Cities for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Moving for Adventure: Best Cities for Outdoor Enthusiasts

After years of struggling with big city living, you are ready to trade in traffic jams and crowded coffee houses for serene mornings and breathtaking views. However, with all the fantastic places throughout the country to call home, how do you narrow down your options? At the Denver Moving Group, we are aware of the challenges that come with cross-country moving. That is why when you are ready to move and work with one of the best long-distance movers in Denver, we are available to help you every step of the way.

hiking with friends outdoors

Where Should I Live if I Like Nature? Narrowing Down Your Options By State

You have always loved horseback riding, exploring hiking and biking trails, and communing with the great outdoors. The first step in narrowing down your options is to explore different states rather than becoming overwhelmed with the ins and outs of various cities and counties. Here are arguably four of the best states across the U.S. for recreational opportunities and recreational activities:

california redwood


Unsurprisingly, one of if not the best places for outdoor enthusiasts to call home is California. The Golden State boasts an impressive 840 miles of coastline and over 400 named beaches. Once you get your fill of swimming, surfing, paddleboarding, or scuba diving, you can hike through the hundreds of miles of groomed trails throughout the state. California enjoys year-round sunshine, meaning that you can get out and take a walk, jump on your bike, or explore nature at almost any time of the year.

Northern California is known for its impressive redwood forests. As a matter of fact, there are over 12 forests in California featuring the name “redwood!” The area boasts several rivers, including the Russian River, caves, and nature preserves. Southern California is just as impressive. There are several beautiful spots to hike, bike, and enjoy the state’s favorite pastime, surfing, within an hour’s drive of any major city, including Los Angeles.

Are you considering moving to the Bay Area? Want to call San Francisco home, or are you planning on moving to San Diego? The team at the Denver Moving Group can help!

mount hood


Known as the Beaver State, if Oregon isn’t at the top of your list of places to explore the great outdoors – it should be. The state is known for its beautiful beaches that are perfect for swimming, paddleboarding, mountains that are just as fun to hike through as beautiful, and lush greenery that you could explore for hours.

There are dozens of ways to explore nature throughout the state. However, there are seven spots that have earned the distinction of being called the “Seven Wonders of Oregon,” including:

  • Smith Rock State Park
  • Crater Lake National Park
  • The Wallowa Mountains
  • Mt. Hood
  • Columbia River Gorge
  • Oregon Painted Hills
  • Oregon Coast

Oregon is a stone’s throw from California, but if you choose the Beaver State, you can enjoy the distinct pleasure of all four seasons. This means you can ski during the winter, enjoy fields of flowers in spring, explore the Oregon coast in summer, and walk through the falling leaves in autumn!

lake McDonald montana


The people who call Montana home are fiercely loyal to their neighbors and to preserving the state’s natural beauty. If you call Montana home, you will understand why! Montana is a truly unique state and the ideal situation for anyone who loves the outdoors and their privacy.

The Treasure State is home to several natural wonders – including the pristine Holland Lakes, the Gates of the Mountains, which is between the Glacier National Parks and Yellowstone National Park and along the Lewis and Clark Trail, and the hundreds of acres of huckleberries! As with every other state on this list, Montana is filled with several miles of hiking trails, hidden places to explore with your bike, rivers that are ideal for kayaking and rafting, and other areas perfect for outdoor adventures!

Alaska aurora borealis


Sure, you could live in a state with well-groomed trails, guided river tours, and lovingly kept ski trails – but you would rather experience a purer outdoor adventure. Alaska is known as the Last Frontier because while there are several unique outdoor tourist attractions available, you can still make your mark as a modern-day explorer. Alaska is a massive 665,400 square miles, making the state far and away the biggest in the country.

The Last Frontier is mainly unexplored and uncharted, providing you with the unique opportunity to enjoy the safety and convenience of small-town living while traveling a few miles outside the city limits and enjoying the untouched beauty of nature. Alaska is filled with hiking trails, biking trails, snowmobile trails, and places to perfect your skills in cross-country skiing.

Which States Have the Best Local, State, and National Parks?

Exploring uncharted territories is fun once in a while. However, when it comes to safely and respectfully enjoying whitewater rafting, mountain biking, skiing, and hiking, you want to enjoy groomed and well-kept trails and riverways. Several amazing local, state, and national parks are spread across the country. However, here are a few of the states with the most plentiful and best parks and national forests in the country


Just over 13% of the land in Washington is designated for wildlife and parks, which equals several thousands of miles of beautifully-maintained riverways, fields, and forests. You can visit Olympia National Park and enjoy a hike or skiing. The state is also home to North Cascades National Park and Mount Rainier National Park, which is home to a massive and impressive 14,000-foot-high volcano!

Bryce canyon


Home to an impressive five national parks – Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, beautiful Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, and the incomparable Capitol Reef National Park – you will never have a dull afternoon if you move to Utah. Utah residents have genuinely embraced the outdoor lifestyle, and you can quickly grab a mountain bike or strap on a pair of hiking shoes and explore the amazing national and state parks spread throughout the state. Just be careful and watch out for mountain lions!


Living in Colorado, you are already keenly aware of just how beautiful this state is. However, if you haven’t ventured too far away from the Mile High City and explored beyond the beautiful Rocky Mountains, you are missing out on everything else the Centennial State has to offer. In addition to the Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado is also home to three additional national parks – including the Great Sand Dunes, Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, and beautiful Mesa Verde, which is also a World Heritage site.

Colorado also has several national forests, including Pike National Forest, Arapaho National Forest, and Roosevelt National Forest. Are you considering moving from Fort Collins to Denver or another city in Colorado? If you are moving to Colorado and need the best long-distance movers around, look no further than the well-trained staff at the Denver Moving Group.

Seattle wa

What is the Outdoor Recreation Capital of the United States?

Living in Denver, you might assume that the Mile High City is the Outdoor Recreational Capital of America. However, while Denver is a dream for mountain bikers and skiers and has miles of bike lanes, hiking trails, and plenty of ways to enjoy popular winter sports, one city might have more outdoor activities than Denver – Seattle, Washington!

A picturesque Pacific Northwest city, Seattle is one of if not the most outdoorsy cities in the United States. It is a popular destination for coffee aficionados and outdoor enthusiasts alike! Seattle is a modern city with all the amenities you enjoy. You only need to drive a few miles outside the city center, and thousands of acres of trees will encircle you. The city provides easy access to almost every type of outdoor activity that you can possibly imagine – from skiing and hiking to biking, hunting, whitewater rafting, and kayaking.

There are 12 golf courses in the city, and if you drive a few miles outside the metropolitan area, you will find another 43 beautiful courses. If your idea of communing with nature is spending the afternoon on the golf course – Seattle is the perfect city for you! If you travel another 100 miles outside the city, you can enjoy a day splashing in the Pacific Ocean before enjoying a beachside picnic on the Pacific Coast!

What U.S. City Has the Most Outdoor Activities? The Best Cities for Outdoor Enthusiasts

No matter what state you call home, you are guaranteed to find several cities for outdoor lovers. However, which are some of the best? You want to find a town with the ideal combination of nature parks, fresh air, warm weather, and a relatively low cost of living. Here are some of the most popular destinations throughout the United States for nature lovers:

Sedona AZ
So many road trips to choose from in Sedona AZ!

Sedona, Arizona

Suppose you want to live in a truly magical area like no other city you have ever experienced – set your sights on Sedona, Arizona. The area is known for rock climbing, particularly on the red rocks and steep cliffs surrounding the city. After sweating it out in the Arizona heat, book a Pink Jeep Tour, a one-of-a-kind experience that allows you to explore the red rocks in a funky pink Jeep!

Fort Collins, Colorado

Located an hour away from Denver, Fort Collins, CO, is a city that is often overlooked because of its close proximity to the Mile High City. Home of Roosevelt National Park, Fort Collins is one of Colorado’s best-kept secrets. If you want a city where you can stuff in as many adventures on the same day, Fort Collins is the right choice.

After you kayak or raft down the Cache la Poudre River, you can enjoy a leisurely horseback ride before enjoying a picnic at the base of the Horsetooth Falls. Fort Collins is the perfect setting if you want a city that combines beautiful views and adventurous experiences.

ice age trail wisconsin
The Ice Age Trail in Madison WI is a delight for hikers, photographers, and lovers of nature

Madison, Wisconsin

Located in Southern Wisconsin, Madison is the state capital of the Badger State. The home of the University of Wisconsin, Madison is a progressive Midwestern city filled with several ways for an adventurous person to find an adrenaline rush. You can start your day by hiking along the Ice Age Trail before hitting a few golf balls at the Odanah Hills Golf Course. If you want a wilder experience, there are plenty of other outdoor activities, including skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, and snowmobiling.

Boston, Massachusetts

You might be pleasantly surprised to learn that in addition to its many historical attractions, Boston is actually an outdoor lover’s paradise! If you love the water, you can enjoy the day splashing in Carson Beach or get some exercise while kayaking down the Charles River. There are several small islands near Boston, but one of the best is Spectacle Island.

Spectacle Island is small, but you can fill your day foraging for berries, swimming, hiking, biking, or simply enjoying the glorious natural beauty of the ocean. The Blue Hills are located just outside Boston and feature multiple hills and rocks for climbers of all skill levels.

Are you ready to take the leap and move to any of these fantastic cities? The Mile High City movers at the Denver Moving Group are ready and waiting to plan your move to a new city.

The Best Small Towns for Nature Lovers

Nothing compares to the slow pace of small-town life. Suppose you prefer living a more peaceful life but still want to enjoy the thrill of several outdoor activities. In that case, there are several smaller towns that rival the excitement of their larger counterparts. Here are some of the best small cities and towns for outdoor fanatics:

big Sur ca

Big Sur, California

With a population of just over 2,000 amazing residents, Big Sur is located on the central coast of California, making it the ideal spot for almost anyone who loves to spend time communing with nature. You can spend the day surfing and swimming or hiking and mountain biking through the nearby St. Lucia mountains. The small town is eclectic and offers many other ways to spend the afternoon – from shopping and sightseeing to dining in any of the town’s fun family-run restaurants.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

With a population of roughly 78,000 people, Chattanooga is truly a unique place to call home. The city has all the major amenities you could ask for, but when you walk outside your back door, you are greeted by mountains, including the massive Lookout Mountain. You can walk downtown to enjoy a day at the beautiful Tennessee River. There is seemingly no end to outdoor activities in and around Chattanooga, including climbing Sunset Rock and the Tennessee River Gorge, riding, biking, hiking, and tubing down the Tennessee River on a hot summer day!

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

If you want to live in an area that feels untouched by modern society but still want to enjoy the perks of living in the 21st century, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, can provide you with the best of both worlds. A city of just over 10,000 residents, Jackson Hole is located in northwest Wyoming, a few miles away from the Grand Teton National Park. Living in this one-of-a-kind town also provides easy access to the Snake River Mountain Range, which is an ideal area for biking and hiking.

Jackson Hole is an exciting town, but if you want a more laid-back outdoor experience, you can also plan a floating trip, fish, play a few rounds of golf, or bike through the endless fields of wildflowers that surround the city.

Where is the Best Place to Live on the East Coast for Outdoor Lovers?

You’ve enjoyed your time living on the West Coast but are ready to see what the Eastern portion of the United States has to offer. Whether you are moving all the way to Northeast Maine or Vermont or are considering moving to Florida, Georgia, or Tennessee, the pro movers at the Denver Moving Group movers can help you plan every aspect of your relocation.

The famous Pinellas Trail is a wonder for cyclists near Tampa FL

Tampa, Florida

Many people associate the area around Tampa, Florida, with its many tourist destinations, including Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay, and the massive Florida Aquarium. However, if you are looking for a more low-key way to enjoy the natural beauty of the Tampa area, there are other ways you can spend an afternoon that aren’t so crowded. One of the most popular is the Pinellas Trail, which is a repurposed railway that has been transformed into a hiking and walking trail that stretches almost 40 miles to St Petersburg, FL. Tampa is also home to the Myakka River State Park and plenty of places to swim, boat, or simply take a relaxing stroll.

Virginia beach va

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Located in the Chesapeake Bay in southeastern Virginia, Virginia Beach is known for its massive boardwalk and the First Landing State Park, which marks the site where the Jamestown colonists arrived in the New World in 1607. If your outdoor activity of choice is watersports, you cannot beat living in the Virginia Beach area. In addition to rafting, kayaking, and boating, the area is known for its hundreds of miles of groomed hiking and biking trails and plenty of places to swim, fish, and camp.

Little Rock, Arkansas

The capital and most populous city in Arkansas, Little Rocky truly does offer the best of both worlds. If you love the idea of living in an urban setting, the greater Little Rock metropolitan area has a population of just under 750,000 residents. The crown jewel of Little Rock is the Two Rivers Park and the River Mountain Park, which is the ideal area for mountain bikers of all skill levels, from beginner to very advanced. Cycling is a big deal in the Little Rock area, and there are over 1,200 miles of well-kept cycling trails around the city.

If you are done spending time on your bike, you can park it in your garage and enjoy all the other unique outdoor activities Little Rock has to offer, including swimming, hiking, and golfing. End your day with a leisurely stroll through Pugh’s Mill Park.

Greenville, South Carolina

Located in the foothills of the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains, Greenville is a city is the kind of town that requires a lot of different shoes! You will need hiking boots to enjoy a day exploring the Blue Ridge Mountains. Swap out your hiking shoes for a pair of sturdy walking shoes and stroll through the Conestee Natural Preserve. You will also need quality golf shoes to enjoy the area’s multiple golf courses, including the Paris Mountain Country Club.

When you need the assistance of cross-country moving companies near Boulder, look to the fantastic crew at the Denver Moving Group. With several years of experience moving people around the country, we can help you plan every aspect of your relocation – from affordable moving & storage to packing and unpacking your household goods.

Cities on the West Coat to Seek Adventure

If you would rather stay closer to Colorado, there are several beautiful places in the Western portion of the United States to build a life and raise a family. Here are a few of the most popular destinations for outdoor lovers in the Western U.S.:

San Diego beach

San Diego, California

There is a reason why San Diego, CA, earned the distinction of being called “America’s Finest City!” The weather in San Diego is beautiful throughout the year, and that, coupled with the area’s excellent air quality, makes it the ideal location for people who would rather spend their time outdoors. San Diego boasts over 70 miles of sandy coastlines, meaning that if you want to find the locals on the weekend, chances are most of them with be at the beach!

When you are ready to raise your heart rate, you can hike through the Torrey Pines State Reserve or up Potato Chip Rock. The Mission Bay area is a great place to spend an afternoon on a bike. However, if you want to enjoy the ultimate thrill, head to La Jolla Shores Beach during the height of summer and swim with the Leopard sharks. Before you get too scared, don’t worry because Leopard sharks are known for being docile!

Boise, Idaho

When you think of the words “adventure” and “excitement,” chances are the word “Idaho” isn’t your first thought. However, before you discount Idaho, get to know everything Boise offers. First and foremost are the breathtaking views of the Boise National Forest. If you live and work in downtown Boise, you can kayak or swim in the Boise River before enjoying a picnic at Katryn Albertston State Park.

Boise is a premier destination for winter sports, as well. The Bogus Basin Mountain is roughly 15 miles outside Boise and offers some of the best skiing in the Western United States. If you love skiing but don’t love how expensive it is to live in other premier ski destinations, including Vail, Breckinridge, and Aspen, Colorado, consider calling Boise home.

Durango, Colorado

Located 335 miles from Denver, Durango, Colorado, is one of the state’s best-kept secrets. The highlight of living in Durango is whitewater rafting down the Animas River, a 126-mile river that is a portion of the Colorado River. If you want a well-rounded outdoor experience, you can have that in Durango. Once you are down rafting, you can enjoy a hike through the glorious San Juan National Forest before enjoying a relaxing afternoon at Pinkerton Hot Springs, which was discovered by James Pinkerton in the early 19th century.

Salt Lake City, Utah

No list of the best cities for outdoor enthusiasts would be complete without mentioning Salt Lake City, Utah. With a population of just over 1,200,000 residents, Salt Lake City gets its name from the Great Sale Lake, an unassuming inland lake nestled in an otherwise arid environment. Salt Lake City is known for being a city for outdoor enthusiasts – no matter what their age. Your kids will love playing in the many small neighborhood parks and splash pads throughout the city.

No matter your age, you can enjoy the numerous state and national parks around the Salt Lake area, including Bryce, Zion, Arches, Canyonlands, and the Capitol Reef National Park. Hiking is a huge part of the Salt Lake City lifestyle, and there are plenty of places where you can explore, including the City Canyon Creek and Ensign Peak. Bird watching is also a big deal in the area, and there are several spots where you can view some of the most beautiful species that call Utah home.

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Are you considering packing up your belongings and moving to Salt Lake City? Is your heart telling you that moving to Raleigh, NC is the right choice? There are many amazing cities for outdoor lovers to call home. Whether you are moving to another city in Colorado or want to experience what it is like to live in Maine, Oregon, Florida, or Minnesota, the Denver Moving Group team is ready and waiting to help you plan a stress-free long-distance relocation.

With several years of experience helping our customers around the Denver area pack and move, you can rest assured that you will have an easy, fast, and safe experience if you decide to hire the Denver Moving Group. We are keenly aware that moving is a stressful time, and we will work tirelessly to ensure that if you choose to work with our team, you will have a positive experience.

The Best Local and Long Distance Movers in Denver, Colorado

We don’t mean to brag, but if you want to work with the best Colorado Springs interstate movers or long-distance moving companies around Boulder and Denver, look no further than the pros at the Denver Moving Group. In addition to providing comprehensive long-distance moving services, we also offer local moving services, as well. If you are moving within Colorado, our team of local movers can help you get to your new house very fast.

In addition to moving your household goods, we offer a wide variety of other valuable services, including packing and short-term storage. We also sell all the packing supplies you will need to plan a successful long-distance or local move – including moving boxes, packing tape, and bubble wrap.

Simple Tips for Saving Money on Your Next Long-Distance Relocation

Whether you are moving in-state or across the country – you want to save as much money as possible on your relocation. However, you might unknowingly be making many mistakes and choices costing you money. For example, while moving during the summer might be more convenient, did you know that summer is actually one of the most expensive times of the year to move?

In addition to moving during the “off-season” of late fall and winter, there are several other simple ways to save big money on your next relocation, including:

  • Downsize and declutter. Every local or long-distance move needs to begin with downsizing and decluttering all your unwanted belongings. The simplest method is to divide all your stuff into three simple categories: Keep, sell/donate, or throw away. In addition to cutting down on packing supplies, decluttering will lower the cost of your long-distance move simply because you won’t have as many boxes to lug onto the moving truck!
  • Receive comprehensive quotes from at least three to four moving services. Contact at least three to four qualified movers in your area, including the crew at the Denver Moving Group, to receive a free, no-obligation quote on all your moving needs. A representative will come to your home and perform a preliminary inspection of all your belongings. You will receive a free quote based on the estimated cubic feet of all your household goods and the distance you are moving.
  • Find cheap or free packing supplies. Look to your friends, neighbors, and your basement or attic for free and inexpensive moving supplies. For example, if you are in a pinch, you can grab plastic totes and moving boxes from your parent’s garage or drape the clothing hanging in your closet with a plastic garbage bag.
  • Learn about the hidden costs of moving. The more you research moving costs, the more you will learn about some unexpected costs associated with a long-distance or local move. For example, did you know about flight costs? This is the cost the moving company will charge you to move boxes and furniture down the stairs. Simply moving all your belongings to the first floor of your two-story house can save you big money.

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