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Moving supplies require more than just cardboard boxes, plastic totes, and packing tape! When you plan your next big long-distance move, don’t forget to protect your valuables with careful preparation. There is already a lot on your mind, such as scheduling the interstate move and putting everything into place. To make everything easier for you, here is a comprehensive list of moving equipment. It would be best to consider each of these items so your next cross-country move is both comfortable and convenient. Here are the essential packing supplies you need!

moving boxes in denver
Moving boxes in Denver, CO


Cardboard and plastic boxes are cheap to buy, which makes them a cost-effective measure for moving supplies. You can store all your important belongings in these boxes. Depending on their size, you might need small, medium, and large boxes, especially if they are cardboard. With a packing calculator, you can get an accurate estimate of how many boxes you need for the move. If you prefer to use plastic bins, use an inventory checklist, so your rental company makes sure everything is where it needs to be.

Packing Tape

moving packing tape denver
Packing tape is important!

You should consider buying plenty of good-quality packing tape. Depending on how many boxes you use, you need the packing tape to seal everything once the items are stored inside. However, unlike boxes, you should consider more expensive tape, so you have a higher durability level. After all, you don’t want to tape to break! For you to be on the safe side, buy a few extra rolls of tape.

Packing Paper

packing paper for moving
Fragile materials? Use Packing Paper

Packing paper is useful since you can wrap different types of objects with it. Whether they are fragile or sharp-ended, you need packing paper for extra cushioning and stability. If you purchase packing paper, make sure they are ink-free; ink tends to bleed on belongings. Avoid a potential mess and go ink-free!

Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap for moving
Wrap, wrap, wrap… The sound of moving

Sturdy plastic wraps can cover large areas, especially with bigger objects. Consider buying at least one roll of plastic wrap for specific items. When you wrap your items together, do so in particular categories, such as dishes and utensils. By wrapping them together, it prevents these items from shifting around during the move. If you want to transport bottles of liquid, make sure to take off the cap and wrap the opening with plastic. You can screw the cap on afterward, so it ensures there are no spills.

Bubble Cushioning

bubble cushioning wrap denver
Bubble wrap is necessary for moving.

Bubble cushioning adds an extra layer of protection for your items! Use it for ceramic, porcelain, and glass items, since they are especially fragile. Bubble cushioning also adds padding once placed into boxes.

Plastic Bags

plastic bags for movers
The most useful item when moving

Plastic bags are good for smaller items that get lost otherwise. For example, if you disassemble furniture, use the plastic bags to hold the screw. It would be best if you also labeled all the bags, so you know where everything is.

Tool Set

tool set for long distance moving
Assembling or Reassembling? You need a toolset!

Speaking of which, a toolset is needed if you want to disassemble furniture. The most important tools you need are screwdrivers and wrenches, with a range of heads depending on the size of the screws. Keep these tools nearby at all times, specifically in a metal container you can carry around – you might need these supplies later!

Labels and/or Markers

Labeling allows you to mark certain boxes, which makes tracking everything much easier. Labeling supplies include permanent markers, specifically black ones. You can also use label stickers to write down names with the marker. If you want, you can also try out color-coded stickers for your convenience.


Your next long-distance move doesn’t need to be difficult at all! Use this comprehensive guide so you can transport all your belongings safely. This list of moving supplies is guaranteed to reduce any potential headaches along the way. Don’t forget, Denver Moving Group is one of the leading long-distance moving companies in Denver. Feel free to give us a call if you have any packing questions, and our cross-country movers will be more than happy to assist you.

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