tips for frequent movers

The Nomad’s Guide to Moving: Tips for Frequent Movers

It’s moving day, again, but wasn’t it just moving day a few months ago?

Active military members and their spouses, virtual workers, and adventure seekers all have one thing in common: they relocate often and dread hiring another unknown moving company to pack up and move their stuff safely.

At Denver Moving Group, we are more than just moving companies for long-distance moves; we are also wizards at organizing and executing long and local relocations!

We don’t mean to brag, but we are among the best cross-country movers in Denver!

7 tips for frequent movers

Moving Long Distance Frequently Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful: Follow These Seven Tips!

Relocating your heavy furniture, family heirlooms, and seasonal items most cost-effectively and efficiently is the objective of any relocation.

However, these goals are even more important if your next move to a new destination is within a few months or weeks of your last relocation.

When you are ready to move to your new apartment, let one of the best long-distance moving companies in Denver handle the transportation and heavy lifting.

Keep your extra money where it belongs, in your pocket, and plan a stress-free move with these seven simple tips:

don't throw moving boxes

Think Twice Before Throwing Away Moving Boxes

Packing is a major part of the moving process, and so is sourcing cardboard boxes.

Instead of starting a recycling cycle and purchasing new boxes for each new city, creatively store and reuse the same boxes.

Flatpack boxes are a great purchase because once you unpack the box, you can break it down and store it flat inside your basement or garage.

quality moving boxes

Purchase Quality If You Plan on Using the Same Boxes

Keep moving costs down by investing in quality boxes or plastic bins out of the gate rather than using more inexpensive boxes each time you move, including free stained boxes from local grocery stores.

For example, triple-layered corrugated boxes are durable, and although they are an added expense initially, you will save money in the long run.

Don’t have time to pack things each time you move? Search for cross-country movers who also offer comprehensive packing services!

label your boxes

Simple Tips for Labeling Boxes

Re-labeling boxes each time can be an exhausting process. Instead, an easy packing tip that will save you time and headaches is to label boxes like a pro.

For example, use a color-coded system, always label boxes with permanent markers, and be specific and accurate.

meet the de cluttering masters

Frequent Movers Become Decluttering Masters

Before you hire professional movers or pack a single box, every frequent mover must first look at all their stuff and ask an important question: “Do I really need this?”

Decluttering is the most critical step in any relocation, especially if you move often and don’t want to spend your precious time filling boxes with unnecessary junk.

de cluttering is a must before moving

Say Goodbye to Any Items You Haven’t Used in More Than a Year

Remember, your stuff is just stuff and if it isn’t serving you in your new life, it is time to let it go! As a simple rule, if you haven’t used, needed, or even remembered you had an item in the last year, it is crucial and should either be tossed, donated, or sold.

This means that those mismatched socks, broken Christmas decorations, and winter coats your kids outgrew two years ago need to go!

holiday decorations

From Holiday Decorations to Clothing and Furniture Pieces: Only Keep the Bare Minimum

Adopting a minimalist lifestyle isn’t only good for the environment, but it’s also suitable for your bottom line and stress levels!

Only keep what you can easily put into a single moving van or moving truck and get rid of everything else.

You will thank yourself when you aren’t spending what precious time you have packing stuff you don’t need or use!

Invest in Quality Pieces

Furniture is a necessity, but it is also cumbersome, takes up a lot of room in the moving truck, and can be a pain to lug from one house and city to another.

Instead of filling your whole house with several pieces of unnecessary large furniture, invest in smaller pieces of higher quality.

Your back and the out-of-state moving companies you work with will be grateful!

call furniture rental company

Contact a Furniture Rental Company

Lugging around your furniture from house to house or apartment to apartment is unnecessary in this modern age!

Instead, contact rental companies to get some furniture on demand! Your new house will truly feel like a new home each and every time you move!

Save Money, Space, and Time: The Pros of Renting Furniture

In addition to spending less money on moving long distance movers fees, there are other upsides to renting furniture, including:

  • Forget about long-term commitments!
  • Affordability
  • Sustainability
  • Easy delivery and fast service!

creative with moving supplies

Get Creative with Your Packing Supplies

Did you know that in a pinch, fabric shower curtains are a great way to protect your curtain rods, flatscreen television, or other large valuables?

You would be amazed at how many creative ways you can repurpose items in your home as clever packing materials.

From the Junk Drawer to the Bathroom Mats: Look For Creative Solutions Around the House

Sure, bubble wrap is convenient, but do you want to invest in even more single-use materials for your next relocation? Instead, here are a few household items that work perfectly as reusable packing materials:

  • Towels, clothing, and linens
  • Reusable grocery bags
  • Egg cartons
  • Socks

Of course, these will only supplement traditional packing materials. If you need help packing your stuff and moving it to your new house, use the same moving company for both chores!

Contact the out-of-state movers at Denver Moving Group for a quote on all our services.

overnight bag is necessary

Pack an Overnight Bag

That first night in a new house or apartment is a struggle, especially if you have kids.

You want to unpack immediately but are just too exhausted from your frequent moves. Save time and enjoy a smooth process by creating an overnight bag, complete with:

  • Pajamas
  • Air mattress
  • Linens
  • Board games
  • Treats

Before you start packing your bag, contact the best cross-country movers for a free quote on all your moving supplies, boxes, and needs!

Include These Items in Your “Next Day Kit”

You’ve moved so many times you consider yourself a moving expert.

You are emotionally attached to your overnight backpack, but have you discovered the importance of a next-day kit?

This is a secondary box or bag filled with everything you will need to survive the first day at your new address.

Everyone’s kit will look different, so include your essentials to get through the day. No matter what you have, make sure to include these two must-haves: A coffee pot and a bag of strong coffee!

pack your important documents

Pack Your Important Documents Separately

Ask any moving companies for long-distance moves, and most will tell you that packing your sensitive documents separately is critical, but not for the reason you might think.

Yes, you need to secure this paperwork, but keeping these documents separately will ensure you don’t waste your time packing and unpacking belongings you don’t immediately need.

How to Safely Pack and Store Your Sensitive Documents

Keep your paperwork safe inside a fire-safe and waterproof storage bag or envelope.

Keep the paperwork with you rather than putting it on the moving truck, if possible.

Remember, only certain documents, such as your birth certificate and house deed, must be kept longer than seven years.

rent a space in a public storage facility

Same Stuff, Different City: Renting a Storage Space

The best long-distance moving companies will assist you every step of the way, including providing packing, moving, expedited delivery, and more.

Temporary rental space is a secure way to protect your belongings. It helps keep your precious family heirlooms and other seasonal belongings without cluttering your new home or apartment.

Hire Movers Near You: Contact the Denver Moving Group!

You’re planning yet another long-distance move and are ready to work with the best interstate movers in Denver. Frequent movers can’t rely on out-of-state moving companies.

If we are discussing tips for frequent movers, the best one we can offer is to hire movers located nearby.

With over two decades of experience serving our amazing customers throughout the Denver Metro Area, we are not only the best cross-country moving companies, but we also offer packing services, or if you prefer, we can provide you with low-cost packing supplies.

frequently movers questions

Our Customers Also Ask

What is the hardest room to pack when moving?

Most long-distance movers will tell you the kitchen is the most challenging room to pack!

In addition to packing up every plate, fork, knife, and spatula, you must decide whether to pack up your non-perishables or donate them to a local food bank.

Don’t want to waste your precious spare time packing your kitchen, bathroom, or master bedroom? Hire long-distance moving companies that offer packing services!

What are the cons of moving frequently?

In addition to the stress and financial struggle of hiring different interstate moving companies each time you relocate, there are other hidden downsides of moving a lot, and most are emotional.

Moving several times a year can take its toll on your children and pets. It can be difficult to say goodbye to newly made friends and the uncertainty of a new home. Of course, there is the constant packing, unpacking, and uprooting your life once again.

It also makes it close to impossible to own furniture.

moving etiquette explained

What is moving etiquette?

Whether this is your first, fifth, or fifteenth time moving, it is important to follow certain etiquette when working with cross-country moving companies.

For example, keep your pets and children away from the movers, ensure your movers have easy access to your belongings, and constantly communicate with your crew.

Be respectful of your neighbors by waiting until at least the mid-morning before moving boxes and making noise. Of course, always make sure to tip your movers to provide you with stellar long-distance moving services!

Conclusion: Embrace the Adventure of Frequent Moves with Confidence

Moving frequently can be a daunting experience, but with the right approach and mindset, it can turn into an exciting adventure.

The key is in smart preparation and adopting strategies that not only ease the process but also add efficiency and joy to each relocation.

Whether you’re a military family, a digital nomad, or simply someone who loves changing scenery, embracing the nomadic lifestyle means mastering the art of moving.

We hope these tips for frequent movers are helpful the next time you hire professional movers!

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John is a mover since he can't remember when. As a son to a family of movers, John has experience in all moving aspects. Contact us and ask John about your next move.

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