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Moving to Colorado Springs Vs. Relocating to Durango, CO: Which Mountain Town Works Better for Families?

Leaving the Beautiful City of Denver Behind

Colorado is a state that is often described as being a place full of diverse natural landscapes and a melting pot of people – making it the best mountain state in the country.

Denverites may have developed a different view of reality as the city and metro area have seen significant changes over the past decade.

More residents seek assistance from local moving companies and even long-distance moving services to get out of the downtown area and surrounding suburbs.

With the cost of living continuing to increase, different neighborhoods changing, and certain suburbs expanding into larger communities – not everyone is happy or excited about the change that has been occurring.

With such an expansive influx of people entering the state, the infrastructure was not necessarily prepared to take on; it caused a major transformation.

mountainsColorado Residents are Leaping Towards the Hills

Residents throughout the metro area have enlisted Denver movers like Colorado Springs, Boulder, Durango, Fort Collins, and Golden, who have become popularized due to the sheer population density within the city.

Plus, when you can achieve a more comfortable and attractive place to live while staying within state lines – why not?

Home buyers are searching for the best city to live in, but even though some areas in Colorado have more people moving in, it doesn’t mean it is suitable for everyone.

Colorado Springs and Durango are two cities within Colorado that residents tend to lean towards because both offer unique qualities, great weather, and lifestyle options that most cities in the Centennial State cannot provide.

colorado springs co
Colorado Springs is about an hours drive south from Denver and boasts the same city-style vibes

Thinking About Moving to Colorado Springs?

Colorado Springs is not a small city; it is the third largest in Colorado, and people tend to appreciate this growing community, the mountains next door with plenty of outdoor activities, and an economy quickly climbing to the top of the ranks!

Local movers across Colorado are familiar with bringing clients down to Colorado Springs because, in recent years, the Pikes Peak area has become a very desirable place to live and a lovely sanctuary away from previous living scenarios.

It is an artistic community with good food, art galleries, Mother Nature, and a blending of cultures to formulate its community within Colorado.

The Springs is known for some swarms of secrecy, too – freemasonry, military bases, Focus on the Family, and other conservative groups.

For a while, these characters seem to repel certain types of people from moving from the Denver area.

But it wasn’t long before new community members inserted themselves in unfamiliar territory to create Colorado Springs as we know it today!

colorado springs population
It’s no secret that many people from around Colorado as well as the rest of the country are flocking to Colorado Springs

People are Running to Downtown Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs gained over 10,000 new residents between 2022 and 2023.

All those people contacted local movers and packers to assist in these endeavors and locate a new place to plant their household.

Population growth is expected to continue to rise, and it is no secret why people are choosing to make the move.

populationPopulation Growth Continues in the Springs

While bringing on professional packers and movers to deal with the logistics of your relocation project, before you pull the trigger, it is essential to get to know the community if at all possible.

Colorado Springs is known for its outdoor activities and active residents who are prepared to extend their communities and land.

  • The population in Colorado Springs has increased by nearly 1.17% in 2022-2023.
  • There are over 39,000 Hispanic residents.
  • There are almost 27,000 African-American residents.
  • The median age of citizens in the city is about 34 years old.
Cheyenne mountain co El Paso county
The natural beauty surrounding Colorado Springs needs to be experienced first hand to fully appreciate!

Discover El Paso County

One of the most wonderful factors of Colorado Springs is its location.

The city is located in the south of Denver – it is only about an hour, the same distance to DIA, and perched on the edge of Cheyenne Mountain.

You can choose your adventure!

It has been consistently rated as one of the best places to live in Colorado, and the hype is only growing.

You can go mountain biking through Cheyenne Mountain, mountain climbing at Garden of the Gods, and continue your exploration 6033 miles above sea level.

mountain bikingManitou Springs, Woodland Park, and Pikes Peak

When you are moving to Colorado Springs, you also have to get to know the neighboring areas because just a short drive out of the city drops you off into the small town of Manitou!

Manitou is not a part of Colorado Springs but sits right on its border, and you can exit Garden of the Gods right into the sleepy mountain full of shops, restaurants, mountain springs, and Cave of the Winds!

As you head further up the hill in Manitou, you will find the Manitou Incline, which people use as a form of exercise throughout the warmer months, and you can catch the train to Pikes Peak.

The Woodland area is only about 25 minutes from Colorado Springs and is part of Teller County.

This is where people who live there choose to commute to the Springs for school and work, but the most exciting part of this city is that Pike National Forest surrounds it!

North Cheyenne Cañon Park

North Cheyenne Cañon Park is located within the city limits of Colorado Springs and is one of the more popular places most residents throughout Colorado flock to when driving down for a visit.

There are over 1,600 acres of the park, which runs throughout a granite canyon, and the space attracts mountain bikers, avid hikers, and trail runners.

You can also enjoy lunch, dinner, or just a quick snack at the picnic tables and rock climbing, and if you are interested in paying a visit, you can’t forget to check out Helen Hunt Falls while you are there!

Palmer Park is another part of the city that families and students choose to frequent, but it is a friendly place for everyone.

The Park offers the following activities:

  • Baseball and softball fields
  • Playground
  • Football and soccer fields
  • Dog park
  • Volleyball courts
  • Horse stables
  • Scenic overlook area
  • Picnic grounds
  • Seven different castles
  • Multiple trail options
army baseCan’t Forget the Fort Carson Army Base

Just 20 minutes from Colorado Springs is the army base – Fort Carson has been present since 1942!

Colorado Springs has profound military presences from the Air Force Academy, Peterson Air Force Base, Schreiver Air Force Base, and NORAD – whom everyone can thank for tracking Santa Claus annually!

colorado springs real estate market
Compared with the growing unaffordable rates in Denver CO, Colorado Springs real estate should be a breath of fresh air!

Affordable Housing Prices are Available in Colorado Springs

People are looking to Colorado Springs because it presents a good economy and stable residency to the rest of Colorado.

You will still have to deal with higher housing prices than the national average, but you will see better deals than what Denver residents are used to.

Ask any real estate agent in the downtown area – home prices have increased throughout Denver since the world report, and more Colorado residents are transitioning to Colorado Springs.

  • The typical home will sell for approximately $440,000 in the city of Colorado Springs, and this is almost $100,000 less than the average Denver is seeing.
  • You will see rental rates at around $1,575 for a one-bedroom, but this can get over 850 square feet of space, almost unheard of throughout Colorado and the Denver metroplex.

Don’t fret about your moving company cost; when relocating to Colorado Springs, you choose a lower living cost and upgrade your quality of life!

cost of livingThe Cost of Living in Colorado Springs is Reasonable

The overall cost of living is about 5% higher than the national average, but you are considering paying less for groceries and avoiding taxes on food and medicine.

Growing cities like Colorado Springs are bringing forward some of the biggest industries and opportunities for work, and when you can grab onto the best of both sides of the coin – taking the chance is well worth it!

Job Opportunities are Abundant

Before you leap into a new city, taking on all the details of how you will be living is extremely important for every household.

In Colorado Springs, Colorado, the largest employers are the City and County government jobs, the Mountain Metro Transit, Fort Carson, Healthcare options, and even retail trade.

There are various job options, so even if you are looking for a change from your current working environment, you will have plenty of opportunities throughout the city.

The unemployment rate is only about 2.9% of the current population, about .5% lower than Denver’s figures.

Places like Lockheed Martin are working on manufacturing new technology to help the future of Colorado, the Oracle utility industry is always hiring, and USAA, alongside other insurance agencies and Fortune 500 companies, is moving up in the ranks to feed the Colorado Springs economy and give the residents and upper hand in life.

food truckAccommodation and food services

You can’t push aside food services because, in the culinary world, Colorado Springs is making a name for itself.

Food is an art form if you ask any of the residents.

While it is something used to nourish our bodies, it can also be incredibly healing emotionally and mentally.

In the Pikes Peak region, there is everything from farm-to-table meals to Mexican cuisine and the usual sandwich cafes, but before you push on with your current moving plans, be sure to add these restaurants to your “must-go-to” list:

schools colorado springs
Schools in Colorado Springs boast the same level of quality as their Denver counterparts

Top-Notch Schools Reel in New Residents

When interviewing a moving company, chances are that you are also googling information about the place you hope to relocate to and in Colorado Springs or anywhere throughout Colorado – the school options are one of the highest priorities for parents and families.

Colorado Springs has over 400 schools to choose from throughout the city!

You can choose between the public school district, charters, private schools, and other alternative learning settings.

Colorado Springs public schools have worked tirelessly to create a place for all students to feel safe and autonomous over their learning, resulting in fantastic test scores and reading and math proficiency.

durango co
Durango is as far away from Denver as one can possibly get but you’d be forgiven for assuming it’s in the middle of nowhere

Considering Moving to Durango?

Colorado Springs is not the only hot spot in the Mile High State; moving to Durango, Colorado, has also been a place of public interest.

Hundreds of moving questions are swarming through people’s minds while preparing for a significant life change, but living in Durango isn’t one of them!

It is a relatively small city known for its educational opportunities, with Fort Lewis College, San Juan College, and Franklin University nearby.

The city of Durango is located about 6 hours away from Denver, close to the New Mexico border with the La Plata Mountain Range.

Family adventure colorado hiking
Colorado’s Southwest offers the best of mountains as well as rolling hills. Plenty of locations for family breaks!

Enjoy the Wonders of La Plata County

Durango, CO, is a bit off the beaten path, but it is an outstanding city with a suburban feel.

It has consistently been considered a fantastic place to raise a family.

However, it is good to know how to pack because the town can be hit with heavy snow and high winds throughout the Fall and Winter months.

With Denverites growing increasingly frustrated with the pricing of housing, groceries, and an ever-changing city landscape, Durango is a nice escape from all the usual suspects that may get in the way of your general sanity and comfort.

natureSouthwest Colorado is a Natural Beauty

If you are hoping to live in a picturesque place, living in Durango is probably one of the most perfect places in Colorado.

You are tucked in a remote mountain range, and while you are far from the capital city, there are fantastic job options, incredible people, good food, and lots of fun!

Are you looking for legitimate moving tips? Check out Denver Moving Group’s take on how to relocate like a pro!

hikingLiving in Durango: Outdoor Activities are Never in Short Supply

If you are a hiking, camping, fishing, skiing, or snowboarding fan, you will find Durango an upgrade from places like Colorado Springs.

The town has so much to offer, and in terms of outdoor activities, you can explore throughout all four seasons!

People are calling up professional moving companies to have their own Durango adventures in the mountains, down the Animas River, and Mesa Verde National Park.

With almost 2 million acres to explore, there’s something for every outdoor enthusiast at the San Juan National Forest
San Juan National Forest

San Juan National Forest is another exciting Durango, CO, exploration opportunity.

With over 1,800,000 acres of wilderness, its expansive land is highly protected and open to the public for:

  • Hiking
  • Backpacking adventures
  • Mountain and gravel biking
  • Traditional and dispersed camping
  • Hunting and fishing
  • Off-roading
  • Foraging
durango houses
The real estate market in Durango CO is very refreshing

Median Home Price and Property Taxes Aren’t Problematic

Living in Durango has more than just the typical perks.

Not only will you find helpful real estate agents leading you to good housing opportunities, but tax rates are also meager.

Housing is generally at the very top of everyone’s moving checklist, and Durango offers unique and gorgeous home and rental options throughout the city – but you will need to up your game a little bit.

  • The average cost of a home in Durango, CO, is approximately $700,000. Higher than the national average like the rest of Colorado and coming in higher than Denver.
  • The usual rental rates are anywhere from $1,900 for a one-bedroom to $2,500 for a two-bedroom, comparable to Denver’s pricing.

salaryThe Median Household Income in the Rocky Mountains

Over 19,000 people live in Durango in 2023, and the median household income is about $68,000.

This is about $10,000 less than the median income for Denver households, yet the people of Durango are committed to staying a part of their communities and being helpful to those within them.

beer Durango
If you’re a fan of quality beer, Durango will be a hop-filled oasis!

Durango Beer and Restaurant Scene

Food and beverages are two significant aspects of everyone’s life.

Still, in Durango, it is the heart of bringing people together, even if they come from very different places and backgrounds.

After spending a day riding the Silverthorne Narrow Gauge Railroad and developing your own moving stories, you can head into town for some big-city food and fun.

You can’t miss these places:

  • Durango Beer and Ice Company
  • College Drive Cafe
  • Switchback Tacos
  • Homeslice Pizza
  • Durango Bagel

public transportBeautiful Scenery & Terrific Public Transportation

Being a smaller town, Durango has chosen to focus on the infrastructure available to citizens within the community, making things a more walkable and liveable space.

The scenery is breathtaking, but that doesn’t mean much if you have trouble getting around.

Durango Transit has developed routes along all major intersections to make public transportation simple, and they even recently launched options for a bus on the go that you can personally request for only $2!

ski resort colorado
Skiing is one of the leading tourist activities in Durango CO. It’s Colorado after all!

The Tourism Industry Feeds into the Job Market

Tourism is a significant part of living in Durango as people come from all over the country to experience the La Plata Mountain range, stay at places like the Purgatory Resort, or check in on college options.

Whether moving in the Summer or Winter, securing a job in your new space is essential.

The tourist industry has created many job opportunities, many of which are available on a seasonal basis, but it also feeds the economy well!

jobs marketYear-Round Employment Options

The current unemployment rate in Durango is 2.87%, still coming in lower in Denver as there are plenty of options available to permanent residents.

Fort Lewis College, Mercy Hospital, Mercury Payment Systems, and NFM Technologies are some of the largest companies to work for in Durango.

Still, plenty of options are available in hospitality, mining, oil and gas industries, and real estate!

college opportunities
Durango features several third level educational institutions in the local area

Fort Lewis College & Additional Schooling Options

College students are a large part of Durango’s current population, with schools like Fort Lewis and San Juan College available.

Education opportunities are always on your mind before you inquire about moving and storage companies.

Durango School District is rated highly for providing children and teens with a unique, project-based form of learning that has created a sense of excitement in the classroom.

They are within the top 25 school districts in Colorado and continue to move forward in finding new ways of creating a classroom that is open to everyone!

intrastate relocation colorado
Whether you’re considering Colorado Springs or Durango CO as your new home, Denver Moving Group will get you there!

Imagine Living Outside of the Box in Colorado

Colorado Springs and Durango offer Colorado residents a new lease on life and for their lives; sometimes, getting out of the city and generic suburban neighborhoods is necessary.

Raising a family is the kind of task you must learn about as you go, but for each family in Colorado, the place you call home should be a space that supports your ideals, beliefs, and dreams.

If you are hatching a plan to move to either Colorado Springs, Durango, or anywhere across the Centennial state, you will need to locate professional movers with immaculate moving reviews, affordable moving costs, and stress-free moving solutions.

moversRelocation on the Front Range

Denver Moving Group is the go-to moving company for Colorado residents making moves locally, long-distance, or across the country!

Our licensed and insured moving specialists offer free moving estimates for all your relocation needs because our client’s happiness remains at the top of our list of priorities.

Are you considering a local move within Colorado but need help figuring out how to get the ball rolling?

Contact our moving representatives for your free quote and consultation, and let’s work together to get you to your next home!

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