which is a better place to move? longmont vs lakewood colorado

The Tale of Two Thoroughly Loved Cities: Living in Longmont, Colorado or Lakewood Right for You?

Exploring the Popular Communities in the Denver Metro Area

Living near the Rocky Mountains and having continual access to the great outdoors throughout Colorado is one of the state’s most remarkable gifts residents cherish.

However, deciding where you will stay planted is another story entirely.

There are many options for living in the downtown area alone, neighboring suburbs, foothills, and further up into the hills!

Before you search for local movers in Denver or across the Front Range, narrowing down the details of where you will choose to move your family next is critical because as the city continues to grow and change, so do the towns within the Centennial State.

Finding the Right Place to Suit Your Family

Downtown Denver will always ebb and flow in population.

Still, Colorado natives and permanent residents in the area have begun to look outside of the city limits in attempts to find a new place to land.

While there is always something going on in Denver from events to art shows, highly rated bars and restaurants, etc. – you don’t have to wander too far away from the central parts of the city to find a place suitable for your lifestyle and household.

It is okay to expect more out of life, and while homes for sale seem to be few and far between, taking a chance and hiring a moving company in Colorado, packing up, and moving your family to a new place can really pay off.

Lakewood and Longmont are two prominent places on the outskirts of Denver, offering a shared closeness to the downtown area, the Rocky Mountains, and a new chapter for those who choose to follow through with a relocation project!

longmont co
Longmont CO is about 45 minutes north of Denver

Living Your Life in Longmont – Weld & Boulder County

Within Boulder County is a quaint but rather large suburban neighborhood; Longmont has a population of almost 100,000 people.

Longmont is located north of Denver, but it is only about a 45-minute drive back into town or to Denver International Airport, and it is just 50 minutes from Fort Collins.

While it was not previously known as the most popular of cities in the metro area, the community has continued to grow over the past decade.

It has quickly become one of the most affordable options for those looking to get out of Denver and those considering relocating to Boulder without the Boulder price points.

Movers and packers in Colorado are transporting more residents to the Longmont area as it is a great place to live and offers a beautiful community of people, gorgeous views, and incredible brews!

farmers market
Longmont CO plays host to a wide variety of farmers markets during the summer.

You’re Much Closer to the Foothills in Longmont

Becoming a part of Boulder County has its own fair share of moving stories because people are traveling into foothills territory and grabbing onto some amazing things and even more excellent scenery.

Sitting a little under a mile high above sea level, Longmont is 4,979 feet, offering entrance to thousands of acres of parks and open spaces.

Outdoor recreation is of immense importance to most Coloradans, and is close to Rocky Mountain National Park and St. Vrain.

You will have the ability to hit the trails for a day of hiking, biking, skiing, or snowboarding – depending on how you like to spend time outdoors; in Longmont, you can explore new hobbies and undertakings, even take up rock climbing if you are feeling up for it!

Pro tip: get to know Left Hand is a tribal leader of none other than the Southern Arapaho Indians and remains a big part of businesses, breweries, schools, and more.

While the local moving companies may not know who you are talking about, once you have settled within the St. Vrain Valley in Longmont, you will get used to all the quirks and hidden details you weren’t familiar with beforehand, and that is the magic of moving!

There’s Plenty of Community Events & Live Music in the Creative District

Longmont is a city well-known for its tractor pulls during the Fall months, Farmers Markets in the Summer, and food trucks all year round – not to mention the residents’ love for a good beer garden!

Being located on the edge of Boulder entails immense exposure to events, unique happy hour experiences, and live music opportunities.

The creative district of Longmont will have you calling over professional packers and movers today!

Downtown Longmont is historic, but upgrades have been made to better suit modern residents and their needs with retail, dining, arts, and music venues.

longmont public school
Colorado in general boasts some of the finest public schools in the country and Longmont schools are a prime example

Along with the rest of Colorado, Longmont Public Schools remains a priority for families living there and aspiring students hoping to gain a quality education.

Longmont schools and parks are among the major employers in the area, and those within the community love them.

St. Vrain Montessori School is within the top 50 schools in Colorado alongside Niwot, and Niwot High School is within the top 20!

When you are bringing on a moving and storage to get to Longmont, checking out the schools beforehand will give you a good idea of the city’s values and how education is prioritized within the community.

Job Opportunities are Growing Near Longs Peak

Before moving out of the place you call home, securing a job or moving to a new position is easily feasible in Longmont.

Longmont, named after Longs Peak, has been ramping up its economy and diversifying its portfolio!

Personal career advancement and business growth are significant factors for Colorado families, and ensuring that you are moving into a city with valid options for living is essential.

Before starting with professional moving services, here are the basic facts:

  • The job market in Longmont is steadily increasing and has recently risen by almost 3%.
  • Job growth will continue and is sitting at about 45%.
  • The Federal Aviation Administration, Healthcare, architecture, and engineering are some of the major players.
  • Unemployment rates sit below 6%.

Access to Great Healthcare at Longmont United Hospital

Healthcare is just another necessity of life, and in Longmont, you are afforded some of the most affordable movers and medical care options in Colorado!

Longmont United Hospital has been in operation for over 60 years, and while it provides hundreds of jobs, it also offers Longmont families the following:

  • Emergency Room
  • Heart and Vascular Care
  • Radiology and General Imaging Services
  • Joint and Spine Specialists
  • Birthing
  • Cancer Center
  • Outpatient and ongoing Therapy
  • Wound Care and so much more!
longmont house
The Denver CO real estate market is squeezing out many buyers, leaving towns like Longmont looking much more desireable!

Obtain an Affordable Cost of Living in Longmont

Looking at any city means taking on the cost of living with the stunning views of Longs Peak.

Even when you are exiting or leaving something behind – you are moving into a place that offers more comfortable options.

The city of Longmont has a relatively competitive housing market compared to what the rest of the state and country are dealing with, and most homes for sale will receive more than one offer on the house before purchase.

Local and cross-country moving companies have seen the ups and downs of the housing market impact their industry, but the cost of a home in Longmont is one of the more significant parts of the community!

The average selling price of a home in Longmont is about $555,000, and the typical cost of a one-bedroom apartment runs from $1,850!

Lakewood co
Lakewood CO is located in the Greater Denver Area

Living in Lakewood, Colorado, is a Dream

Longmont is a city that offers gorgeous weather, a view of Longs Peak and the Rockies, and plenty of options for outdoor recreation, but another place on the rise within Colorado is Littleton!

Just off the South Platte River, Lakewood is located Southwest of Denver and neighbors other suburban neighborhoods – Greenwood Village, Highlands Ranch, and Lone Tree.

Being only 31 miles from Denver International Airport and 70 miles to Estes Park, Lakewood is a part of the lovely Jefferson County!

Living in Lakewood is very different than staying in the city of Denver or Longmont.

However, it provides a chance to get outside of city life while still maintaining all the usual amenities associated.

Moving to Lakewood, Colorado, entails a little help from relocation professionals, but when you are headed to a place that embraces Earth Day, has solid public schools, loves the arts, and prioritizes its residences – how can you go wrong?

red rocks amphitheater
The spectacular Red Rocks Amphitheater is located just outside Lakewood CO

Easy Access to Morrison and Red Rocks Amphitheater

The South Platte River is not the only outdoor activity in Lakewood, Colorado, because it is ideally located between the city of Denver and the mountain town of Morrison, making Red Rocks a quick and convenient trip.

Lakewood is also accompanied by over 100 parks and 200 miles of trails in the area, so hiking and biking are commonplace and can be enjoyed in Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall – so long the weather stays sunny!

If you are considering hiring a moving company to relocate to Lakewood, visiting places like Bear Creek Lake and Green Mountain are just in your backyard, which can quickly become a part of your everyday routine.

Green Mountain Offers Many Outdoor Activities

Green Mountain is to Lakewood as Longs Peak is to Longmont, and it has become a staple in the community and a place full of lovely trails, art walks, and over 2,000 acres of open space.

Considering local moves? Trekking to Lakewood for those in love with the outdoors is great fun!

Rocky Mountain National Park Isn’t Too Far Away

Lakewood is only about 69 miles from Rocky Mountain National Park and the hundreds of miles of trails, lakes, and camping on the land.

Leave all of your moving questions and worries behind with the wonders associated with the park!

mexican restaurant
There’s a cuisine for every palate in the eateries of Lakewood CO

Experience Great Restaurants and Stunning Views

The city of Lakewood is where people from all across Colorado visit to experience world-class restaurants, bars, music and arts, and other events.

Foodies love Lakewood because you can head out to dinner in the city and pick from just about any cuisine, from Mexican and Seafood to gastropubs and BBQ!

Enlisting the best moving companies is the only option when moving to Lakewood, Colorado, but don’t forget to check out Teller’s Taproom and Kitchen, Tstreet, or the Farmhouse Thai once you are moved in.

Residents Love Jefferson County Schools

Out of all the information and advice you can receive from others who have moved throughout Colorado, one of the most incredible moving tips is to check out the schools before you get there.

Lakewood has incredible options for public schools, private schools, and alternative settings for your little ones or teenage children.

Beyond that, you have multiple universities in Lakewood and Denver:

  • Colorado Christian University
  • Red Rocks Community
  • University of Denver
  • University of Colorado Boulder
  • Metropolitan State University of Denver

Single Family Homes are Attainable, Although Still Higher Than the National Average

Locating reasonably priced housing is challenging to do in the city and throughout the state of Colorado.

While housing remains above the national average, Lakewood offers a bit of a refuge from draining your bank account on the first of the month.

Gather your packing supplies and get ready to move because a single-family home costs around $560,000, which is down from the previous year.

The general cost of a one-bedroom apartment is about $1,900!

jobs market
In Lakewood CO, there are roles to be attained in a myriad of jobs sectors

Major Employers are Hiring in Lakewood, Colorado

You can’t lock down reliable housing unless you have a job to afford the place!

The city of Lakewood has a booming job market that will only continue to create positions in education, government, and banking, among other things.

If you are looking for a change from your current position or are hoping to increase your current salary – Lakewood is the place to be.

On your journey, request multiple moving estimates and verify your moving company before the big day to avoid moving brokers posing as legitimate businesses.

movers in denver co
Ready to make the big move? Call Denver Moving Group today and lets get your relocation started!

Find the Next Great Place to Live in Colorado

Lakewood versus Longmont is not an easy feat to analyze by yourself.

Sometimes, it takes going out for a happy hour in downtown Longmont or walking through Lakewood parks and events spaces.

Still, either way – both are located within range of Denver, provide easy entry to the mountains, and uphold the same ideals as the rest of the state; they cater to different personalities.

Securing legitimate Denver movers is critical as you are planning your relocation journey because, without professionals, the stressors of your move can get in the way of your ability to settle into your new location.

Don’t Make Your Move Without the Help of Local Moving Professionals

Denver Moving Group is a fully licensed, local moving company in the Denver area, servicing customers heading to Longmont, Lakewood, or anywhere throughout Colorado.

Our relocation specialists offer complimentary moving quotes for all local, long-distance, and cross-country moves.

If you hope to get your household to Lakewood or Longmont, contact our moving team to satisfy all your moving needs!

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