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Moving for Work: How to Negotiate Relocation Assistance

Big Questions To Ask As You Prep For Job Relocation

As with any large-scale uprooting and moving process, relocating for work is frequently troublesome and tiresome and can cause some of the most stressful things.

That’s not to say it’s terrible; it takes a severe amount of commitment and work.

Involving skills such as project management ability, critical thinking, an ability to improvise on the fly, a measure of sheer strength alone, and other essentials, a move to a new city for a new job can be exhausting before you ever even get there.

job relocation in denver

Even if it is one of the Best Places to Live in the US, it’s bound to be stressful.

No matter how much energy or excitement you may have about your new boss or future employer, you’ll likely need assistance getting there.

This is why our team is here for you: to provide the help you need when you need it most and quickly turn a moving day into a stress-free one.

For further references, make sure to read our Ultimate Moving Tips Bible.

Why People Relocate for Work

There are many reasons why someone might be interested in relocating for a job.

Sometimes, it’s less a personal choice and more of a business choice. Your company might find that their office Moving to Denver makes for cheaper transactions, and you and your family get carried along with them.

Conversely, sometimes, it can be a very personal choice. Perhaps you and your family have decided that Moving from Denver to Phoenix to a new address, working in a new office, finding new surroundings, and settling down in a new hometown is best for you.

For further reading about how long-distance relocations can work, see our Long-Distance Moving Testimonials.

The toll of moving from your current home to a new place and settling into a new role is deeply personal, so whatever the reason is, it just needs to feel right for you.

Your boss, your friends, and your colleagues can offer you wonderful advice, but at the end of the day, you must choose the path that is right for you.

prepare for job relocation

How to Best Prepare for Job Relocation

One of the most straightforward and crucial steps to take when preparing for a relocation is asking your boss about relocation packages.

A relocation package is a laundry list of relocation benefits incentivizing employees to be willing and ready to move for the employer’s greater good.

In this way, relocation packages make Moving to Salt Lake City with a new location, career, and life, in general, more pleasant and more accessible, relieving some of the immense financial burdens from the equation.

Most companies are likely to offer relocation in the first place if it provides them with a massive boom as well, so it can never hurt to ask about possible packages.

Rather than figuring out how to cope with some of the most prominent finance-related issues with settling in a new location, these benefits solve the problems for you.

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For instance, Relocating to San Diego can be very exciting, but it does come with enormous financial burdens that you need to know about beforehand to be successful.

Meanwhile, Moving to Washington State could come with even more significant benefits, as the cost of living is 16% higher than the national average.

Another step that helps when preparing for the move is to plan things out and make a list or calendar (such as an NYC Move Checklist) of your moving plan.

This way, you and the satisfying team you decide on can work together to ensure nothing is forgotten.

From the date of the big move to filing all the vital paperwork to ensuring that all the vehicles have gas, making a plan is the best way to expect success from your move.

Make sure to read our Long-Distance Packing Guide and explore our Expert Packing Services.

moving budget considerations

Creating a Budget

Moving can be costly, so you need to have an organized and complete understanding of exactly what kind of costs you’ll be looking at and whether or not your job will be covering those costs.

Knowing in advance is such a tremendous help on every level.

First, it can help you better understand the actual costs you’ll be expected to cover in your move and show you if you’re correctly financially prepared for such an endeavor as Moving from Denver to Chicago.

job relocation budget

Secondly, and even more importantly, knowing this will help determine if your new company will offer any upfront money. This can help you evaluate better if the move is even worth it.

Suppose you are Moving to New Jersey to benefit the company, but the move will put you in tremendous debt, and the company has no interest in helping cover those costs.

In that case, it might be time to re-evaluate the entire deal.

Keeping up-to-date with your moving costs is a must, especially when it is decided that you must personally take care of it.

Ask About Relocation Costs

Often, it is difficult for moving companies and many organizations to negotiate an offer for a job that requires a worker to move entirely, such as Moving from Denver to Portland.

In such situations, some people may have no desire to seek financial assistance with the move to help relocate their families.

However, it is critical that you understand your value to the business at large and that they would only be asking you to move to a new hometown in the first place if they felt you were a valuable asset worth such a change.

This is why you must always ask about relocation costs and the possibility of a relocation package. You are changing your entire life to better serve the role and deserve to be fairly compensated for these troubles.

For instance, if you’re Moving to Los Angeles, it behooves you greatly to understand what a large leap the cost of living is there from essentially anywhere else.

job relocation costs in denver

Negotiate Relocation Benefits

Upon learning your plans to move for an employer, you should immediately contact a benefits coordinator about the relocation process.

Many large employers have relationship companies specifically to help manage such things.

Our Denver to Dallas Moving Companies will be able to assist you in better understanding the gulf of differences between locations.

If appropriately pressed, they can and will often offer financial rewards, such as providing movers to cover the moving costs and closing costs.

However, it is essential to remember that many large companies have multiple tiers of legality and paperwork that must be worked through to gain access to such benefits, so persistence is vital.

Before accepting a position that requires you to move, you should always talk about relocation benefits with your new employer because the more you know, the more effectively you can grow in your new job.

For instance, Settling in Sacramento will be 16% less expensive than the state average in California. Thus, knowing that in advance can help when negotiating your benefits.

manage budget

How to Manage and Budget Your Moving Expenses and Time

As mentioned earlier, one of the best ways to manage moving expenses with moving companies is to have a firm, concrete plan of where, when, and how you’re looking to make things happen.

Having a list of to-dos and to-don’ts paired with feeling confident in the knowledge of what kind of costs you will be expected to cover goes a tremendous way towards assisting you in budgeting your finances and time.

Even just Moving from Denver to Seattle, there’s a 12.6% leap in the cost of living, so your budgeting must account for such a change.

How to Find the Right New Location

A map is exceedingly helpful, but when deciding on a new moving house, you must take trips out to the location beforehand. Taking property recon trips to experience this unique city firsthand is a must.

This way, you can Avoid These Worst Places to Live and instead aim for something close to the Top 10 Cities to Explore.

Also, a real estate agent will be your best friend and a valuable asset, helping you assess the best location for you, your new employer, and your moving company.

The other significant benefit of a real estate agent is how they can help you network, referring you to valuable new people and friends in town who can assist you further.

job research tips

Research Your New Job

Whether you are simply moving to a new location to perform the same job or signing up for a new position in your new location altogether, researching the job itself is an absolute must.

Just as you want to be prepared for the financial requirements of the move, you also want to be overtly familiar with the job and the opportunities it can afford you.

In addition, doing some research on the local economy before signing your lease can help form a network after your big move.

Moving from Denver to Boston brings about an entirely different economy and job market, which you need to be familiar with.

Building Relationships and Networking in Your New City

Having a worthwhile real estate agent goes a long way toward guiding you and helping you decide how best to forge new relationships in your new job and town.

Once you know the area better and have met people throughout the moving process through your agent, you can better understand the life you will be stepping into.

High Altitude Living Tips will be entirely different from lower altitude areas.

relocation tips in denver

Of course, this is doubly true if you have kids. Moving to a new place is hard enough for kids, so making the process as seamless and straightforward as possible for your kids is very important.

For example, knowing certain areas of your new hometown that are better left avoided by your kids is a must, as is having an idea of what kind of education opportunities await them in their future.

Moving from Denver to Tampa could also have additional benefits, as Tampa’s cost of living is 11% lower than Denver’s.

Friends and Family

Speaking of, moving is hard enough on your own. But when it comes to also considering the long-lasting effects of driving with a family and how it can affect their relationships with family members or friends, it can become even more daunting.

Fastest Growing US Cities have plenty of opportunities for you and your family to meet new people and explore new opportunities.

Considering factors such as a spouse’s continued employment and well-being and preserving happiness and status quo for children is very important.

Your new career may be exciting, but it is always best to consider these broader factors before jumping into anything too quickly.

Why Move to Texas? Because their cost of living is 8% below the national average, and they have plenty of Cities for Outdoor Lovers.

office relocation companies in denver

How to Pick a Moving Company

For starters, it helps tremendously to understand the difference between moving brokers and moving companies.

Just as networking works best when it comes straight from the heart and firsthand experience, so does Choosing a Long-Distance Mover.

If all you have to rely on is a faint idea of how a moving company presents itself in marketing materials, you need to know what kind of service it provides.

Our team is full of highly qualified individuals who know how to handle precious cargo and have earned rave reviews all across the internet.

When choosing a moving company, you want one that is highly recommended and has proven consistently reliable and capable of performing such a job. To read more, simply see Local Moving Company Experiences.

hiring an airbnb in denver

What to do if Your New House Isn’t Ready Immediately

Sometimes, even the best-laid plans don’t work out as we might hope. If your new job needs you to begin work in your new place before your new home is ready, there are numerous things you can do to ensure you’re covered.

Fortunately, Bay Area Moving Tips has excellent resources you can use to better understand solutions to this temporary problem.

Reach out to your job, inform them of the discrepancy, and see if they can provide you with temporary housing in the interim. Denver Rent Insights for 2024 provides some answers regarding the cost of renting.

This could range from something as simple as spending a few nights in a hotel to temporarily subleasing a different home, and your job may be willing to cover such costs if you request.

office moving faqs


What do they call it when you move for work?

It is called employee relocation. It is when an employee is moved to a different location. This term encompasses everything from moving from one office to another just a few miles away to moving across the country.

For more, see FAQs for Long-Distance Movers.

office relocation questions

How does job relocation even work?

Forget any negative connotations you might have about job relocation. It often works quite well, as your job may need you to transfer locations for several reasons.

Read From Renting to Buying: Moving Plan for a more in-depth analysis of your options.

Often, they will cover costs relating to the move, and in return, you move to the new spot they feel you would be a better fit for. Moving to Maryland may cost more than you anticipate, for example, as living there is 22% higher than the national average.

Is relocating worth the trouble?

It depends entirely upon you and your unique situation. For as much advice as people are likely to give out, it ultimately comes down to a profoundly personal decision.

It would be best if you considered the costs of the move, the changes that will have to be made, and how the first compensates for the latter.

It’s also worth considering what time of year you will be moving, as Summer Moving Advice is markedly different from the rest of the year.

move to work in a new place

Is it still commonplace for people to move for work?

It is not at all uncommon for someone to move for work. Our Denver Long-Distance Moving Companies have plenty of experience.

Granted, it is a bit rarer these days, with online resources providing such a valuable resource to many big businesses, such as the ability to Cowork and network in Denver.

So, while workers may have to move to the big city less often than they used to, it does still happen.

What is a reasonable amount of advance notice to relocate for a job?

Ideally, a notice of multiple weeks or more is expected. A move is a tremendous undertaking, so simply to increase the likelihood of the worker agreeing to the relocation in the first place, it is in the employer’s best interest to give ample notice beforehand.

How and why do you move for a job?

To explore better career opportunities for yourself and your family, meet new friends and colleagues, network in a new city, find a new local post office, and find lower gas prices, you name it. There are several reasons to be excited about moving for your job; it might be an excellent career path!

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