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How Much Does it Cost to Move 1 Bedroom Apartment in Denver?

With the inflation in the cost of living and essential goods, the cost to hire Denver movers is another question on everyone’s mind when moving services are needed.

Relocating within or outside of the Mile High City is a project nearly all residents will undertake.

The approximate cost to hire movers seems to be the central focus, as budgeting for the moving process is critical for Coloradans.

Understanding your moving costs, how they are formulated, and where you can save money all help contribute towards a smooth and seamless relocation project!

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Completing a Local Move With Denver Movers

Planning for a move can feel overwhelming, even when just heading around the corner.

This is because there is a lot to do and many changes in the middle of everything happening.

Typing in local movers near me in your search bar can help speed the process along, and with professional movers, you retain access to the best in the business!

Local moving companies can provide stability, support, and comfort throughout your relocation procedures.

updating addressThe Moving Process Within the Same City

The city of Denver has raised its average cost of living, and moving around is a way for residents to scope out their options and find a neighborhood that best suits them.

People relocate for various reasons, but a local moving company can help you get through the process when heading to a new place in Denver.

Everyone has their own local moving stories in Denver, CO, and before you approach your upcoming move, imagine writing your own story with licensed local movers at your side!

Locate a Local Moving Company that is Working for You

There are over 30 moving companies throughout Denver, and hundreds more are servicing the region within the state.

You must find the right moving company for your local move and establish moving costs.

total cost of denver moving company

The Total Cost of Local Movers in Denver

Knowing the details about what local movers cost to hire is vital to your moving process.

Whether buying or renting in Denver, your moving company will establish its rates and provide an itemized quote for your review.

With local moves, companies typically charge by the hour.

While the rates can vary depending on the deeper details and additional services for your relocation project, you will usually see the following:

  • Two movers will cost anywhere from $135 to $165 per hour.
  • Three movers cost about $175 to $225 per hour.

There is a three-hour minimum and truck charge on local moves in Denver.

Evaluating the Cost of Local Moves in Denver

Every moving company will provide different rates, and Boulder movers may have different evaluations than Denver movers.

Even before you begin requesting quotes, it is not a bad idea to start calling around nearby moving companies to ask for their hourly rates and minimums.

You have to take the amount of stuff you plan on transporting into serious consideration, but no matter what, a one-bedroom apartment will always cost less than a three-bedroom home because you are transferring less.

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How many Moving Estimates should I Request?

Most customers will request estimates from at least three moving companies in their community. You can even request a few more if you search for the best deals with your local move.

What do most Denver movers charge per hour?

Right now, many local moving companies are lowering their rates due to the changes seen within the industry following the pandemic.

The total cost per hour depends on the number of people you have in your crew, travel time, and the size of your move.

Am I supposed to Tip a Professional Mover?

This remains a steadfast question in people’s minds as your movers are providing a service.

While it is never expected, your moving crew will certainly appreciate a tip – only if you are satisfied with your services!

crowding in nycHiring Movers in Denver When Moving to Colorado Springs or Fort Collins

If you live in Denver, you aren’t stuck there, and many of those used to city living are branching out to places like Colorado Springs and Fort Collins!

Residents are looking into places in the Mile High State that offer the amenities of Denver without the price tag attached while still maintaining a like-minded community and perhaps a more laid-back atmosphere.

When you plan on moving to a city that offers more affordability and perhaps more compliments to your lifestyle or the life you want, choosing your moving company and getting a grip on what movers in Denver cost is the next step to starting things fresh!

Moving Your One-Bedroom Apartment Out of the Mile High City

When you first start reaching out to moving companies, you have to keep in mind that you are not going a short distance; you are taking things a little bit further.

Once you head out of the city, you are moving into new territory, which inevitably affects the total cost of your relocation project.

one bedroom move to out of city

Leaving the Big City for Another

While you aren’t necessarily engaging in a long-distance move when making the journey to the springs, your moving truck has to take things further, creating a higher average cost once you find a new one-bedroom apartment for rent.

Moving companies all over Colorado are seeing more and more people migrate locally within the state.

Colorado Springs is in its moment, recently gaining traction and popularity due to its low rental rates and general living costs.

Fort Collins is having its moment, and evaluating the average cost of relocating to either offers a legitimate idea of what you expect if you plan to move anywhere outside of Denver.

cheapThe Average Cost of Relocation in Colorado

You already know what moving into a one-bedroom apartment in Denver will cost.

Still, when heading further outside the metro area, you must account for additional travel time in both directions.

  • When moving to Colorado Springs, the average cost is $810 to $1,245 for two men and a truck.
  • Moving to CO Springs with three men and a truck can cost around $972 to $1,147.
  • Fort Collins movers cost around $735 to $1,160 for two men.
  • Moving to FoCo with three men costs $875 to $1,050 for a one-bedroom.

*These rates are also dictated according to your scheduling, as weekdays and weekends often have different costs attached.

The increase in price from a move within Denver limits is due to the travel time. Colorado Springs and Fort Collins are about one away unless you encounter traffic; if so, it can quickly turn into two!

How Many Movers Cost Depends on How Much You Bring

When working with a moving company in Denver, Colorado, discuss your inventory with your relocation representative because not all one-bedroom apartments will fulfill the minimum move rates.

Many will surpass these costs, but generally, an apartment with only one bedroom will range from 350 to 750 CF.

Again, it will not cost as much as a four-bedroom house, but reviewing the details with your moving companies can help ensure you receive an accurate quote.

diy bedroom moving in colorado

Is a DIY Move Cheaper than a Moving Company in Denver, CO?

Nowadays, everyone is evaluating alternate ways of doing things, and moving is a part of the bigger picture.

Unfortunately, with a DIY moving process, you will not have access to all the benefits a moving company can offer – including cost efficiency!

Moving companies can help keep your relocation project within budget, and with a DIY move, it is easy to go over that threshold quickly.

high cost of livingIs it More Expensive to Live in Denver or Colorado Springs?

The search for a more affordable place to live is an endless process.

However, in the fight between Denver and Colorado Springs, Springs is undoubtedly cheaper in terms of cost of living, housing, etc.

How Much Do I Need to Make to Live Comfortably in Fort Collins?

If you want to rent a one-bedroom in Fort Collins and live comfortably without children, you must make at least $16.00 per hour.

This is what it looks like throughout Colorado, but many residents disagree with this number and believe that $20.00 an hour is a more realistic number.

cost of hiring colorado movers

The Cost to Hire Movers for Long Distance Moves Out of Denver, CO

Preparing for a long-distance move differs significantly from local moving services because you are branching out into a completely new environment and maintaining different needs from your long-distance movers.

As you begin to transition into a headspace that allows you to locate licensed long-distance moving companies and begin to evaluate the average cost of what others are spending or have spent to transport your belongings across the interstate, don’t allow a price tag to get in the way of booking the best moving companies available in Denver, CO.

time zoneHow Long Distance Movers Formulate Moving Costs

Local Denver movers evaluate and develop the costs associated differently.

When prepping for a long-distance move, costs are calculated by the volume or weight of the items transported and the distance traveled alongside any additional packing or storage unit needs.

Your long-distance movers should provide a free in-home or virtual estimate to ensure they provide an accurate quote on the average cost of your moving project.

The Advantages of Hiring a Moving Company for a Long-Distance Move

Hiring a moving company in Denver, Colorado, to complete your move relieves any unnecessary stressors or anxieties you may have been carrying around while planning.

With professional relocation experts, you don’t have to worry about physical labor, logistics, or customer service issues during transit.

They will provide a clear picture of everything for your moving date and offer pricing in advance!

bedroom long distance movers

How Much Do Long-Distance Movers Cost in Denver?

When you are relocating out of state with Denver long-distance moving companies, you can expect your prices to look as follows:

  • Are you thinking of moving from Denver to Dallas? You can expect the average cost of your relocation project to begin at around $1,993. However, this does not include packing, packing supplies, furniture pads, or additional service options.
  • If you are heading to the Emerald City or Seattle, your moving costs will begin at $2,326 for a one-bedroom.
  • When moving to Tampa, your relocation costs will be approximately $2,555.
  • A long-distance move to Los Angeles, California, will match Dallas, beginning at $2,093 and extending past this average if additional needs are required throughout the relocation process.

Understanding the Price of Long-Distance Moving Companies

Some of the best moving companies in the Mile High metroplex have seen how pricing has affected their industry, but these spikes in cost all have their reasons.

If you have questions about your moving costs, you must review all the details with your movers!

long distanceWhat is the Difference Between a long-distance and cross-country move?

Different moving companies will set their standards and cut off the distance for a long-distance move, but you don’t have to move out of Colorado to be classified as long-distance.

These are generally moves over 400 miles, whereas a cross-country move is when crossing state lines or multiple state lines to arrive at your final destination.

Is the Average Price of a Move Different in THE Off-Season and Peak Season?

The average pricing associated with long-distance moves depends on the time of year you must move.

Relocating in the Summertime means moving during the peak season, which starts in April and extends through September.

If you can plan your move during the off-season, you will have access to lower rates and more flexibility in scheduling.

It is typically anytime from November through February, as things start to pick back up again in March.

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How Can I Ensure I am Hiring the Best Movers in Denver, CO?

You don’t have to look further than the Denver Moving Group when searching for the perfect movers for the job.

Our relocation specialists are dedicated to developing an inventory and itemized list of charges that make sense.

How much movers can provide for a long-distance move depends on how well they service you and cater to your needs!

declutterHow to Save Money with Moving Companies in Denver, CO

Now that you have a general idea of what to expect from packers and movers in Denver, you are likely combing through your estimates to configure it in any way you can!

There are plenty of ways to stay in control of your budget while moving and to ensure you save as much money as possible while working with your professional moving company.

Request a Free Moving Estimate from Multiple Moving Services

Every moving quote serves as a starting point, a projection of what is yet to come.

Remember that when working through these quotes, you should review them in detail and compare them with those of other companies in the area.

In Denver, CO, moving companies offer free quotes whether you are heading to Washington Park, Capitol Hill, or across state lines!

denver top movers

Working with Local Moving Companies is Crucial

Sticking with local, licensed movers is crucial for your moving project.

The Denver Moving Group will ensure you get to wherever you are going with a team of local movers to back you up as you scope out all the popular moving destinations in Colorado and the rest of the country!

Complete the Proper Research Before Booking Local or Interstate Movers in Denver, CO

Before choosing your moving company to pick up all your household goods within the apartment, check the company’s credentials.

  • Ensure the business is licensed to transport on public roadways and interstates and holds a valid license and insurance.
  • Check the internet some more, digging for details and previous customer reviews.
  • Ask about the company’s years of experience and backcheck against all the available history.

Packing Strategically Before the Moving Truck Arrives

If you want to save money on your upcoming apartment move, or even when preparing and packing for a long-distance move, you will want to do so strategically.

Consider completing your packing; first of all, this will remove any additional packing fees related to the labor of your local moving crew.

Packing is a more tedious and time-consuming task when you are moving, and you will want to ensure that your items are protected and ready for your movers when the truck pulls up.

reduce packing materials cost

Reduce and Reuse Packing Materials

Another obstacle with packing processes is packing materials and supplies needed to complete the project.

Try to reuse things you already have, like bins and storage totes, to get started; use t-shirts, dish clothes, and towels to pad and wrap your items as you place them in the moving boxes and get crafty with your materials.

Plenty of people are moving all around Denver and into the city, looking to get rid of moving boxes and supplies!

Check out local community websites to see if anyone is giving away old boxes, and check with local retailers about boxes they may be recycling or other packing materials that may be useful to you.

good ideaGet Rid of Anything You Do Not Need

Be sure to go through your entire place and get rid of things you don’t need, donate items that can still be used, and consider selling anything to make a little extra cash before the big day!

This will reduce the time needed to complete the move if you travel locally and reduce the volume or weight when moving long distances!

Ask Your Professional Movers About Discounts Available

Movers across Denver will generally offer deals throughout various points of the year.

Don’t forget to ask about these options or set discounts they provide to certain parts of the population.

The discounts will vary greatly depending on your moving company; however, most will provide options for military personnel, family members, college students, teachers, etc.

read the small letters

Hidden Fees: Additional Denver Movers Cost Factors

Many moving and storage companies, especially brokers, will skip this vital section to prevent a price increase in moving quotes.

This leaves the customers at a great disadvantage as they are under the impression they have booked the move with an affordable moving company, which has left out additional charges that could be incurred during the move, especially an apartment relocation project.

Potential Accessorial Charges for a Long-Distance Move

Your professional movers will always do their best to ensure you can avoid additional charges.

Still, if you reside in a studio apartment or one-bedroom condo, these are more common than if you were moving into a house in the Denver area.

Before you book moving services, be sure they integrate these charges because they can significantly affect the average cost of moving within or around the city and over state lines.

Flights of Stairs

Stair charges are something you see across the board, and while most moving companies will include one flight of stairs with the cost of your move, any additional flights are typically priced from $50 to $75 per flight and then charged an extra rate of $0.07 to $0.10 per cubic foot.

  • If you are moving 350 CF up two flights, the charge can range from $74.50 to $110.
  • If you move that same amount up three flights, you will see additional costs from $149 to $220!

These potential charges can add up quickly; you should know them before booking your move.

*A flight of stairs should be up to 15 steps, not 7-12!

using elevator during uploading

Using Elevators

You may be surprised that moving companies often charge for using an elevator at delivery, contributing to the time it takes to complete a smooth move.

Not all movers charge for elevators, but many companies in Denver have charges starting at $50 and extending to $100.

An elevator charge is a one-time fee and should be listed clearly on the estimate you sign with your moving company.

calendarLong Carry or Long Haul

Long carry charges are a bit more complicated, but essentially, the more you have to carry it, and the further there is to carry it, the more extensive the fees become.

Your moving company should state the length of carry included in your move; most will state this is anywhere from 75ft to 100ft, but any carry beyond that has additional fees attached.

Moving companies will charge around $1 per foot and may include an additional charge of anywhere from $0.05 to $0.07 per cubic foot.

  • If you are moving 350CF and there is a 175 ft carry with 75 ft included, the total cost of your carry can range from $117.50 to $124.50.
  • If you are moving the same amount of stuff, with the first 75 ft included, you are looking at a long-carry charge of $242.50 to $249.50.

small truck moving colorado

Small Truck Delivery

Moving around one-bedroom and studio apartment complexes can be like navigating a maze with large trucks; sometimes, there are parking restrictions and issues with access.

When your moving truck cannot access your apartment, renting a smaller truck is necessary, and the moving crew will have to transfer your belongings from the original truck to the smaller truck.

There is usually a minimum charge of $350 to $400 associated with this process, so even if you complete a minimum move, you will automatically see those additional charges. Any additional cubic feet are charged at $0.75 to $1.50.

  • If you require a shuttle service and are moving 450 CF, your small truck delivery fees can range from $437.50 to $475.
  • If that same service is needed for 600 CF, then you are looking at an additional fee of $550 to $700. 
A Tip on Saving Money if You’re Moving Your Stuff to Storage

Things don’t always go as planned when moving, and sometimes storage is needed before moving to your new apartment.

At least 50% of storage units are not semi-accessible, so before you reserve a unit, ask the facility if it can accommodate a 72-80 ft length truck!

what is the cost of bedroom move in colorado

Conclusion of an Average Cost of Moving a 1 Bedroom

The costs associated with moving your one-bedroom apartment do not have to deter you from utilizing professional moving services, as many offer great deals and rates that can easily be incorporated into the budget set for the process.

While the pricing associated with our essential goods is rising, moving costs have leveled off, and Denver residents have easy access to licensed, legitimate relocation services.

The costs are manageable and can remain that way when working with the right movers.

Whether you are planning a move within the city, further outside the metro area, or out of state, contact Denver movers to request your free quote!

Denver Moving Group is a local, family-owned moving company capable of providing fair moving rates, extraordinary local and long-distance moving service, and a seamless process into your new apartment.

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