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The Fastest Growing Cities in the US in 2023-2024

When you are approaching or searching for long-distance moving services, it is likely that you are also wondering where to live. Should you head further west to San Jose and the Silicon Valley of the Bay area for a new job opportunity or career change, or are you hoping to retire and relocate to Tampa, Miami, Orlando, or North Port, Florida? No matter which direction you are heading, America’s fastest-growing cities have seen exponential growth in population, housing unit growth, job opportunities, and even thriving economies.

Colorado Springs long-distance moving isn’t hard to find, but knowing where you are going can be challenging when there are so many cities in the United States to choose from. Provided that kind of decision, locating the only state for you is like a Catch-22 situation because that can change over time, as it certainly has for the rest of the population.

When a city is growing, according to the US Census Bureau, other Americans are more inclined to join in the fun; however, there are so many elements and various factors that feed into what is causing this kind of rapid growth and whether or not that is something that can be continuously maintained.

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Fastest Growing Cities And The Flow of Population Growth

The best five places to live in the US (2020-2021) have altered over the years, with many cities within Colorado once being at the top of the list; now Denver is seeing residents flee to new places after completing economic analysis, evaluating housing units, schools, healthcare facilities, etc.

Growing cities in the US have ebbed and flowed throughout the past five years in peculiar ways, and some people are shocked at the population growth rate in certain areas and regions. Before diving into the Nation’s largest city and the fastest growing cities in the US, it is vital to understand how interstate migration patterns have drastically changed following the close of an international pandemic.

According to the Census Bureau’s population division and other cities in the US, which has been responsible for continuously tracking interstate migration trends, Texas has continued to reign supreme as the city’s population skyrocketed in 2022. Other cities and towns that have followed the trend are as follows:

  • Queen Creek Town, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona, has a population that began at a mere 26,000 residents in 2010 and now sits at approximately 70,000!
  • New Braunfels City, Texas, a small town outside of San Antonio and Austin, has nearly doubled in population over the past decade.
  • Fort Myers City, Florida, which once was a city with only 500 residents, now Fort Myers boasts almost 100,000 full-time residents.
  • Spring Hill City, Tennessee, is recognized for its rapid growth and is currently the 10th fastest-growing city in America. The population growth rate of 60% since a decade ago and now has a current population of 57,000!
  • Meridian City, Idaho, is not typically a place people turn to when they confirm long-distance moving services in Denver, CO. Still, the total population has seen a surge in new citizens, with a current headcount of 130,000.

populationPopulation Division & Change in a Smaller City & Close Knit Towns

A significant portion of America’s total population leans towards residing in places where the city’s population is over 50,000; small towns still largely shape the US. Understanding regional differences and disparities is something the US Census Bureau’s population division has continued to observe.

The changing of the tides is not something anyone can anticipate, but since we have previously sent set trends, it is easy to assume they will continue to persist accordingly. There are 19,500 incorporated places, and almost 75% have 5,000 people or less. Cut those figures in half, and 33% have 500. On average, small towns experience different facts and figures than the rest of the US.

Western small towns have seen the most considerable growth in total population. Western small towns have increased by about .5%. Small Southern towns come in just below that at .4%. The Northeast’s small towns have seen the city’s population decline by .4%. Small Midwestern towns have also been on the decline by .2%.

Largest Numeric Population Gain Within the US

The top 10 cities to explore are all about fun and games. Still, those regional differences in the migration trends have tipped the scales in terms of places with the most significant numeric population growth rate. While the Census Bureau population division is capable of tracking these details, other agencies such as the United States Postal Services and even large relocation companies across America like Littleton’s long-distance moving specialists have noticed more and more residents heading to these cities:

  1. The Fort Worth, Texas, metro area remains at the top of the list and has the largest numeric population gain, with a population increase of 19,170 people in 2022.
  2. The Phoenix, Arizona, metro area is a close second with 19,053 new residents.
  3. The San Antonio, Texas, metro area has seen a rise in 18,889 people.
  4. The Seattle, Washington, metro area gained 17,749 residents between 2021-2022.
  5. The Charlotte, North Carolina, metro area has also seen rapid growth and an increase in 15,217 residents.
  6. The Jacksonville, Florida, metro area was graced with 14,408 new people!

closing houseHousing Unit Growth as Demand Rises

From Renting to Buying: Planning Your Move details the intricacies of purchasing and renting a house. Regardless of your decision, if you are heading to the fastest-growing city or one of the fastest-growing cities in the US, housing unit growth will affect your options. When the population rises in cities, so does the demand and need for housing units. Densely populated metro areas are used to dealing with this housing unit growth, but keeping up with the options can be difficult.

The Census Bureau’s population division data indicates that the fastest-growing cities are also required to build, which means significant construction. Keeping up with demand is challenging for developers and builders unless all the new citizens come in there to feed into those industries in one way or another. Colorado residents have seen this for a long time, which is why we see people selecting the best long-distance moving company in Denver.

Additional Factors Driving Population Increase

Many factors feed into the fastest-growing cities and overall population growth, according to the Census Bureau and other oversight agencies. These differences depend on the median age because a younger person entering higher education may be most interested in universities and checking off the ultimate college moving checklist.

While retirees may be more pleased by the FL metro area because of the lack of income tax and having to live on a fixed income, the New York metro area remains the Nation’s largest city. Still, you aren’t going to hear often about people grabbing their Denver to New York moving checklist because Denverites are leaving Colorado due to the cost of living. They aren’t going to go somewhere else, to new places and cities that will inflict more damage on their wallets.

Economic Analysis, Infrastructure & Healthcare Facilities Make the Difference

When cities experience a surge in population growth, local agencies and governments face infrastructure questions. All the services in the fastest-growing cities must also keep up with the demand and total population each year. A thorough economic analysis, an overview of housing units, and a review of goods and services must be completed to ensure the infrastructure is sound and committed to serving the influx of people.

The TX metro area is used to this kind of thing, and being a prominent place in the first place, they are lucky to have already created loads of housing units, healthcare facilities, essential services, etc. Coloradans require a Denver to Dallas moving guide traveling down South because it is not the only state they have to choose from, but in the realm of final rankings, it is highly likely Coloradans migrate there. All cities in the United States can become vulnerable due to a swift population change. In the midst of those migrating in, several factors need to rise to the occasion to continue the support of all communities and metro areas.

citiesMost Populous Cities in America

Regular cities do not always characterize the fastest-growing cities, but the United States Census Bureau has kept a close eye on those fastest-growing cities. Mega cities are large metro areas with a high population density. As of 2022, the most populated cities in America are as follows:

  1. The New York City metro area has been and will always remain the most populated city in the United States.
  2. Los Angeles, California, is known for being a large state with overpopulated cities, and LA is no exception.
  3. Chicago, Illinois, has a current population of over 2.5 million people!
  4. Houston, the largest city and metro area in Texas, holds over 2 million people, which is rising.
  5. Phoenix, AKA the Valley of the Sun, is a popular place to live and remains one of America’s most populous mega cities.

dallas Fort Worth texas

The TX Metro Area is Forging a Path as America’s Fastest-Growing Cities

One of the fastest growing cities in America is located in none other than Texas, the Lone Star state. Colorado residents seem to be flocking towards the South with the rest of Americans, with the median age of those settling into the state at 35 years – Centennial’s top long-distance movers have gotten used to transporting clients to Austin, Houston, Dallas, and the Fort Worth, Texas metro areas. The Georgetown, Texas metro area has been named the fastest growing city in the US, with people flowing in quickly and steadily, creating a population of 73,110.

The suburb is flourishing alongside the rest of the TX metro area, which has seen massive population growth, according to none other than the US Census Bureau population division. The state of Texas, with a total population of about 30 million people in 2022, has increased to nearly 32 million in 2023 – almost two million people flooding into the Lone Star state.

This is no surprise to many because the state has many benefits single people and entire households can enjoy, from lucrative job opportunities and a thriving economy to an easily accessible housing unit, solid education, and an all-around beautiful place. Growing cities all seem to carry some of the same attributes, and it is no wonder Parker’s long-distance moving services and relocation options all over the Denver metro area have been traveling towards the South, delivering customers to their new realities, next chapter, and the start of something beautiful in Texas!

dallasThe Draw of Dallas Fort Worth, Arlington in the Lone Star State

The drastic population change continues throughout the rest of the state, heading into the Dallas Fort-Worth, Arlington metro area – and the Houston Woodlands, Sugar Land, and other great suburbs of Texas. The TX metro area has had to adapt to the housing unit growth. Still, as many people as part of the population are committed to a blue-collar workforce, it hasn’t been too much of an issue, and housing units continue to pop up and sell daily.

Within this Sector of Texas, you will see almost a 12% growth rate in the population, and this contribution to the communities has paid off in other ways by expanding and arming the workforce, providing a new sea of people that feeds into the Texas economy and just a bunch of different people diversifying the communities. Every unique individual brings their skills and talents to the community, and those things will serve the great state of Texas in more ways than one.

Fort Worth leads the pack with more than three cities on the ‘Fastest Growing City’ list in the US, and more than three cities are pushing the envelope on what it means to have developing metro areas and suburbs. The outskirts of the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington areas have been under significant development alongside every highway accessing the cities and towns outside the greater Texas metro area.

Numeric Population Growth in Fort Worth, Texas

Taking a closer look at how the population growth rate has changed in Fort Worth, Texas, gives perspective on how population change can affect a set metro area. Englewood’s trusted long-distance movers and other relocation companies have been transporting Colorodans down to the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington metro areas for a long time. Still, since the pandemic’s start, more and more have been considering, committing, and fleeing to the cities.

Fort Worth, Texas, has had the most considerable numeric population growth rate in 2022-2023. With a total increase of approximately 20,000 people, it is on track to double by 2030. There is an abundant amount of job opportunities, and this TX metro area has been rated as #2 in the United States if you are currently on the market in the job market. On that same token, there is an incredibly low unemployment rate.

Over 24 Fortune 500 companies are in Fort Worth, Texas, feeding into the economy and job pool. The cost of living is much lower than the national average, and keeping up with your general essentials and everyday necessities is relatively easy. The home prices are increasing in Fort Worth, Texas, but you still get big city living in a place that feels like a small town.

Downtown Fort Worth, Texas, is known for its festivities, restaurants, bars, galleries, and retail shops. People travel from all over the Dallas metro area and beyond to visit downtown Fort Worth, rich in history and alive with the community.

Last but not least, Fort Worth, Texas, is just like the rest of the state. There is a thriving and diverse community, and you will be exposed to all different walks of life and cultures because the metro area is so accessible to anyone interested in settling down there.

houston tx

houstonNew Residents in The Woodlands, Sugar Land, & Neighboring Towns Contribute to the Fastest-Growing City

People are heading into Houston, Texas, just as quickly. When relocating to Texas, there are three cities or three main metro areas to choose from – Houston, Dallas, and Austin. Texas is a sprawling state, so plenty of cities and towns between those areas are just as quickly accessible. Broomfield’s long-distance moving experts and specialists have often been traveling to one of these places but seem to be making deliveries to suburban areas just as much.

Houston, Texas, and the Woodlands-Sugar Land metro area have gained traction in popularity and have recently been deemed one of the fastest-growing cities by the US Census Bureau population division. Houston is a few houses South of the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, but it is easy to access the two cities through the gigantic, complex highway system bounding the state.

Census Bureau Findings on the City’s Population Growth Rate

Looking at the population growth rate is simple when you must adhere to overseeing agencies assisting with the data every fiscal year. The US Census Bureau’s population division is the leading enforcement agency tracking and releasing this data for public use. Houston, Texas, much like its Southern counterparts, has seen a ton of growth rate in a short amount of time.

From 2022-2023, Houston, Texas, has seen almost 100,000 residents move into the metro area. This has provided the city with an entirely new workforce, many new beautiful people, and increasing pressure to keep up with the housing unit growth and demand.

While housing prices and the cost of living in Houston remain relatively lower than the national marketplace, they also are lower than in Austin and Dallas. Therefore, there is an additional draw to the city’s population growth. Houston brings beautiful outdoor recreation opportunities, good food, a vibrant and diverse community, and the one thing everywhere in Texas is proud to display – southern hospitality!

Austin tx

Austin, Houston & San Antonio – Cities in the US that Texas Can Credit for Outdoor Recreation, Jobs in the Service Industries, and other Various Factors

If you are a Boulder native or current resident, the easiest way to explain Austin is by saying it is Texas’ Boulder. Boulder’s long-distance moving solutions have been commuting Colorodans out to Texas because of the benefits the state brings to those who seize them. Texas has continued to have some of the fastest-growing cities and towns because of all the good each environment can bring to communities and family units. Of course, everyone has their pick of which city’s population they will contribute to, but regardless, there is a little something for everyone.

In reviewing Denver vs. Austin vs. Raleigh: A Comparison, there are similarities and differences Dendrites are going to find even when heading down south to a completely different culture. Austin, Texas, brings eclectic, vibrant, and exciting elements of an inclusive community, accessible and prestigious higher education, various job opportunities in the service industry off 6th street, entertainment, hospitality, oil or gas, etc. – not to mention it one of the best cities for outdoor enthusiasts! While the housing units will cost a little more than in small towns in Texas, you gain the city feel with complete access to the great outdoors.

the Alamo San Antonio tx

san antonioSan Antonio, Texas, is just a short distance from Austin; both places are located in the hill country of Texas, providing plenty of opportunities to access outdoor living. San Antonio is known for the River Walk, its arts and music community, extending opportunities in the service industry, and larger corporations and the population growth has been astronomical over the past five years. San Antonio, Texas, is not a small town like Round Rock, Texas, but it indeed has a close-knit community. Once you settle into your neighborhood, you will get used to that Southern hospitality and charm that San Antonio and Texas are known for!

Relocating to H Town, Texas – one of America’s fastest-growing cities – is always a great option. Houston, Texas, is a mega city, and the percent increase of the population growth rate has named this place as one of the largest numeric population gains in the country, according to the US Census Bureau! Without reason, people are heading to HOU, Texas – the metro area has many positive attributes. The city has a relatively lower cost of living compared to what you see in CO and the rest of the country, a vibrant and growing creative community, affordable housing units, and a beautifully diverse community. Texas has been one of the most popular places to relocate to, and beyond these bigger cities, there are small towns and suburban areas that have seen growth rates as well.

  • The Dallas, Texas, metro area and suburbs extending in every direction continue to be a part of the fastest-growing cities in the country.
  • Three cities have become part of communities of over 50,000 people, including Rockwall, Texas; Wake Forest, North Carolina; and Eagle Mountain, Utah!
  • Two Texas cities have extended past 100,000 peopleConroe, Texas, and New Braunfels, Texas!

phoenix az-2

Phoenix, Arizona, is a Rising Star

Texas isn’t the only state with metro areas experiencing an influx of transplant residents. Arizona is one of the next on the list of the fastest-growing cities in the United States! Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, and other cities nearby have been displaying a serious rise in interest from neighboring states and even those heading in across the country. Phoenix, Arizona, has been rising for years, and it is officially on the fastest-growing city list per the US Census Bureau population division!

As a neighboring state to Colorado, it is easy to get to and allows residents to head back to their previous home state to visit whenever they like – Denver vs. Phoenix: A Comprehensive Comparison. Aside from the convenience factor, citizens from all over the country are heading to Arizona for a fresh start. The state capital, its metro areas, and smaller cities and towns have a whole lot to offer, and it is clear that people are ready to cash in!

arizonaMild Climate & Cool Atmosphere

Queen Creek Town in Arizona was once a place that wasn’t populated enough to be considered a legitimate town. Still, the population growth has been so significant in the past decade it is now a force to be reckoned with. What once was a place with only 26,000 people now has a current population of over 70,000 inhabitants, according to the US Census Bureau, with the median age of the population being under 18 – and this is a trend the rest of Arizona is set to follow.

The Grand Canyon State was initially a place weekend visitors were fond of, but over time, the beauty, community, and climate began to grow on those people and the rest of America, too! AZ provides numerous advances to residents’ lives, which may be one of the many reasons they have seen a significant percent increase in population. The current population of Arizona sits at approximately 7.2 million people, with the median age coming in at between 37 years.

You cannot beat the weather – AZ is known for its sunshine, warm climate, and generally mild weather conditions. The state is sunny year-round, so your plans will never be soiled by gloomy clouds and overcast conditions. Coloradans who have grown tired of the snow, dealing with seasonal depression or allergies, will find relief in Arizona, but watch out because the temperature can get very hot!

Economic Success in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler

The three cities – Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, and other cities and towns in Arizona- have seen a total percentage increase in population growth that matches their continued economic expansion! Through financial analysis of governing bodies and professional agencies, it has been determined that the economy has grown alongside the total population.

People are heading in from all across the states for the plethora of job opportunities, and the job growth rate is nearly double the rest of the Nation’s average. The government is one of the biggest employers in the state, but healthcare facilities are a significant choice, too. There are all sorts of industries to choose from, so if you are looking for a job or a change in career, Phoenix, Arizona, has something to offer!

Rapid Growth & Inexpensive Housing Unit Options

Being a part of one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States means providing residents with an affordable housing unit. Luckily, you can find a place to live no matter which metro area you are interested in, and the cost of living is relatively lower than what you will see in the Mile High City and across the rest of the country.

Maricopa County has Seen Extreme Growth in its Total Population

Maricopa County is a metro area that has seen growth similar to what Texas and other states have experienced. It is an extension of the rest of the state, which has seen the total population explode and over 56,000 residents pile into the area in 2022, with the median age only shifting by a year, at 36 years!

Low Cost in Housing Units, Year Round Warm Weather & Infinite Opportunity

Multiple factors may continue to influence people to relocate to Grand Canyon State, and it doesn’t seem they will stop traveling in that direction anytime soon…

  • The weather is excellent and sunny almost all the time.
  • The cost of living and housing unit pricing is reasonable and lower than the national average.
  • The economy is thriving, with a multitude of job options.
  • There is always something to do – are you seeing a pattern yet?

Philadelphia PA

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Population Change

The US Census Bureau has seen tremendous growth in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which may come as a surprise as it is not on trend with the rest of the Southern cities and towns. Still, it is difficult to deny them, as Philadelphia has also found a spot on the fastest-growing city list!

A significant portion of people flooding into Pennsylvania cities and towns are looking for the same hope as everyone else who is part of its current population. There is approximately a . 38% increase from 2021 within the Philadelphia metro area population – bringing the current population growth to over 5,785,000 residents.

jobs marketThe US Census Bureau Reports Job Opportunities & the Strong Economy is Enticing

Philadelphia metro area is growing as quickly as places like Texas, Florida, and North & South Carolina. It is known as a top-tier city and metro area for the following reasons:

  • Being a metro area that is rich in history, they are highly supportive of the music, arts, and creative culture scene. There is always a place to see local live music, catch an art show, or visit historic and scientific museums.
  • You can locate a housing unit easily, and it will be affordable, believe it or not – with the median sales price at $250,000.
  • Gen Z and those of a lower median age range are heading into the metro area to start their lives due to the accessibility of jobs and ease of living costs.
  • Philadelphia always has something to do, even in the small towns and suburbs. From good drinks to good food and the great outdoors – you can explore over 160 trails, historic landmarks, parks, and community gardens!

Relocations to Pennsylvania Remain Popular

Without stating the obvious, the Philly metro area has always been popular and a sought-after place to live. That popularity has grown alongside its counterparts and has pushed the envelope of what it means for modern living in a historical metro area!

orlando fl

The FL Metro Area Takes a Spot as One of the Fastest-Growing Cities in the US

The FL Metro area, Lucie City, Fort Myers, Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando, North Port, and other cities and towns in the Florida area have all made a name for themselves, smashing through the surface as another on the fastest-growing city list and the population remains on the rise.

The Orlando, Florida, metro area has seen almost a 20% increase in its population! The North Port & Lucie City metro area has seen nearly 17% growth in their cities’ current population. Jacksonville, FL metro area has experienced a 13% population growth, including small towns and suburbs nearby. The Tampa, Florida, metro area has also experienced a 13% increase in its population.

New Residents Pouring into Lucie City, Fort Myers & Spring Hill, Florida

The population growth within Florida cities like Jacksonville, Lucie City, Tampa, North Port, and other neighboring small towns and communities can be attributed to the factors we have seen in Texas, Philly, and other states previously discussed. The FL metro area, the Sunshine State, is often compared to California, but the two places differ significantly. Florida has seen exponential growth in its population versus California, which has experienced an influx of newbies; however, California has just as many people on the outbound.

low taxesGrowing Cities May be a Result of Lower Costs in Taxes

Relocating from Denver to Tampa, Florida, will be a major change in scenery. When traveling to Florida, you are heading across the country far away from your previous home and everything you have learned. The FL metro area has excellent tax advantages for families on a budget and retirees on a fixed income. The median age of those relocating to the FL metro area is 42 years – so it is not filled solely with those retiring because when there is no state income tax, it is hard not to pack up and head down to Florida!

disney worldVisiting Walt Disney World

People are not seeking out Castle Rock’s trusted long-distance movers solely to visit Disney World, but the attraction is a little more convincing when Florida has so many things to do. From Disney, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and the Everglades – the FL metro area has so many options; you will never get bored or complacent, and neither will your kiddos!

roller coaster

The Overall Population in Florida Knows Hot Summers

If you are considering a cross-country move to the FL metro area, you must be prepared for the heat and humidity. From Jacksonville, North Port, to St. Petersburg and Southwest Florida, the heat is endless and knows no bounds – but luckily, there are two coastlines to cool you off! The Florida summers are hot, hot, hot – and typically bring temperatures of 90 degrees Fahrenheit plus. The winters in Florida are easygoing and mild, with average temperatures anywhere from 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Percent Increase Due to Quality Health Care & Recreational Opportunities

The FL metro area population growth can be attributed to its high healthcare quality, beautiful beaches, and previous wildlife reserves. There is so much to do in Florida, always a place you have yet to explore, and when you have all of that at your disposal – it can feel like you are living in paradise almost every day; just watch out for hurricanes!

Affordable Housing Units and Expansive Job Opportunities

The FL metro area has gained traction beyond tourism due to its accessible and affordable housing units. The housing units in North Port also provide access to Blind Pass Beach and the Peninsula – that is just the cherry on top! With the population growth in Florida, they have had to keep up with the demand, and even with housing units in high demand in places like North Port and Jacksonville, Florida, they remain lower than the Nation’s average and what the majority of America’s population is subjected to!

Nowhere offers Southern Hospitality better than the Carolinas

North Carolina & South Carolina

We can’t leave out North Carolina and its southern sister, South Carolina – cities like Raleigh, Charlotte, and the Charleston metro area have seen exponential growth in their population – further adding to the lovely communities they have built. Brighton, Colorado long-distance moving has seen more and more Colorado and California residents head to the Carolinas for a taste of something different.

Total Population Increase and Benefits Similar to Other Cities in the US

The current population of South Carolina is an estimated 5.3 million, with a total increase of nearly 165,000 people from 2020. Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and Rocky Hill, South Carolina, are some of the most heavily populated cities in the state. North Carolina has seen a rise in population that beat out their Southern counterparts at 10,700,000 people settling into their state! Charlotte, Durham, Wake Forest, & Raleigh, North Carolina, are some of the most popular cities to live in!

charleston sc

Relocation to Charleston or Charlotte

Suppose you have already decided against Texas and Florida – but are currently considering South or North Carolina. In that case, it becomes the question of which cities are most suitable for your household. The Charlotte, North Carolina, metro area has been perpetually popular and has seen tremendous growth in its population over the past decade. This has contributed to the booming economy, beautiful community, and construction of housing units in Charlotte.

While it is considered a smaller metro area – the cost of living is low; there are many different neighborhoods to choose from, low unemployment rates, plenty of job opportunities, and educational options! The Charleston metro area is another well-liked city that has seen the population rise due to its low cost of living, inclusive neighborhoods, accessible housing units, bountiful job opportunities, etc. The final decision of which of the cities – Charleston, Raleigh, Charlotte, etc. – is best for your household is entirely up to you!

Utah Has Seen Their Total Population Rising

Utah, otherwise known as the Beehive State, has seen an increase in population, and the cities within have experienced the effects within their neighborhoods. Utah is known for its ethereal outdoor recreation, diverse terrain and scenery, cool winters, warm summers, and the flourishing job market!

salt lake city

Salt Lake City’s Population Growth Rate

When Discovering the Hidden Gems of Utah: Moving from Denver to Salt Lake City, there are endless places to explore in Utah. With the low cost of living, people are flying into the population and cities throughout Utah to make it their new home!

In 2022, the population in Utah grew by 1.25% – making their total population 3,380,800 people. The year prior, in 2021, Utah saw an increase in population of 1.68%. Over the past five years, the population has risen quickly, forming new communities within the cities and towns and bringing in a new workforce, fueling the state’s economy.

Other Cities That Made the List of the Most Populous Cities in the US

San Jose, California

San Diego, San Francisco, and many of the cities in California have also seen a fluctuation in their cities’ population. From those settling in San Jose, relocating to San Diego, or seeking moving to the Bay area tips – people are always interested in San Jose as it is the Silicon Valley of that region, boasting many career opportunities. The San Jose, California, metro area saw a population increase of .66% in 2022.

Nashville, Tennesee

Nashville, Tennesee, has been another little hot spot in the South, although it has always drawn music lovers for the rich history and opportunities Nashville brings. The metro area has seen an overall increase in its population by 1.62%, and it has been steadily rising since 2020. Nashville’s population growth has contributed to a more prosperous economy and new jobs; however, housing prices have increased, with the median home price at around $450,000.

Columbus City, Ohio

Long-distance moving in Arvada, CO, have been relocating clients to Ohio more often than in previous years, and they are not the only companies to have noticed. Residents from California, Oklahoma, Washington, and every corner of the country also choose Ohio. Perhaps because Columbus has boosted their economy with plentiful job options and a low cost of housing, renting, etc. Columbus, Ohio, metro area has seen an increase in population by 1.24% in 2022-2023.

Meridian City, Idaho

Idaho is not just known for its potatoes; Idaho is also known for its affordable cost of living, safety, friendly neighbors, prosperous economy, and being a tax-friendly state. The Meridian City, Idaho, metro area has seen a significant increase in its population over the past decade. In 2022 alone, Meridian City, Idaho, saw a rise in its population by 5.21%! Perhaps not something you would expect from Idaho, but Americans are gaining interest daily.

Seattle wa

Seattle, Washington

Understanding a place before you choose to relocate is critical – Denver to Seattle: A Moving Guide or Washington: The Ultimate Move Guide are both available to know how Seattle ended up on the map as one of the fastest-growing cities and how the population growth has impacted their community.

Every metro area has its vibe, personality, pros, and cons, and you cannot correctly evaluate these growing cities without being immersed in their culture. Seattle and Portland are known for being a part of the Pacific Northwest – Moving from Denver to Portland Guide – but you have to weigh the pros and cons of heading to Seattle.

Boston, Massachusetts

If you are considering relocating from Denver to Boston, you are one of many planning on doing so. The Boston metro area is a historic place, a diverse community, good food, fun people, and a solid job market. It brings tons of benefits to the table, just like many of the cities across America, but Boston’s population has grown by .39% in 2022-2023.

Leaving Denver for a Cross-Country Move to a Fastest Growing City in the US Here are Our Tips

Securing professional packing services in Denver makes sense when searching for legitimate and reliable relocation companies, even if you are just searching for local moving solutions in Denver, Lakewood, Boulder, or anywhere in the CO metro area. Before you leave for your dream metro area, wherever it may be, there are a few tips you may want to adhere to.

checklistCreate a Moving Checklist

You cannot always carry around The Bible of moving tips with you. Still, if you are wondering about Denver Moving Group, they offer fully customized relocation solutions, premium packing, and secured storage solutions by Denver Moving Group.

Before your movers arrive, create a tangible checklist that can help guide you through the entire process – whether going to Dallas, Texas, or San Diego, California – otherwise, long-distance moves can feel overwhelming. Focusing on one task at a time will help you get through everything there is to do, and when you have a professional company beside you, there is nothing you can’t get through!

packing boxMake Plans in Advance

If you are a procrastinator, preparing and reading through some of our Summer moving tips is best. You must be fully prepared and know how to pack for a long-distance move to prep for your big day! You don’t want to begin procedures a few days before the move. If you are going to integrate yourself into a new population of people, you better be ready for the transition; a significant part of that is completing things in advance.

You can continue taking things one step at a time because you may feel overwhelmed if you try to take everything on at once. The more time you have on your hands, the more energy you can put into things – plus, you will know what to do if your mover cancels! Suppose you prefer to leave everything until your move date. In that case, you better have a reliable company like Denver Moving Group to pack, load, and transport household goods to your final destination.

estimateGet Multiple Moving Quotes

When evaluating different cities and a potential new metro area to relocate to, you are likely reviewing all the details with a fine-toothed comb. You have to treat the transit process precisely the same. Moving to Denver: Expectations Vs. Reality evaluates the sticky situations clients can find themselves in when they do not understand the difference between moving brokers vs. moving companies. Vet the businesses you are speaking to, but be sure you gain multiple moving quotes. This allows you a larger pool for comparison so that you end up with a company that is just right for you and your family!

hiring moversSecure a Local, Reliable Mover in Denver, Colorado

Denver Moving Group is Colorado’s go-to relocation professional, providing local, long-distance, and interstate transit options alongside their packing and storage solutions. Becoming a new member of new cities and its population and experiencing the transition into a brand new metro area is a significant life event – whether the final destination is in North Port, Spring Hill, or San Diego. A local, licensed relocation company provides peace of mind, comfort, and security throughout all those changes.

Contact Denver moving experts at Denver Moving Group to gain your free in-home, over-the-phone, or virtual relocation estimate and complete consultation. Heading across the country doesn’t have to be stressful; when you have a crew of reputable movers on your side, you can glide into this new chapter of your life stress-free, with comfort and ease!


Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs with long-distance moving companies in Denver allow clients to ask detailed questions about cities in the United States. Whether you have two cities on your lineup or ten, the more questions that you ask and the more research you hold yourself accountable to, the easier it is to make an informed decision whether you are seeking out Aurora’s premiere long-distance moving services or you are a bit further North, hoping to locate Fort Collins long-distance moving solutionsDenver Moving Group has you covered. These are questions customers tend to ask.

citiesWhat cities in the US are people leaving?

Discover the Ten Worst Places to Live in the USA (2020-2021), and you may be pretty surprised how much that has changed. Illinois is a hot spot people are choosing to leave, and while many Illinois residents stay true to their roots – others just cannot keep up with the housing unit growth and living costs. If you choose to relocate, moving from Denver to Chicago insights is essential before you go to Illinois on a whim. This is a common thread you see in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, even relocating down into the Mile High City itself – Denver residents are seeing large apartment buildings pop up all over the city with no one to fill them. The cost of housing has yet to slow its roll.

New York hasn’t seen many new residents overall, and their population growth rate runs a thin line against others on the East Coast – apologies if you were hoping to get a free quote for moving to New Jersey. Indiana has seen people running out of state due to the low wages workers were subjected to and the accessibility in neighboring states of better opportunities. Wisconsin has seen a similar decline, which they would like to blame on the pandemic. Still, their high tax rates and lack of inclusivity may have more impact – similar to what Illinois has seen in recent years.

texasWhy is Texas the fastest-growing state in the US?

Why everyone is moving to Texas has long been on people’s minds, but the TX metro area doesn’t have to second guess why their major cities have grown more and more popular recently. Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, San Antonio, Houston, and Austin, Texas, have all seen a rise in interest. Southern states and places neighboring or nearby, like Oklahoma, Tennessee, Georgia, and the Carolinas, have all been frequented by transplants. While not everyone in the South is open to the idea of something new, these residents are helping drive the economy forward.

Overall, the cost of living is relatively affordable, there is always a job on the market no matter what industry you are in, outdoor recreation is just about everywhere, and they have some of the best higher education opportunities in the country. If you haven’t already considered Texas, now may be the time to re-evaluate and get together your essentials packing supplies guide and prep to make your way down to Austin, San Antonio, Houston, or Dallas, Texas!

house for saleWhere are the lowest housing unit costs?

From the testimonies from our long-distance moving clients and overall consensus through first-time and seasoned home buyers across the country, there are many places across the country to access reasonable and affordable housing. Unfortunately, Denver is not one of those places, which is one of the main reasons people are choosing to head out of the city into neighboring suburbs and even make the trek of a cross-country move.

You can find accessible housing in Michigan, Texas, Ohio, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Maryland – although you may want some tips for moving to Maryland from Colorado because this all depends on the city and county you visit. There are plenty of places you can find cheap housing. Still, there are several factors households consider when choosing to relocate and purchase a home, and likely, the costs are not always leading the pack unless they directly affect their ability to live their daily lives.

rising economyWho has the most lively economy?

As you reach for a guide to moving to Los Angeles, hoping to discover a new life and fresh chapter because of all the opportunities and thriving economy, you will have to do a double take. California has a strong economy, but they are not on the front lines in terms of success. Denver Moving Group’s blog likes to detail changes they see across the country for clients pondering what is best for their new lives; this way, they have several factors to consider before making any bold decisions…

  1. Washington
  2. Utah
  3. Massachusetts
  4. Colorado
  5. California

Economic analysis shows that many states took a hit following the pandemic. Still, as we move past 2023 into 2024, we will likely see more movement and migration changes following economic shifts and opportunities. There are many things to consider when moving across the country to a new state, but if you are choosing to start fresh, so long as you have the right relocation crew behind you – you are certainly going in the right direction!

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John Brikertalli

John is a mover since he can't remember when. As a son to a family of movers, John has experience in all moving aspects. Contact us and ask John about your next move.

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