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What Does It Actually Take to Live in Estes Park, CO?

It’s Not Hard to Fall in Love With This Beautiful Mountain Town

Estes Park, CO, is known as a place with crystal clear lakes, lush forests, and the beautiful backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.

It is also widely characterized as a town meant for those of the upper echelon or seeking a place of solace in their golden years.

There are many magical places throughout the Centennial State, but Estes Park has long been swarmed with rumors of wonder, ethereal landscapes, and a dream life amongst the Rocky Mountain range.

With all of the positives in mind, it is easy to call up a crew of movers, pack up all of your belongings, and head toward the hills of Estes Park – but what does it take to live in one of the more luxurious and remote towns in CO has to be given some thought before making your final decision.

But Everything is Higher Than the National Average in the Rocky Mountains

In Colorado, Estes Park is a relatively small town located within Rocky Mountain National Park, but it still provides a sparse suburban feel.

Because it is such a beautiful place, this location is along the Front Range that tourists flock to and Colorado residents envy.

While it is simple to locate a reliable moving company to relocate your family to Estes Park, Woodland Park, and other cities throughout Colorado – when you hope to move to this kind of tight-knit community, the cost of living is called into question.

There is no question that the large majority of the Mile High State runs higher than the national average in the housing market and general living essentials, but this is further exacerbated when you are curious about living in Estes Park and other secluded mountain towns.

It is a great place to raise your family, but this can also be done quickly near Longs Peak, in Boulder, or throughout bigger cities in Colorado because they offer different opportunities and costs of living that don’t compare to the rates once you head further West and spaces like Estes Park!

estes park co
Comparing Estes Park with Denver is like comparing night and day – the town is a quiet, lakeside location with a laid back vibe

neighborhoodLiving in Estes Park is Not Anything Like the Big City of Denver

Moving to a small town like Estes Park, CO, may feel like a bit of culture shock, and even if you have spent your Winter or Summer vacations in a mountain house – taking up residency there is much different than in-state tourism.

Living in Estes Park is nothing like what Denverites are accustomed to; it is a complete change in scenery, job market, and schools, and the Winter months will be innately harsher.

But the biggest question Coloradans have when requesting local movers to make their own trip up to Estes Park is about what it actually takes to manage your household, rent, and all typical costs associated with living.

You Have to Get Used to a Small Town

Small towns like Estes Park, CO, are very different than other cities throughout Colorado.

The community is something residents cherish, but that doesn’t mean everyone will fit into the population.

The most recent data from the Census Bureau shows that the median age of residents in Estes Park is around 61 years of age.

It seems like the further you head out towards the trails, the more the typical age of a community climbs.

That doesn’t mean small towns like the Estes Park area can’t cater to a younger population, as the city is a fabulous place to raise children!

Moving companies throughout Colorado trek towards the town of Estes Park every year – bringing people to a new kind of life.

While the city has often been compared to places like Ouray, Aspen, and even Boulder, you cannot find this kind of place to enjoy the quiet of the crystal-clear lakes and the adrenaline created by outdoor activities!

You Are Graced With a Tight-Knit Community

If you are coming from the North, South, East, or West – getting out of city life means opting for a more comfortable community in Estes Park.

Living in Estes Park, CO, forces those used to city life to approach things they may otherwise be uncomfortable with.

While certain parts of the town will distribute large pieces of land and place you far apart from your neighbors, when you head to downtown Estes Park, everyone will want to say hello!

Don’t fret too much if you are trying to navigate the search for local moving companies.

There are plenty of options available to get you and your family to Estes Park without any added stress!

Rocky Mountain national park
The Rocky Mountain National Park is located just outside Estes Park.

mountainsRocky Mountain National Park is All Around You

Estes Park is known for providing easy entry to Rocky Mountain National Park and forestry options.

Whether you hope to go horseback riding, hiking, biking, fishing, camping, or participating in snow sports – everything is right at your fingertips in Estes Park!

Denver movers and residents have seen a recent shift in how Colorado residents perceive the world around them, and recently, many have opted for different living environments and places that are more suitable for the lifestyle they are hoping to live.

Are you looking for more moving tips for your move to Estes Park, CO? Check out Denver Moving Group’s professional opinion on how to hack your relocation journey!

The Outdoor Activities are Endless

If you are moving to Estes Park, gear up and get to know the national park and forestry services.

You can have an adventure in Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, but when there are large amounts of snow, certain areas of the park may be closed to the public – be sure to keep up to date with the website for any hazards and fire dangers in your area and neighboring Estes Park.

Obtaining your own park pass is crucial to being a part of the Estes Park population because there is always someplace new to explore!

Northern Colorado Has Weather of Its Own Making

Estes Park is a great place to plant roots, but if you plan to book professional movers, you must prepare for the cold and snow.

You have to consider that Estes Park, CO, is essentially in the middle of a canyon or valley within the Rocky Mountains; therefore, most weather conditions are heightened.

  • Summer months are typically the biggest season for tourists because the temperature is around 70 degrees all of the time, and you get that cool mountain air in the evenings when you spend Summers in Estes Park!
  • Springtime is a great time for the lush forests of Estes Park because they see a ton of precipitation, but here, that means snow.
  • Fall is also when the population sees an influx of visitors because the leaves change, and it is the magical golden season in the mountains. This is when snow will start to pick up, and while the sun stays out and temperatures are at 50 degrees – Trail Ridge Road will close in October, and most of these kinds of closures you will get to know firsthand when living in Estes Park.
  • Winters see an average temperature of 30 degrees or below, and things can quickly get very cold when living in Estes Park. This season brings extreme wind, snow, and ice – so get your packing materials ready to go!
working at home
The local jobs market is less plentiful than in Denver – if you are able to maintain your current role in a remote capacity, then good news

The Job Market is Remote

Before you call up movers and packers to check out the cost of relocating to Estes Park, CO, consider how you will afford to live in a new town that doesn’t offer the same kind of job opportunities and options you get living in the city.

Living in Estes Park means compromising on certain things, and in a town with a population of under 6,000 people, you can imagine that jobs are scarce.

You may consider affordable movers when you are relocating because there is a cost to everything associated with living anywhere, especially in Estes Park.

If you are okay with settling for lower wages within the touristry industry, you should be able to get in somewhere quickly, but when you are attempting to find something year-round, things may get a little tricky.

And You Will Need Excellent Job Opportunities

Most jobs in Estes Park include public schools, government agencies, and national parks.

If you are already seeking moving quotes, you may also want to consider navigating the average living cost in Estes Park by searching for a remote position that allows you to work from home.

estes park co home
There is no shortage of luxury remote homes in Estes Park CO. You can see why the market here is so desirable!

The Housing Market is Elite and Luxurious in Estes Park

Many Colorado residents visit Estes Park, CO, bringing their children to see the snow-packed valleys; college students head up to go hiking, camping, and fishing for a break from reality because the town is essential to a full access pass to nature’s playground!

If you are attempting to hire a legitimate moving and storage company to relocate full-time, you must be prepared for the most prominent hit – what you will need to pay for housing.

  • The cost of living in Estes Park is over 20% higher than the current national average.
  • The average price of a home within the local housing market in Estes Park is approximately $747,000.
  • The typical cost of a one-bedroom apartment in Estes Park will average $1,600 to $2,000.

Renters Should Prepare Their Pocketbooks

With all that being said, there are options for seniors and rentals based on income in Estes Park, but just like everywhere in Colorado – if you are moving with pets, expect to spend on them, too!

People are always curious about what it takes to live in Estes Park, and it sure does take some additional funds, but if you find a well-paying position, you can make all of your dreams come true despite the cost.

public schools estes park
There are up to 15 public schools in Estes Park CO

studentPublic School Options While Living in Estes Park

The schools may be somewhat limited when living in Estes Park, but that doesn’t mean you must compromise your family’s education.

One of the most incredible moving tips anyone can adhere to is checking out the schooling options before making the journey.

In Estes Park, there are a total of 15 schools available for primary and secondary options.

Education is Upheld to the Highest Standards

Since Colorado has an open enrollment policy, you still have the chance to choose another district outside of your living boundaries.

Still, most people living in Estes Park choose to send their children to school there because they have an excellent rating!

Among all the frequently asked questions, education is something that all the residents of Colorado clearly prioritize.

In Estes Park, you do not have to sacrifice your wants or needs!

fishing in estes park co
If you’re tired of the big city buzz of cities like Denver, then the laid back vibes of Estes Park will suit you and your family!

family needsIn Colorado, Estes Park is for Everyone

The beauty of Big Thompson River, coupled with the lovely people, sunshine, snow, and gorgeous mountain backdrop, makes living in Estes Park easy.

Life is simple in Estes Park, and even with a smaller community, it remains open, and the people there are ready to welcome newcomers with open arms.

Locating moving services to get you to the end of your dream is the next step in your journey but never the final destination because Estes Park is an adventure all on its own.

But Not Everyone is Ready for the Beautiful Scenery & Breathtaking Views

Living in Estes Park may only be suitable for some, but once you experience this kind of ethereal space, it is difficult to leave – even when your home is elsewhere.

Local and long-distance movers have been transporting residents throughout the mountainous areas for decades, and luckily, with that kind of experience, residents making their move to Estes Park don’t have to worry about doing the heavy lifting.

Moving to Larimer County Requires Assistance from Relocation Experts

If you are interested in living in Estes Park, then it is time to secure licensed movers in Denver or within your current community to ensure your relocation project is a successful one!

Denver Moving Group is a licensed local moving company in Denver that provides local, long-distance, and cross-country moving services to the people of Colorado.

We prioritize making your move to Estes Park or anywhere across the country as seamless and straightforward as possible.

With the help of moving professionals, you too can make your move to Estes Park entirely stress-free, so if this is something you want, it’s time to contact us and enjoy the ride!

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