE storage in our climate-controlled facility in Denver if required. We don’t charge for delivery from storage to the final destination since you have already paid for it!

We can store your belongings for longer and will consult with you about monthly fees following the initial free period. Payment for storage will be processed on a month-by-month basis.

insurance does a moving companyQ: What kind of insurance does a moving company provide?

By Federal Law, a long-distance moving company MUST provide you a Limited Liability Coverage of $0.60 per lb. per article (which is standard and included in your price).

There are a few other options that you can choose from to ensure your goods with full coverage:

  1. Renters insurance – Should you have.
  2. Homeowners insurance – Should you have.
  3. MovingInsurance.com (888-893-8835) or any other third-party insurance company.
  4. Through your moving company.

Denver Moving Group is Here to Answer Any question.

There are many varied questions that people ask about moving. We hope this FAQ has answered some of them for you, and we welcome any other comments or questions!

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