Co-Working Spaces and Networking in denver

Denver for Digital Nomads: Co-Working Spaces and Networking Opportunities

2023 has been the year of the remote workers, and there has been a steady uptick in people ditching their corporate office space for the comfort of their home office.

Working from home does have its downsides, including a lack of networking opportunities, coworkers to bounce ideas off, and the hustle, bustle, and energy that comes from working in eclectic downtown Denver.

Coworking spaces have become more and more popular, which is why there are dozens of fantastic coworking offices to choose from in the Denver metro area alone.

Denver is, after all, one of the top 10 cities to check out and rated amongst the 5 best places to live!

coworking environment
Coworking environments allow independent contractors and entrepreneurs to work freely while immersing themselves in an office environment

What Exactly Is “Coworking?”

The term “coworking” was only coined a few years ago, but this concept has existed for several decades.

The better question is, “What is a coworking space?” Essentially, a coworking space is a communal space shared by many people to work!

Coworking spaces come in all different shapes and sizes, each offering amenities.

However, most typically provide Wi-Fi, desks, chairs, and the basics in any traditional office space.

Coworking spaces are unique because you are paying for using that small square footage for a set amount of days, whether a day, a week, or a month.

The people at the next desk could be working for a small startup internet company, while the team across the room might be writing a movie script. Coworking spaces offer virtual workers flexibility and physical freedom to create.

Many companies require a physical address apart from their home office for business use, which is another perk of coworking.

Here is the definitive guide to 10 of the best coworking office spaces near the Rocky Mountains:

coworking environment
Coworking has really taken off in the last decade here in Denver CO. Check out some of the hottest places to release your creative energy!

Top 10 Coolest, Popular, Best Coworking Spaces in Denver, Colorado

You are ready to leave your home office and start meeting new people in a coworking space in Denver.

Purchasing a coworking membership at one of the best spaces is a great way to get to know the Mile High City and help you make new contacts and, hopefully, new friends while you grow and expand your business.

Are you moving to Denver because of its diverse coworking opportunities? Here is the expectation vs. reality when moving to Denver.

woman coworking
At Candy Factory Coworking, you can rent spaces depending on your needs – from communal desks to private offices

Candy Factory Coworking: Amazing Coworking Spaces With Great Amenities

One of the newer spaces in Denver’s Central Business District, Candy Factory Coworking, or CFC, is ideally located in the heart of the metro area.

The space has unlimited access to several necessary and superb amenities, including a separate office space for Skype meetings, a lounge for networking with fellow urban professionals, and even a meditation or wellness room for destressing after a long day of work.

A coworking space is available at various price points, the cheapest being $200/month. The coworking pass includes kitchen access, personal lockers, unlimited Wi-Fi, and an event space for rent.

coffee and coworking
Alchemy offers relaxation areas such as coffee lounges for when you’re pulling those long hour shifts!

Alchemy Creative Workspace: Great Collaboration and Free Coffee in West Wash Park

Located on Logan Street in the West Walash Park area of the city, Alchemy Creative Workspace is one of the most popular coworking spaces in Denver, and for several good reasons.

The modern decor, abundant natural light, and ergonomic furniture provide the perfect space to network, flush out your ideas, and maximize your creativity.

Alchemy also focuses on having fun while you remain productive and active and offers standing desks, free coffee, and a lounge to relax with your new “coworkers.”

Your monthly fee ranges from $265/month for a coworking space to $1,200/month for private offices, which gives you access to all the amenities, free Wi-Fi, the kitchen, and lockers.

eco friendly coworking
Bring your quadrupedal friends to work at Green Spaces Denver Reno!

Green Spaces Denver Reno: An Eco-Friendly Coworking Space in River North

A dog-friendly space that regularly hosts community events, Green Spaces Denver Reno is situated in one of the hottest neighborhoods of the Mile High City, River North, which is affectionately referred to as the RiNo Arts District by the locals.

The space is massive, around 12,500 square feet, making it ideal for large groups of collaborators or someone who wants to bounce ideas off other people rather than working solo in virtual offices.

The most basic coworking community memberships start at $176/month, and for this fee, you have access to your hot desk, an outdoor space, a yoga studio, a small swimming pool, and a meditation area.

Denver is one of the top-rated cities for outdoor enthusiasts, and if you want to enjoy the outdoors while coworking, you might love Green Spaces.

meeting room
With one of the largest coworking spaces in Denver CO, Thrive Workplace offers meeting rooms for those important business gatherings

Thrive Workplace: A Cherry Creek Coworking Space with Meeting Rooms

A coworking space that prides itself on sustainability, Thrive Workplace in the Cherry Creek area of Denver is excellent for anyone who wants a more flexible schedule, as unlike other spaces, Thrive is open on the weekends.

Thrive’s claim to fame is that it is one of the most extensive coworking spaces in the city, at 24,000 square feet.

As a member, you receive many benefits for your subscription, which starts at $275/month for coworking space, including free parking, close proximity to light rails, standing desks, and a lounge and kitchen area.

coworking mailing address
No mailing address? No problem! Enterprise coworking allows you to set up your own address right there in the building so you never miss any corresponednce!

Enterprise Coworking: Hot Desks and Educational Workshops

With two locations, one in Denver’s RiNo District and one in nearby Greenwood Village, CO, Enterprise Coworking offers many outstanding amenities for its relatively low prices, which start at only $99/month for a dedicated coworking space.

Suppose you need a physical business address for your virtual offices. In that case, you can receive this and much more for your monthly fee, including access to bike storage and parking, a dedicated conference room and desks, high-speed Wi-Fi, nearby parking, and personal lockers.

Day passes are available upon request, and because Enterprise is located in such an up-and-coming neighborhood, you will be in the heart of the city for less money than a lot of other similar spaces.

midnight coworking
Where else can you burn the midnight oil with your favourite furry friend at work next to you? At Mile High Coworking!

Mile High Coworking: An Industrial Coworking Space in the Denver Suburbs

Do you have flashes of creative genius at two A.M. and need a space that is easy to access, open 24/7, and allows you to bring along your most dedicated coworker, your dog?

Mile High Coworking in downtown Denver offers a lot of the same amenities as other coworking spaces for around the same price as other providers, around $200/month for a hot desk membership, including access to phone booths, free parking, free coffee, and access to several business tools.

However, there is one amenity that definitely sets Mile High Coworking apart from other similarly priced spaces – access to free hot showers!

Denver is one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S. and a great place to thrive if you are ready to make the transition from your home office to a coworking space.

open air spaces
Natural light and wide open plan spaces define Studio Corp

The Studio Corp: A Creative Coworking Space and Photography Studio

Also located in the hot RiNo District of downtown Denver, The Studio Corp. resembles an ample, open-air space where you could shoot the ideal wedding or anniversary photographs.

If you love natural light and the ability to move around freely, The Studio Corp. is a great option; prices for dedicated desks start at about $550/month, while a hot desk will cost you $245/month.

In addition to the usual amenities, including free drinks, you can also enjoy a lounge space, bike parking, and even a podcasting studio!

Are you moving to a suburb of Denver to start a podcast? Consider two of the best burbs in the metro area, Longmont vs. Lakewood!

rework coworking
WeWork is a globally recognised symbol for coworking environments!

WeWork: A Globally-Recognized Company With A Great Community Membership Plan

WeWork is one of the hottest names in coworking spaces, and they have office space available throughout the country, including several locations in and around Denver, including:

  • WeWork Triangle Building
  • WeWork The Circle Building
  • WeWorkTabor Center
  • WeWork The Lab
  • WeWork The Hub
  • WeWork Financial House

Price ranges depending on your location, but be prepared in most cases to pay more for the competition.

For example, a hot desk will cost $370/month, and you will pay more for a dedicated desk, but day passes are available for more reasonable fees.

You get a lot of amenities for that higher price tag, including an onsite fitness center, access to several business tools, free drinks, and covered parking in some locations.

video call virtual worker
Take your video conference calls in peace with Creative Density Coworking

Creative Density Coworking: Great For Virtual Workers

Creative Density is ideal for almost any virtual business or startup, whether you have a single employee or want dedicated desks for several employees.

Three locations are available in Denver and one in Lone Tree, and there are several different membership options, including part-time for virtual workers who want to split shift workspaces or full-time memberships for individuals who want a dedicated workspace outside the home.

Membership prices start at $75/month, and Creative Density offers several of the same amenities as other coworking spaces, including free parking, Wi-Fi, kitchen access, and 24/7 access.

Want to enjoy some fresh air? Creative Density offers green space and yard games!

eco friendly coworking
With rates starting as little as $35 per day, Alliance Center offers affordable workspaces with an eco friendly atmosphere!

Alliance Center: Networking Events and a Great Mission Statement

Unlike other coworking spaces, the Alliance Center is a non-profit coworking space that prides itself on providing an eco-friendly, healthy atmosphere for individuals and companies to thrive.

The designers of Alliance Center are forward-thinking, and this is best represented through the impressive list of amenities offered to members, including:

  • EV charging
  • Privateites for nursing mothers
  • Meditation and yoga spaces
  • Mailing services
  • Discounted rates for non-profit organizations
  • Member events

Coworking floater passes, and monthly rates are available starting from $35/day.

private office open space
Which environment suits your needs best?

Private Offices vs. Coworking Space: Which Option Is Right For Your Business?

These are only a small number of coworking spaces in the Denver area, and there are several others to explore, from Shift Workspaces to Regus and Expansive 16th Street.

In addition to several amenities, many top coworking spaces in Denver also offer more than a dedicated or hot desk; they also offer private offices, but typically for a heftier price tag.

If you want to rent or buy a home in Denver and also want a space outside the house to work, here are the ins and outs of private offices vs. traditional coworking spaces:

private officePrivate Office Space Offers Privacy, Control, and Dedicated Desks

If you want a more controlled environment and a longer lease, consider a private office space rather than opt for coworking.

Most private offices can be rented yearly rather than monthly, offering you additional privacy and the ability to truly create a dedicated office without the expenses associated with traditional office rentals.

coworking spaceCoworking Space Provides Flexible Terms and Fosters a Spirit of Collaboration

Depending on the coworking space you work with, you may be able to rent a desk for a few hours a day, a couple of days a week, or a dedicated desk every month.

In addition to this flexibility, coworking is an ideal way to not only bounce ideas off your fellow virtual workers but also offer you a unique ability to network with other young urban professionals in the Denver area.

Aside from the isolation, one of the most significant downsides of working from home is the inability to make new business contacts, which has always been a cornerstone of a successful business.

Renting coworking spaces allows you to save money, enjoy flexibility, and meet new people who could be integral to the growth of your Denver business.

private workPrivate Offices Allow You to Focus on Your Business

Coworking spaces are lively, and many people thrive on all that excitement and frantic energy.

However, when you want to buckle down and get some work done, you want quiet and privacy, both of which are afforded by splurging on private office suites.

The best coworking spaces provide you with access to both a floating coworking space and a dedicated office space, allowing you the best of both worlds!

coworkingCoworking Spaces are Inexpensive and a Great Option for Tech Startups

Are you short on capital and need space only a few days a week, or maybe you want to float between your home office and coworking space?

Renting a hot desk is an excellent option if you want more flexibility or only a small amount of money to dedicate to your office space, especially when considering the average rent in Denver, including the cost of office spaces.

coworking space denver co
Wi-fi, local parking, and all the coffee you can imbibe are just some of the basic amenities you should expect from your coworking space!

All the Amenities to Look for In An Ideal Coworking Space

  • Free Parking and Access to Coffee Shops!
  • High-Speed Internet and Phone Booths
  • Nearby or On-Site Parking
  • Access to nearby restaurants
  • Options for dedicated desks and hot desks
  • Availability of Conference Rooms, Event Spaces, and Private Office Suites and Meeting Rooms
call rocky movers
Wherever your work takes you, call Rocky movers today and we’ll make things easy!

Ready to Move? Contact the Team at Denver Moving Group!

There are any number of fantastic coworking spaces available throughout the metro area, but you are ready to see what other business opportunities are available in different cities and states.

Moving to Texas is an excellent option if you want to research and market a new brand of barbeque sauces, or maybe you are considering moving to Seattle because you love the rain and a great cup of coffee!

Whatever the case, the pros at Denver Moving Group have the experience, expertise, and knowledge of the Denver area to ensure your long-distance or local move goes off without a hitch!

moversReliable Movers With Years of Experience

Finding movers can be tricky, especially if this is your first experience hiring Denver movers.

Look for certain qualities in your movers, including integrity and transparency, and don’t be afraid to ask the right questions, including:

  • Are you licensed? All movers are legally required to be licensed through the Colorado Public Utility Commission and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
  • Can you provide all the services I need? Do you need short-term storage or packing supplies along with your long-distance or local moving services? Don’t hesitate to ask if the company can provide all the services you require.
  • What is the estimated date of arrival? Most companies will give you a window rather than an exact date and time. Be wary of companies that guarantee the arrival down to the minute because there are just too many variables that can impact your arrival window.
  • Do you have any references? Don’t hesitate to always ask for references from past happy, satisfied clients.
  • Do you offer binding quotes? A binding quote means that the price you are quoted during your initial free estimate is the same price you will pay when your moving truck arrives.

moving truckServices We Offer

In addition to long-distance moving, we are pros at local moving. We can help you organize a short-distance relocation within 50 miles of your current address, including if you are moving to Boulder, Arvada, Aurora, or Greenwood Village.

  • Local and long-distance moving
  • Packing services and storage
coworking faq
Coworking is no longer a trend – it’s a way of life for countless Denverites! Let us know if you have any questions about working in a genuine “fast paced” working environment

FAQs About Coworking Spaces in Denver

How much does a coworking space in Denver cost?

Prices vary greatly depending on the coworking space’s rates, whether you want a dedicated space, a hot desk, or to include private office space into your monthly payment.

Start by determining your needs; for example, do you want to rent the space a few days a week, or do you prefer a dedicated workspace every month?

Will you require 24/7 access to the site, or are you planning to work on a 9-to-5 basis?

Search for a coworking space that can offer you all the required amenities and provide a price point you can afford.

Are coworking spaces in Denver a good option if I travel a lot?

Yes. If you travel often and if you’re living in Aurora and working periodically in Denver, renting a coworking space makes sense.

Do you travel a lot for work and need a quiet space to flex your creative muscles?

Look for a nationwide coworking space with several branch offices across the United States, such as Impact Hub, WeWork, and Your Alley.

How will I benefit from a coworking space in Denver?

Approximately 48.7 million Americans, or around 35% of employed adults, work primarily from home.

COVID has changed many ways people make a living, and the rise of virtual work has made it difficult for some to advance their careers or make valuable connections in their fields.

Spending a few hours a week in a coworking space will get you out of your sweat and away from the home office.

It will also allow you to network, learn about new innovations in your field, and maybe even a unique job opportunity.

Struggling startups with a limited budget will benefit from the flexible rates and terms and the ability to create a preplanned work environment.

If you can’t afford rent, utilities, and the expensive cost of parking in downtown Denver, consider renting a floating desk at a co-workspace instead!

Do coworking spaces offer free trials?

Aren’t sure if coworking is the correct route for your company? Many coworking spaces offer free trials of their facilities and amenities before you are locked into a membership contract.

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