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Located on the foothills of the majestic, incomparable Rocky Mountains, Denver, CO, is incomparable, breathtaking, and, unfortunately, very expensive.

With one of the highest costs of living of any city in the Great Plains, you are ready to find a more affordable place to call home, but is Pittsburgh, PA, more affordable, expensive, safer, or a great place to raise a family?

These are only a handful of the many questions anyone looking to hire Denver moving services would ask – and luckily for you, we have many of the answers.

Before you start packing and dreaming of starting a new life in Pittsburgh, PA, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions and other information to help you make the right decision.

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how muchHow Much Do Movers Cost From Denver to Pittsburgh?

Are you located in the Boulder Valley and want to hire a full-service moving company in Boulder? Do you need some details about the cost of long-distance moving companies in Centennial?

Naturally, before you pack up your whole life, uproot your family, and start over again in a new city, you need the answer to a deceptively simple question: How much does long-distance moving cost? At the Denver Moving Group, our goal is simple: To streamline the moving process to make it as stress-free as possible.

This includes ensuring you understand every cost associated with your local or long-distance move.

Here are a few of the factors to keep in mind that will significantly impact the overall cost of your move:

houseConsider the Size of Your Household

The cost of any long-distance move is mainly based on two factors: The approximate weight and square footage of your household goods and the distance from your old house to your new location.

Denver movers will charge more to expertly relocate the belongings from a three-bedroom home several thousands of miles away than a studio apartment from Denver to Colorado Springs.

Don’t worry because, during your initial moving evaluation, one of the long-distance moving experts at the Denver Moving Group will provide you with a detailed breakdown of all your moving costs, including the approximate weight of your household goods and the price of any other services.

packing bubblewrap

packing boxDo You Need Additional Services?

Whether you’re moving across town or the entire United States, you will need all the help you can get.

In addition to enlisting the assistance of friends and family to help you pack, you will often require additional moving services – including packing and short or long-term storage.

Sure, you could spend every spare minute of your weekend searching for affordable packing supplies or filling cardboard boxes with linens or clothing – but who wants to do that?

Instead, leave the logistics of packing supplies and filling cardboard boxes to the experts at a full-service moving company that offers expert professional packing services!

When you add a packing service, the moving company will not only bring the boxes and packing tape, but the experienced crew of professional packers will also protect your precious belongings.

furniture insurance

insuranceOther Factors to Consider – From Moving Insurance to Unexpected Fees

One of the most unexpectedly confusing aspects of moving is purchasing moving insurance.

Your moving company will provide a basic plan called basic carrier liability or released value protection. All your belongings are covered, and you will receive a set compensation rate based on your household belongings’ overall weight.

The next tier of coverage is declared value protection. You will be compensated for the depreciated value of your belongings. Please note you must buy this plan separately, as it is not the basic coverage your movers are legally required to offer.

Want more peace of mind? Consider full replacement liability.

This type of insurance is often the most expensive, but it replaces the total value of your belongings if they are damaged, lost, or stolen during the move.

This type of coverage is helpful and recommended for any of your most prized and valuable items.

In addition to the added cost of insurance, keep in mind there are other fees associated with planning a long-distance move, including carrier fees, parking permits, and the extra cost of moving bulky items, such as furniture.

Pittsburgh home prices
A quick browse on real estate sites such as Zillow will give you an insight to Pittsburgh home rates

house for saleCost of Housing: Living in Pittsburgh, PA

You are ready to schedule a consultation with an Arvada moving company or sign a contract with Castle Rock professional movers.

Not so fast! You need to find a place to call home in Pittsburgh, PA, first! Living in a small apartment rather than a sprawling mansion is obviously cheaper, but knowing what you will typically spend on rental costs is an essential piece of information.

Here are some of the average costs of housing in Pittsburgh, PA:

studioStudio to One Bedroom

A modest studio or one-bedroom place in Pittsburgh costs roughly $1,950-$3,450.

Of course, prices will also vary greatly depending on where you live in Pittsburgh. Some of the most affordable neighborhoods include Perry South and Carrick.

studio apartment

small houseTwo to Three Bedroom

Do you have a growing family or simply want more room?

The average pricing of a two to three-bedroom apartment in the city is around $2,950-$5,450. If you want to save money, avoid some of the most expensive areas of Pittsburgh, including East Liberty and Highland Park.

big houseFour to Five Bedroom

Do you have a lot of kids, family, and the massive amount of stuff that comes with such a large household? Be prepared to spend anywhere between $5,950-$11,950 per month for a larger home, bedroom, condominium, or townhouse in the city.

Pittsburgh pirates sport

long distanceWhy Move to Pittsburgh, PA?

With a population of 304,119, Pittsburgh is the second most populous city in Pennsylvania, behind Philadelphia. The population of the Pittsburgh metro area, which includes several small towns surrounding Pittsburgh, is 1,702,000 residents.

With all the fantastic major cities and small towns to call home, why should you choose Pittsburgh over the other top US cities to move to in 2023-2024?

Here are a few of the many compelling reasons why you should consider contacting local professional movers and relocating your family to Pittsburgh, PA:

bridgeBridges and Rivers: Connecting the City’s Soul

Pittsburgh is surrounded by three beautiful rivers: the Allegheny River, the Monongahela River, and lastly, the Ohio River. The three rivers actually merge at the beautiful Point State Park in downtown Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh is accessible by bridges, but don’t worry about traffic because there are an impressive 446 bridges throughout the greater Pittsburgh area. (No wonder the city is affectionately referred to as “The City of Bridges!”)

The oldest bridge in the city is the Smithfield Street Bridge, which was initially opened in 1883.

Want to take a bridge tour of Pittsburgh? Check out the Robert Clemente Bridge, named after the baseball legend, the Andy Warhol Bridge, and the Rachel Carson Bridge, a bridge lit up during the annual Bridge of Lights event.

steelFrom Steel to Tech: Pittsburgh’s Industrial Evolution

Pittsburgh is also known as the “Steel City,” and the city’s history is tied to the rise and fall of the steel industry in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Andrew Carnegie put Pittsburgh on the map when he opened his first steel mill featuring the innovative Bessemer Process during the 1870s.

Although most people associate Pittsburgh with the steel industry, today’s city is known as a technological hub that several major companies call home.

Looking for a new job and a fresh start in Pittsburgh?

In addition to several jobs in the technology and industrial fields, there are other sectors hiring. For example, you can find employment in the banking and healthcare industries.

As a matter of fact, one of the biggest employers in the city is UPMC, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

performing arts

theatreCultural District Delights: A Feast for the Arts

Before hiring the best long-distance movers near Colorado Springs or working with Littleton interstate movers, you want to ensure that before you leave the beauty and culture in Colorado, you can find a city that fulfills your cultural curiosity.

Pittsburgh has a reputation for being a blue-collar, hard-working town. However, when you look past the steel, concrete, and rugged exterior, you will find the softer side of Pittsburgh, PA.

Pittsburgh is known for its cultural wonders and rich performing arts centers, including the Kelly Strayhorn Theater, The Benedum Center, and Heinz Hall, a restored concert hall that is the home of the Pittsburgh Symphony.

Speaking of the symphony, if you want to enjoy a night away from the city to enjoy rubbing elbows with the more sophisticated members of Pittsburgh society, spend a night marveling at the Pittsburgh Ballet at the Bendedum Center or check out the award-winning Pittsburgh Opera.

neighborhoodNeighborhood Vibes: The Unique Charm of Pittsburgh’s Districts

Denver, CO, is known for its quirky neighborhoods and charming thoroughfares.

Suppose you enjoy heading off the beaten track and seeing how the locals truly live in a city’s most eccentric and unique neighborhoods. In that case, you won’t be disappointed if you hire the best moving company in Denver to relocate to Pittsburgh.

Start your adventure by heading to the North Shore to explore some of the area’s best museums and cultural centers, including the Andy Warhol Museum, the Carnegie Science Center, and the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.

Want a noisier, more boisterous evening that is definitely not kid-friendly? Hire a babysitter, grab your spouse or best friend, and visit the South Side Flats.

Located near the Monongahela River, The South Side Flats is the perfect place to enjoy an adult beverage with friends. The area is the home of the National Historic District and features several Victorian-area buildings that were converted into bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and coffee shops.

steelersSports and Spirit: Cheering for the Black and Gold

You’ve been a diehard Denver Broncos, Denver Nuggets, or Colorado Rockies fan for years, and you aren’t sure if you will experience the same level of camaraderie in the City of Bridges.

Don’t put away your foam finger just yet because if you move to Pittsburgh, it is guaranteed you will find like-minded sports fanatics to share a beer with on a Sunday Afternoon.

On any given Sunday, you will find several thousands of loyal members of the Steeler Nation cheering on the Pittsburg Steelers at Acrisure Stadium.

Once football season is over, you can switch gears and grab some nachoritas and a gourmet hamburger at PNC Park as you root for the Pittsburg Pirates. PNC Park is the fifth-largest MLB stadium and is known as one of the best places to catch an afternoon baseball game in the country.

diningCulinary Adventures: Pittsburgh’s Foodie Revolution

Every major city in the country is known for its signature dishes – and Pittsburgh is no different.

The area is known for its several iconic dishes that are guaranteed to please the picky palate of even the most sophisticated, discerning foodie.

Five-star gourmet restaurants throughout Pittsburgh are known for their Moules et Frites, a dish featuring mussels and french fries that was initially enjoyed in Belgium.

Several of Pittsburgh’s finest eateries are known for their perogies, a small dumpling traditionally filled with cheese or potatoes and served with sour cream or onions.

Of course, you cannot call yourself a true Pittsburgh native until you visit Primanti Bros and dine on a Primanti Sandwich. The sandwich that put Pittsburgh on the map consists of cheese, grilled meat, vinegar-based coleslaw, French fries, and tomato sandwiched between hefty slices of Italian bread.

city park

dog parkGreen Spaces and Parks: The City’s Natural Retreats

Are you debating contacting a moving company in Parker or Broomfield cross-country movers because you aren’t sure if you can leave the beauty and serenity of Colorado? In addition to the beautiful Point State Park in downtown Pittsburgh, there are several other green spaces and parks to explore throughout the city.

Pittsburgh features an impressive 163 parks, from massive regional parks to smaller neighborhood parks and playgrounds.

Schenley Park is a 456-acre park that features a wide variety of attractions, well-kept trails, and wooded areas for you and the kids to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is in the heart of the park and features a wide variety of elegantly sustainable architecture and several world-renowned beds of orchids and fields of manicured bonsai trees.

Need a break from exploring the botanical gardens? Relive your childhood on the PNC carousel in Schenley Plaza, stroll through the visitor’s center, or play a quick round of golf at Bob O’Connor Golf Course.

mr rogersHistoric Landmarks: Echoes of the Past

After a harrowing but positive moving experience, you are ready to enjoy some of Pittsburgh’s best historical landmarks.

The Heinz History Center is a must-see. Lovingly called the “People’s Museum” by the locals, the history center’s mission is to preserve and exhibit the history and culture of western Pennsylvania.

No trip to the Heinz would be complete without touring artifacts straight from the television set of “Mister Rogers Neighborhood” or the country’s oldest Jeep!

The main attraction at the University of Pittsburgh campus, the Cathedral of Learning, is a uniquely Pittsburgh landmark. To say the Cathedral is iconic is a serious understatement!

This breathtaking 42-story Gothic-style skyscraper is a working landmark filled with several classrooms, administrative offices, computer labs, an operating theater, a print shop, and even a food court. If you aren’t a student, you can receive a guided tour.

Moving to Pittsburgh, PA, is thrilling, but only if you find the right moving company. Here is a guide to why you need to work with movers that offer secure storage solutions.

universityInnovative Education: Pittsburgh’s Leading Institutions

If you think Pittsburgh is only known for sandwiches, sports, and steel – think again! Two of the country’s premier universities, Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh, are found within this forward-thinking metropolis.

Founded initially by steel baron Andrew Carnegie in the early 20th century, Carnegie Mellon is known for its far-reaching impact in several fields, including robotics, machine learning, and computer science.

If you want a degree in fine arts, don’t discount Carnegie Mellon, as the university has over 100 different degree programs, including degrees in creative writing, theater, architecture, and design.

With a total enrollment of roughly 33,230 students, the University of Pittsburgh was founded in 1787 and ranked amongst the best universities in the country by publication, the U.S. News and World Report. Much like Carnegie Mellon, the college is known for its accomplishments in science and technology.

denver moving group

hiring moversReady to Take a Leap of Faith? Start With Finding the Right Mile High City Moving Company

Living in Denver has been a dream – but it’s time to seek a new career path, start a family, or even find the perfect place to retire with more favorable weather than Florida! How do you find the right Denver moving company?

What if you require Aurora moving services or need to find the best of the best moving companies in Brighton?

Luckily for you, the answer to all three questions is the same: the Denver Moving Group!

Our moving philosophy is simple: Provide excellent service, affordable pricing, and complete transparency to all our customers. Our fast, efficient, highly-trained team of moving experts is ready to help you plan every step of your long-distance relocation.

Here is another insider tip: Always hire a local moving company, not a Pittsburgh moving company!

The cost of your relocation is based partly on mileage, which means that if you hire a moving company several thousand miles away, you will need to pay extra for gas and the cost of renting those trucks.

packing boxPack Smarter? What The Experts Want You to Know About Packing Your Home

Your moving date is fast approaching, and it is time to start decluttering and organizing your move. The only question is, Where do I start?

Start small by purchasing your essential packing supplies. Always buy more than you need, as this will ensure you don’t make multiple unnecessary trips to your local home improvement store.

Next, create a simple packing plan – and stick to it.

For example, one of the most straightforward, most effective strategies is to pack up one room at a time. The best time to start packing is in the early morning and on the weekends.

Want some free labor? Ask your friends and family to help you declutter, organize, and pack.

In addition to being the perfect source of free labor, you can take this opportunity to say your goodbyes while you pack up your dishes, DVDs, and linens.

For even more expert packing tips, here is our simple-to-use long-distance packing guide!

moving with pets

pet carrierMoving With Pets: Tips to Make A Mess-Free Transition From Denver to Pittsburgh

You are using your wits to find moving companies in Denver who do quality work – including the pros at the Denver Moving Group!

The next big hurdle is getting your pets to Pittsburgh, which might be the trickiest aspect of your relocation! Luckily, with the right help, careful planning, and our guide to relocating with pets, you can safely transport your dog or cat to Pittsburgh!

Prepare your pet for the move date by creating a safe and familiar place for them to ride. Keep your cat inside a car carrier, and your dog should either be secured in a crate or with a specialized dog seatbelt.

Take your pet for several short rides in the days before the move. Stop several times throughout the trip and make sure your pet has access to cold, fresh water.


You have questions about moving to Pittsburgh? We have the answers!

Moving from Denver to Pittsburgh Questions

cost of livingWhat is the cost of living between Denver and Pittsburgh?

You’ve worked hard for your money and want to know if your money will support your family in Pittsburgh.

The cost of living in Denver is roughly 19% higher than in Pittsburgh.

This is partly thanks to the much lower cost of housing in Pittsburgh than in Denver.

Want to save even more money? Work with a moving company directly instead of a moving broker. Here is some additional information about moving brokers vs. companies.

salaryWhat is the average salary to live comfortably in Pittsburgh?

Although the cost of living is much higher in Denver than it is in Pittsburgh, you will also earn less of a salary, on average, if you call the City of Bridges home.

The average employer pays 3.2% more in Denver than in Pittsburgh for the same job.

To live comfortably in Pittsburgh, the typical household with two adults and two children must earn $78,769 annually.

cheapIs Pittsburgh a cheap city to live in?

When compared to the rest of the country, Pittsburgh is a relatively inexpensive place to call home.

The cost of living is roughly 12.5% lower than the national average. The living costs in Pittsburgh are also 7.5% lower than the rest of Pennsylvania.

Are you ready to save some money by moving to Pittsburgh?

Here is a simple, comprehensive moving guide to make your new dream of moving to Pennsylvania a reality!

estimateHow much does it cost to move from Denver to Pittsburgh?

One of the most common moving questions is: How much will my entire relocation cost?

Once again, several factors come into play when determining moving costs – including the time of the year you choose to move.

Did you know that it typically costs much more to move in summer than in winter? This is because moving companies are just busier during the warmer months of the year.

If your heart is set on moving during the peak season, here are some summer moving tips to help you plan a stress-free relocation.

However, on average, you can expect to pay roughly $1,890-$10,000 when hiring Denver to Pittsburgh movers.

hiring moversHow much does it cost to rent a moving truck from Denver to Pittsburgh?

Instead of hiring a mover, are you considering renting a moving truck and taking on the job of moving yourself?

The average moving truck costs anywhere between $1,600 to $3,500.

The cubic feet of the truck and the individual rental company’s prices will vary.

Of course, there are several downsides to renting a moving truck, especially when compared with the opportunity to work with some of the best movers in the Denver area!

A great moving company will do more than simply load and unload boxes.

The right moving company will also help you plan your relocation, protect your belongings, provide invaluable moving industry insights, and ensure a smooth transition to your new neighborhood.

So, instead of scratching your head and asking yourself, “Will all my furniture fit on one truck?” let the pros figure out the logistics for you.

You won’t get that personalized service when renting a moving truck.

call denver moving group today
Call us at Denver Moving Groupe today and lets set you up with a free quote for your move!

call us todayReady to Move from Denver, CO, to Pittsburgh, PA?

After weighing the pros and cons, you’ve decided that moving to Pittsburgh is the best choice for your family.

All you need now is a top-quality moving company to help you with this transition. Choosing the best movers doesn’t need to be complicated!

With several five-star reviews and hundreds of happy customers, you cannot beat the personalized service, affordable pricing, and moving resources provided by the Denver Moving Group.

Whether you need top-quality Fort Collins movers or the best in Englewood moving and storage, we are here to help.

Want to learn more about Denver Moving Group? Contact Denver Movers today for a free estimate on all your moving and storage requirements!

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