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Why Move to Albuquerque, NM? Unpacking the Allure of the Duke City

Relocation is one process in life that almost every Colorado resident and United States citizen will experience at one point or another in their lives.

While it is not always easy to gather your furniture, household belongings, packing supplies, and all the necessary resources to meet all your moving needs – sometimes some benefits outweigh the cost to move, even when you aren’t looking at it through a financial lens. 

Albuquerque Movers and Denver Moving Services have seen an increase in customers choosing New Mexico as their new place of residence and a safe space for families to land!

Albuquerque nm

abqA Blend of Cultures: Dive into Albuquerque’s Rich Tapestry

If you are anticipating an upcoming move date and are wondering what New Mexico has to offer, you cannot get much better than the diversity throughout the state.

Long-distance moving can be challenging whether you are in the office or residential moving process.

Still, either way, the moving services required for your interstate migration will bring you to a place with a rich history and an inclusive community.

Albuquerque, NM, is a place unlike any other across the United States. Albuquerque moving means relocation at its finest because you are heading into unknown territory and a unique cultural mosaic!

While the moving industry is used to transporting belongings and furniture across the interstate in modern times, New Mexico offers a distinctive community because of its historic culture and roots.

There are over 29 ethnicities represented and the diversity present in New Mexico is a large part of what makes the state what it is today, and that is both upheld and preserved, as an example and means of celebration.

moving company
You and your family will be saturated for choice with movers. Finding the right ones will be crucial to you and your belongings

hiring moversMake Your Relocation Process Worthwhile

Locating a rental truck and hitting the Colorado highway headed South to Albuquerque, NM, seems easy, or one may think – if you have never sourced a moving company in your neighborhood to get you to your next stop.

While many people choose to travel to New Mexico for the year-round festivities, Albuquerque moving companies and various moving company professionals have begun to notice the impact New Mexico makes on transplants because of all the fun to be had in the traditions the culture has cherished and persisted.

Moving industry insights have shown that when you hire a dependable mover to help you through the process, getting there is only half of the battle – but the rest is relocation, moving pains, and settling. When you move from Denver, CO, there is so much to be seen…

  • International Balloon Fiesta, Albuquerque, NM, is prevailed by this hot air balloon festival where thousands of balloons gather at dusk and all take off at sunrise. It is quite the site to see and is accompanied by local food, retailers, and artists to explore!
  • Gathering of Nations Powwow, is one of the largest Native gatherings in the country. It is filled with food, fun, music, arts, and performances celebrating Native traditions and raising money to support those traditions and student scholarships.
  • Roswell UFO Festival, relocation, and residential moving to New Mexico means finding a community different from what you had in Colorado. However, be careful not to make a long-distance move into outer space. Albuquerque, NM, is known for its frequent UFO sightings; they have created an entire festival around it!
  • Hatch Chile Festival, you may already know what it is like to be in the car; notice a Hatch green chili stand on the side of the road in Aurora, Colorado, then you have to rush to pull over and load up the car so you are stocked for the Fall and Winter months. The moving truck will drop you off in just the right place because in Albuquerque, NM, you never have to worry about locating good green chili again – and the reviews are fantastic!

Albuquerque nm house traditional style

affordableAffordability Meets Quality of Life: Your Wallet Will Thank You

Albuquerque moving companies and Aurora moving services have seen more and more Denver, Colorado customers and residents relocating out of state due to the rising cost of living.

While it is challenging to leave Colorado, it is easy when you have the best moving company, Denver Moving Group, at your side because when you arrive, you will be greeted by reasonable housing prices and a cost of living that remains lower than the national average.

In Albuquerque, NM, the typical home price is $320,000 – this sits nearly $250,000 less than the median cost to purchase a home in Denver, CO.

This allows those from Denver, more wiggle room in their budget for professional movers, and it also means they have a chance to upgrade their lifestyle with the added layer of security for their family.

researching movers

denver moving group logoWhat Moving Companies in Denver, CO, Have Experienced

Denver customers and homeowners interested in a professional moving service and legitimately licensed movers are certainly in luck with the Denver Moving Group!

While movers cost money due to labor, gas, and the volume or weight accessed on the moving truck, they also provide safe and stress-free solutions for easy relocation!

But, be wary of broker companies; always check with the Better Business Bureau before hiring movers, and check out the differences in Moving brokers vs. companies!

rio grande rafting

sandia mountainsNature’s Playground: From Sandia Mountains to the Rio Grande

Sure, there are plenty of cities across the United States for moving, but relocating to a new place brings questions about what you have in store for scenery.

Colorado is hard to beat, with the beauty of the Rocky Mountains, a local centerpiece, sand dunes, rivers, lakes, and trails galore. Long-distance moving services don’t have to be something you always deem permanent, but your next move date has likely dissipated when you are heading into Albuquerque, NM.

moversAlbuquerque moving companies and professional movers across America know the greatness that NM has to offer.

There is a change in the landscape you have access to from what you are accustomed to in Colorado; there are endless opportunities for exploration! Albuquerque Moving offers the following:

  • Hiking, biking, running, swimming, boating, paddle boarding, skiing, snowboarding, and much more!
  • Albuquerque offers a stunning desert landscape, but there are plenty of watering holes and hills, too!
  • Rio Grande Nature Center, Petroglyph National Monument, Cibola National Forest, La Luz trail, over 20 national parks within Albuquerque to explore, and many others nearby!
life in albuquerque
Life in Albuquerque means a brand new start and a better, more affordable future for your family!

moversAlbuquerque Moving Means Moving Into Your Future

Locating a licensed and experienced Arvada moving company is the last step in your long-distance moving journey.

Leaving Denver for Albuquerque is a significant decision. Still, it is difficult to say no when you have the right mover and moving company to help safely get you, your family, your furniture, and your household belongings there.

Questions will always lurk around moving services and any relocating because they post significant changes to your life, but the reviews are in; Albuquerque, NM, is the place to be!

arts scene culture

theatreA Thriving Arts Scene: Creativity in Every Corner

New Mexico is an excellent example of a community of people who have come together, despite their differences, and chosen to celebrate what makes them different and what they can relate to.

Albuquerque moving and Albuquerque movers may seem foreign to Colorado residents, but once you step foot in your new neighborhood, the move from Denver will seem like a breeze.

One of the things that makes the world more exciting is art, local art professionals, art shows, local musicians, etc. The arts and performances are often events that bring people together.

museumSupport local, Live Local, and Source Moving Services that Remain Stress-Free

  • Albuquerque is considered one of the largest arts communities in the United States – yes, they have Colorado beat.
  • Access to world-class museums, galleries, and theaters showcasing local professionals and international talent exists.
  • You will find epic street art throughout downtown and the suburbs of Albuquerque, livening up the neighborhoods and bringing culture to the community.

moversLocally Owned Art Businesses in Albuquerque & Santa Fe You Just Can’t-Miss

Are you looking for a comprehensive moving guide to Albuquerque moving? Denver Moving Group are leaders in Denver, CO, & Albuquerque moving alike.

From Englewood, Aurora, Boulder, & Golden, Denver Moving Group provides licensed and insured moving services to make relocating more accessible for customers!

The cost to move will never compare to the beautiful, creative, artistic endeavors you will experience, and moving companies in Brighton can help you get there.

New Mexico cuisine

cuisineA Food Lover’s Paradise: Savor the Flavors of New Mexico

Suppose you haven’t found a reliable moving company to get you from Colorado to New Mexico. In that case, you may consider a rental truck when you hear about the cuisine because you can live a foodie’s dream!

chiliMoving away from Denver, CO, means leaving behind things you are used to, but it also means reigning in everything Albuquerque moving has in store for you…

  • The food in NM echos its strong roots in Hispanic and Native influence, and no matter which corner you turn, you will find a local spot with New Mexican cuisine!
  • Colorado is already known for putting green chili on everything, and Albuquerque incorporates red chili too!
  • The food service industry and food service professionals are undoubtedly the backbone of New Mexico’s preservation of traditions because, just as art does, food brings people together!
  • Beverages have made their mark, too, with a burgeoning craft beer scene and award-winning wineries present in Albuquerque and growing throughout NM.

food truckThe Moving Truck Transports You to the Best Food Trucks

Colorado moving companies and Castle Rock professional movers are a surefire way to get yourself, your family, and your furniture relocated to Albuquerque safe and sound.

You don’t have to worry about relocation logistics when you hire movers to support you through the moving, packing, and storage procedures. You can start researching all the great local food spots you will eat once you get there!

university life new mexico

educationEducation and Opportunities: Grow and Thrive in Albuquerque

Before you begin researching and interviewing moving companies, if you have school-aged children or are interested in continued education services, looking into educational opportunities before finalizing relocation details is often essential.

Moving comes with many details, so hiring the best moving company in your area benefits your overall moving services and mental and emotional well-being. Denver, CO, has plenty of local and state educational opportunities, and the reviews of the general education system at work are positive.

studentStill, Albuquerque moving offers even more options to choose from…

  • There are over 175 schools in Albuquerque for primary and secondary schools.
  • The majority of students test above proficient in reading and math!
  • You have renowned institutions like the University of New Mexico and the Central New Mexico Community College in your backyard.
  • Albuquerque students have seemed to set out on their path with innovative and creative businesses and tech start-up companies.

teacherAccess to Expertly Trained Teaching is Worth the Long-Distance Journey

A major relocation out of state can feel unsteady when you aren’t sure how the local schools and educational opportunities will work for you or your family members.

New Mexico school reviews have proved that education is valued and continued trade and educational opportunities are accessible to everyone, supporting the state’s morale.

The cost to move is not always financial. Colorado residents understand and uphold the importance of education in their lives, which can be easily continued when hiring a full-service moving company in Boulder.

Denver and Broomfield cross-country movers ensure your moving experience is smooth, seamless, and comfortable – no matter how near or far! Preparing for your move from Denver, CO, to New Mexico? Make sure you have all your essential packing supplies!

sunSunny Days Ahead: Enjoy Over 300 Days of Sunshine

You will have to get used to the weather in Albuquerque because it is quite the opposite of Denver, CO, just not quite as close to the sun. New Mexico gives you all four seasons, but the winters aren’t quite as harsh and tend to be mild in temperature.


skiA Move from Denver, CO, to Albuquerque, NM: The Forecast Change

Albuquerque movers and long-distance moving companies in Centennial are toting people down to New Mexico more frequently, and the weather is only one part of the forecast.

You still receive Winters in NM, and you have access to mountains for skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, etc. Winter, fall, spring, or summer – here are some Summer moving tips to finish off the end of the season!

family needsA Friendly Community Spirit: Where Neighbors Become Friends

When heading to a new place, finding solace in those around you is nice – some you have known for a long time and others you may have yet to meet.

In Albuquerque, you will have access to some of the best neighbors you will ever have. The warmth and overwhelming hospitality of Albuquerque residents and the preservation of culture and history are something to cherish.

moving pets

family needsLong-Distance Moving into New Mexico – Nice Neighborhoods & Beautiful People

Englewood moving and storage companies are becoming accustomed to providing service down to NM. If you have a truckload of things, a family in tote, or are you going through the moving process with furry friends? Here is our guide to relocating with pets!

sustainabilitySustainability and Growth: A City with a Vision for the Future

Looking towards the future, Albuquerque, like many American cities, has focused its efforts on creating a green community and sustainable city for the current residents and generations to come.

This doesn’t come easy and requires continuous energy from everyone apart of those communities to ensure these efforts are pushed forward.

communityA Community That Takes Extra Care of New Mexico Cities

Albuquerque has committed to all of the following, ensuring a brighter future for NM

  • Investing in public transit and more walkable communities.
  • Installation of accessible electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Reduction in energy use.
  • Renewable energy features in new construction and existing.
  • Reduction in potable water through energy-efficient fixtures.
  • New recycling program to decrease landfill materials.

spanish empireHistory and Heritage: Walk Through Time in the Old Town

This culminates in Old Town Albuquerque, the historic downtown area where you can sense, taste, and smell the history that realms the area.

Taking a stroll down these ten blocks will give you an insight into why this town is so special, the ideals and morals the community backs, and the culture coursing through its every cross street!

how much for movers
Your relocation costs will depend on how big a home you’re moving from

How much do movers cost from Denver to Albuquerque?

Trying to calculate – how much does it cost for long-distance moving experts and storage near you? If you are trying to get to Albuquerque, you have more than just the basic cost summary to configure.

Each moving company’s final most cost invoice will vary, and that is why requesting multiple estimates from multiple moving companies gives you an advantage and the ability to compare companies next to your moving budget.

studioStudio to One Bedroom

The average cost to get to Albuquerque with a legitimate moving company is $1,490-$2,950. This includes everything that is a part of the agreed moving service – from the initial load, disassembly, transport, handling fees, offloading, reassembly, basic moving coverage, etc.

Remember that almost every moving and storage company calculates move costs by evaluating the volume or weight of the inventory, distance traveled, and fuel charges. Your moving service estimate should outline all the details for your review! Not sure how to get started on the packing services?

Check out our Long-distance packing guide.

small houseTwo to Three Bedroom

The more stuff you have to move, the more space you take up on the moving truck and, therefore, the higher the cost of those moving services, labor, and necessary supplies. The average cost of a two and three-bedroom apartment with a moving company in Parker is approximately $2,400-$4,950.

When heading to Albuquerque, you have specialty or bulky items like pool tables, pianos, etc. These may change the total cost of your moving services just as all additional services – packing, storage, stairs, elevators, long-carry charges, etc.

Be sure that you review all additional costs with your moving company before the big day comes!

big houseFour to Five Bedroom

Moving to Albuquerque from a single-family home or a four to five-bedroom condo will run you anywhere from $3,950 to $8,950. Long-distance movers near Colorado Springs can provide all the bells and whistles; after all, they are there to offer elite service, load your items, pack, provide storage if needed, offload, unpack, etc.

Moving companies are there to make your relocation to Albuquerque everything you could have ever dreamt of and more!

cross country movers with proven recordMoving Truck Rental

Many like to forego moving companies and do things their way – DIY moving. When renting your truck to relocate to Albuquerque, you will likely pay anywhere from $790 to $1,106.

This does not include all the comforts that moving companies bring – fuel, labor, packing, packing materials & supplies, furniture padding and protection, insurance, etc.

Movers may seem like a luxury when you are headed to Albuquerque, but you can spend more without proper guidance. Choosing the best movers is easy with Denver Moving Group; you are guaranteed licensed and trained movers, access to elite packing services & supplies, storage options, and secure transit!

professional movers
Professional movers can offer advice on a great many aspects of your move, such as prioritising packing!

Contact Professional Movers to Guide You Through the Moving Process

Evaluating and picking through moving companies doesn’t need to be frustrating. Contact Denver movers with the Denver Moving Group to help guide and support you through the Albuquerque relocation services.

Denver Moving Group is a locally owned Colorado company licensed with the DOT and Better Business Bureau – specializing in local, long-distance, and cross-country moving solutions. Our movers provide professional packing services and secure storage solutions!

difficultThe Moving Industry Doesn’t Have to Be Hard to Navigate

Hiring movers to get you to Albuquerque should be an exciting time, and you need a local, experienced moving company to uplift you through the process.

Moving companies and the jargon associated with your estimates can sometimes be confusing, but when you are preparing for an upcoming relocation to Albuquerque or anywhere across the states, understanding your moving cost, feeling comfortable with your moving company, and confident with your final destination are some of the only things that truly matter.

moving company quotesGet Your Free Moving Quote from the Best Moving Company in Denver, CO

Interested in learning more? Please get to know a bit more about Denver Moving Group and allow us to get to know more about you!

The Denver Moving Group provides a free moving quote, with in-home, over-the-phone, or virtual options available, to outline the cost of your moving services.

So what are you waiting for? Contact our movers today for your estimate and get moving into the next chapter of your life in Albuquerque, New Mexico!

No doubt you have a million questions racing through your mind. We’ll try and tackle the leading concerns!

Moving from Denver to Albuquerque Questions

good place to liveIs Albuquerque a good place to move to?

One of the most common moving questions is often associated with the chosen state. While that can only be determined by the person and family choosing to commit to the moving process – Albuquerque, New Mexico, is a fabulous place to call home!

Albuquerque movers have seen people from Denver and all over the country request movers services to relocate to Albuquerque!

They offer reasonable housing and living costs, plenty of job options, solid education access, a great outdoor playground, tight-knit communities with a deep culture, and much more than you could ever imagine!

high quality of lifeWhat is the quality of life in Albuquerque?

Albuquerque moving has become so popular even Fort Collins movers are noticing the migration patterns.

Moving companies are trekking down there more often than in previous years, and while it used to be a hot spot for veterans and the older population to retire, the state’s beauty has been noticed by those of all ages.

The community makes a place feel like home, and while there are all these additional benefits that one can reap, those relationships and bonds they can make will last them a lifetime and allow them means of support throughout.

Albuquerque sign
Will you be making the move to Albuquerque soon? Call Denver Moving Group today!

cross country movingWhy are people moving to Albuquerque, New Mexico?

Ranked as one of the top US cities to move to in 2023-2024, Albuquerque is a large metro area drawing people from all over the country.

The state brings history, meaning, and a priceless landscape to people’s everyday lives. It is affordable, with nice weather, great job opportunities, and even more recreational!

You get the best of both sides of the coin, and perhaps that is why people are packing up their belongings and moving down to New Mexico – they don’t call it the land of enchantment for no reason!

salaryWhat salary do you need to live in Albuquerque?

So, how much does it cost to earn a living after moving to Albuquerque from Denver? The local consensus will require you to maintain a salary of approximately $33,000 in a household without children.

If you have little ones at home, the compensation should begin at about $55,000 and will continue upwards depending on how many dependents you are responsible for. Even the best moving services don’t tend to review these details with you, but these are vital details to know before you hire a mover.

santa feIs Albuquerque or Santa Fe better to live in?

When you hire a moving company to load up and transport your belongings to New Mexico – you may still wonder which city is best to live in. Santa Fe and Albuquerque have so many positive attributes the final choice is up to you. Albuquerque is known for its affordability, adventure, museums, events, and food, but it does have a higher crime rate than Santa Fe.

It is another one of New Mexico’s popular cities and a spot Denver residents have chosen as their moving destination as there is skiing and snowboarding, tons of outdoor activities, and beautiful communities; however, the crime rate is higher than the national average, and housing costs aren’t quite as reasonable.

If you are considering a route out of Denver in moving to NM, Albuquerque may be just right for you – be sure you have a licensed moving company to assist you throughout your moving procedures and get excited about the exhilarating adventure that awaits you!

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