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Denver Movers Discuss How Much Does a Local Move Cost?

Local moving is a process that almost every Denver resident will take on at one point or another while living in the Mile High City.

It takes time and energy but can be simplified with the help of local moving companies in Colorado. The movers’ cost associated with the procedures remains a significant concern of those taking part in their relocation procedures.

Moving is a personalized experience and can differ significantly on a case-by-case basis, so to find the right pricing and support available for your upcoming move, you will want to locate the right moving company, one capable of providing the services you need within your budget.

packing boxUnpacking What Denver Movers Cost When Relocating Your Apartment

With the cost of living on the rise throughout the city of Denver, many locals have been waiting for the bubble to burst.

But in the meantime, this has also deterred some people from moving around within the Denver area and surrounding suburbs and towns.

Hiring movers and packers and such services associated with the relocation process is immediately associated with cost because everyone is hyper-aware of the price tag attached to everything.

Renters throughout the Mile High City are just one part of the population that is already focused heavily on the cost of their living situations, so when it comes to asking how much movers cost – it remains a pivotal factor in the local moving sphere.

hire local movers

How to Hire Movers in the Denver Area

If you are preparing for a local move in Denver, Colorado, you are likely starting to evaluate your options and how moving services can suit your needs.

Local moves and finding local movers near me can become just as complicated as a long-distance move.

It is essential to take the proper steps in planning and prep to ensure your relocation process is within the budget you have set.

Securing the Perfect Moving Company for Your Apartment Move

Moving an apartment with Denver movers is also assumed to be easier than relocating an entire household.

While it is true that if you are a single person moving to a one-bedroom apartment, it will be easier than trying to move with a family, you have to remember that the larger your move, and the more people that are involved with the move, the more moving parts there are working towards your end goal.

Having reputable moving companies at your disposal can help smooth the entire process. However, when you hire movers, evaluating the approximate cost is the first step in the list of tasks ahead of you.

how much will cost me a local move in denver

The Costs Associated with Local Moving Companies

The total cost of Denver movers relies on several factors, but it begins with hourly rates.

There are separate rates charged with local movers, which vary according to the amount of movers required to complete the job, travel time, and the time it takes to complete the move.

Not all moving companies will have the exact charges, but an average seen throughout Denver moving services allows potential customers to evaluate their projected relocation costs.

Two Movers Versus Three Movers

When working with moving companies, you will need different types of crews. What your movers cost in Denver depends on what is required for your upcoming local move.

  • A two-person crew is typically used for a studio apartment or one-bedroom apartment.
  • A three-person crew is good for two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments.

how muchUnderstanding the Average Costs and Hourly Rate

When evaluating how much movers cost, you will notice that the more people are involved with the process, the more the moving service will cost.

Labor is necessary for every move, but your hourly rate changes when you plan to move from Denver to Fort Collins and your family is moving to Longmont or Lakewood.

The travel time is added to the total cost of your move, so the further the moving truck needs to travel, the more hours will be added to your final bill.

average moving costs colorado

The Average Cost of an Apartment Move in Denver

While you are preoccupied with the future Denver rental rates and locating a place suitable for your current monthly budget, you must also factor in the cost of professional movers!

With local Denver movers, you are looking at the following rates:

  • Studio to 1 bedroom (up to 1,000 sq ft): An average cost for two movers is $135-$175 on weekdays and $165-$195 on Saturdays.
  • 2-bedroom (800-1,500 sq ft): Most moving companies charge for three movers anywhere from $175 to $205 per hour on weekdays and $195 to $225 on Saturdays.
  • 3-bedrooms (1,100-1,800 sq ft): The rates for a three-bedroom generally fall on the same average as a two-bedroom, but if you require a fourth mover, those rates are around $205 to $245 on weekdays and $225 to $265 on Saturdays.

Accounting for Add-On Services with Your Local Movers

One of the most convenient things about moving and storage companies in Denver is the services they can provide throughout your move.

They can offer complete packing services, partial packing options, the benefit of an additional truck, multiple pickup or delivery locations, etc. When you add these services to your movers in Denver, you can expect to see additional costs associated with them.

salaryThe Price Tag Attached to Household Moving Services

Moving a one-bedroom apartment is very different than moving a household. If you are currently living in Denver and are preparing to move from a house, you are probably moving with family members.

This creates more considerable hurdles and more significant tasks in your path as you manage things for more than just one person and often place others before yourself.

With a licensed moving company in the Mile High City, you can reap the benefits of having an entire crew of movers that prioritize your needs first!

local moving preparation

Preparing for the Upcoming Moving Process

You can utilize plenty of relocation tips and tricks to benefit the preparation that comes before the relocation process. With movers in Denver, you can even step aside and allow them to do everything for you on moving day!

However, the one thing you cannot surpass while planning is understanding the costs and services that your moving company provides.

Reviewing the Details with Moving Companies Across the Denver Metro Area

Consulting with different companies to evaluate the average cost they can provide is a significant part of finding the perfect local moving company for your household!

  • Review licensing and insurance information on your movers in Denver.
  • Don’t settle on free price estimates from one moving company; consult with several companies about their average cost before deciding.
  • Check out other clients’ local moving experiences through review websites.
  • Ask your representative questions about the moving expenses, how they are formulated, and any additional costs or fees you may expect.

cost of house moving

The Cost of Moving House with a Local Moving Company

Hiring movers and understanding the full-service options, what movers cost in Denver, and how you can navigate those moving costs when moving a short distance is essential to ensuring a comfortable relocation for yourself and your family.

You aren’t crossing state lines, but proper preparation for your move date ensures a smooth relocation process!

Moving prices can vary greatly depending on where you are moving to, how much you plan to move if your movers pack, and when you hire movers.

checklistThe Details of Your Pricing with Professional Movers in Denver

Movers in Denver will always attach travel time to the average cost of your move, which is built into your estimate.

So, if you are moving from downtown to Littleton, the price will differ from that of heading from Wash Park to the Baker neighborhood.

Distance will always affect your moving costs; even long-distance movers have to factor the length of travel into their relocation estimates.

Discussing these details when calculating how much the movers cost in Denver will give an accurate idea of the total costs of hiring a moving company.

Size Definitely Matters

The larger the space you have to move, the more movers it will take to complete the move. The size of your home is also integrated into the total cost of your relocation procedures.

This will be one of the most considerable differences between hiring a moving company to help with a local move for an apartment or smaller condo and a full-size home.

Below are the rates per hour you can expect according to the size of your home:

  • A 3-bedroom house (1,500-2,000 sq ft): Requires three movers and possibly four. The rate for three men on a weekday is approximately $175 to $205 per hour on weekdays and $195 to $225 on weekends.
  • A 4-bedroom house (2,000-2,500 sq ft): The rates for a 4-bedroom house are the same as a 3-bedroom house, but the time it takes for your crew to complete the move may be longer, even if you are only going a short distance.
  • A 5 or 6-bedroom house (3,000-6,500 sq ft): Moving a home this size requires 4-8 movers in Denver. You will see weekday rates at around $205 to $405 and weekend rates at $225 to $425 per hour. You may even need an extra truck to complete the moving process, which entails an additional one-time fee of around $450.
apartment moving cost during the week
Apartment Moving Cost During The Week. (Mon-Fri).
apartment moving cost during the weekend
Apartment Moving Cost During The Weekend. (Saturday).

Additional Fees & Packing Materials

Remember the professional packing materials and the expert packers at your disposal! You can save money by obtaining free boxes and attempting these procedures, or you can rely on moving specialists to help speed the process. If you plan on utilizing packing services, your hourly rates will increase.

Be Prepared Before Your Movers Arrive

With a full-service moving company, it doesn’t matter if you are moving out of a studio apartment or four-bedroom home, as the crew will do everything can and more to ensure you are satisfied.

Be sure to check out what people also ask movers; it may help answer your questions about the finer details when relocating.

Hiring Professional Movers for an Office or Commercial Relocation Process

Commercial moves are very different than residential relocation procedures. They require different moving supplies and equipment, knowledgeable moving crews, and unique, valuable factors when planning your move.

Business owners within the Denver metro area have enough on their plates, and the transition of your entire company is a massive task.

what to expect when hiring movers

What to Expect When You Hire Local Movers to Help with Your Commercial Moving Process

When working with a moving company, you can expect every piece of your office, warehouse, or storefront to be handled entirely hassle-free!

Whether your business is moving from Denver to Aurora or Centennial to Boulder, your moving team will assist you with your relocation needs!

You can expect the following with professional movers:

  • Support and assistance throughout your commercial move.
  • Easy scheduling and free price estimates.
  • Professional packing of your office supplies and equipment.
  • Access to a reliable storage unit if required.
  • A full-service moving experience!

Moving Expenses Look Different with Commercial Relocation Projects

Finding the best movers for the job is the trick to a seamless, stress-free commercial moving process. However, the average cost of your move will innately impact your decision and affect how you plan on relocating!

Evaluating Your Options to Save Money Before the Moving Truck Arrives

Investigating what your movers in Denver cost offers a complete perspective on budgeting for the process. Luckily, local movers know how to handle local business transitions, and this is something you cannot always put a price tag on!

However, as you evaluate your options, contacting a few moving companies before deciding on one is wise. This will ensure that your work opportunities in Denver, or wherever you are headed, remain unaffected throughout the changes ahead.

total moving costs in denver

Preparing for the Total Cost of Your Full-Service Move

Commercial moving prices will change significantly from residential ones, but the rates will remain unchanged. It is easy to understand the details when you know the total square footage you operate with for your office or storefront move.

  • Office or warehouse move under 2,000 sq ft: Rates remain at $175 to $205 on weekdays and $195 to $225 through weekends, and it is wise to plan on having your movers complete the packing.
  • Commercial move between 3,000 & 4,000 sq ft: These spaces will require 4 to 6 movers and come with rates between $245 and $345, with packing included on weekdays. The rates with packing on weekends are around $265 to $365.
  • Commercial space over 4,500 sq ft: These rates can extend past what is seen in spaces under 4,000 sq ft when additional movers are required. Consulting with your moving company on the details is essential to understand the working total.
house moving cost during the week
House Moving Costs During The Week. (Mon-Fri).
moving house during the weekend cost
House Moving Costs During The Weekend. (Saturday).

Don’t Forget the Moving Blankets, Padding, Packing & Protection

For an office move, specialized equipment like large printers, copiers, desks, and other supplies may require special packing and crating. These are components unique from what is seen throughout the residential moving industry.

Commercial moves often require more attention to detail and professional packing, which can further add to the cost of your moving operations.

Moving Costs on Local Moves for Your Business

You cannot always base everything you do on pricing or average cost comparisons. When moving a business, everyone needs a company that can provide adequate support through your relocation process.

The success of your business may rest on monetary factors, but the legacy it leads is entirely priceless.

compare moving prices colorado

The Pricing with Different Moving Companies

The total costs will vary slightly from company to company, so make a list of pros and cons and compare accordingly.

While evaluating Denver or even Colorado Springs relocation experts, decide to allow you and your employees to seamlessly transition into the new space!

neighborhoodThings to Consider When Booking Local Movers in Denver, Colorado

There are several different things to think about when you are planning out a local move. The more you know, the more quickly and efficiently the move can be completed, especially when you have a group of professional movers to help!

Scheduling Impacts How Much Movers Cost in Denver

As seen in the rates reviewed, timing matters when scheduling your local move. If you have flexibility within the dates you can move, you may consider shifting things around to save money!

week day vs weekend moving

Weekend Versus Week Day Rates

Most Denverites work the average work week and are busy Monday through Friday. This means just about everyone hopes to get all their errands done on weekends, moving included! Weekday rates will always be lower than weekends, and if you are given the choice, try moving during the week.

Time of Year Matters

The time of year will make a difference, and peak season moving has gained its name and title for a reason. The Summer months are amongst the busiest seasons for local and long-distance moving companies.

You will have access to lower rates if you can schedule your move in the winter, specifically between November and February!

Think About How Many Movers You Will Need

The amount of movers required for your move will always affect your move’s cost. This is because more labor is needed to complete the job when an additional mover is added to the crew.

large moving company colorado

The Larger Your Moving Crew, the Higher the Price

As stated, three movers cost more than two movers in Denver, and this is a general rule of thumb for moving companies throughout the Mile High State and across the country. This is something you can discuss in detail with your professional movers.

They will know the crew size necessary once they have details about the location you are moving out of and your complete inventory list!

Travel Time Impacts What Your Denver Movers Cost

Travel time will always be listed on your moving estimate and charged at the same rate as the rest of your move.

  • If you are moving to Parker, this is about 25 miles from Denver.
  • It will not take a full hour to get there, but you will likely be charged for an hour in both directions as moving companies retain minimums for travel.

Accounting for Drive Time

All Denverites know that traffic can quickly impact drive time, and sitting in it is never fun! A drive to Colorado Springs can feel like a drive to Durango in heavy traffic, and sometimes, it takes longer to get to the destination than expected.

full packing services local moving

Packing Services are Something to Consider

Packing is one of the most essential parts of all moving services. There is no getting around the process and packing supplies are required for a local move.

Choosing between packing yourself or having your movers do it for you is another decision you must make, directly impacting your move’s cost.

studioPacking Materials & Packing Options with Local Moving Companies

Most local moving companies will offer rates with or without packing, leaving the option up to the customer whether or not they need professional assistance and materials.

Your movers provide everything from packing tape to moving blankets, pads, and boxes, which will ensure that everything is adequately protected during transit.

If you go down that route, you must be prepared for the increased rates that come alongside it, but the benefits far outweigh the costs!

Moving Insurance is Another Form of Protection for Your Belongings

Moving insurance is another critical process component when planning a local or long-distance move in Denver. All licensed movers will provide basic coverage, but there are additional insurance options that offer better protection for items of extraordinary value.

local movers faqs tips

FAQS for Professional Moving Companies

How should I create a realistic budget for local movers in Denver?

Take a look at what you have in your home, what kind of home you live in, and the size and belongings inside, and reach out to a licensed moving company for an accurate quote!

Moving is very personal and should be personalized and tailored to meet your needs or particular circumstances.

If you have set a budget, provide the details to your moving representative so they can focus on keeping things in or around that total.

How much should I plan on tipping local or long-distance movers?

There is no set amount you need to tip your movers, and it is never expected. If you feel so inclined, tip only what you are comfortable with, as there is no set amount or unwritten rules on the percentage, as with other parts of the service industry.

why moving is so expensive

rising economyWhy are moving services so expensive?

When you are moving for college, a new job, or a new addition to the family, you can expect that the services provided come with a cost.

In recent years, local movers have raised prices because inflation has affected everyone. Moving companies have seen increased costs and, therefore, have raised their rates to keep up with the changing times.

How can I locate an affordable moving company in Denver?

When relocating with furry family members or children, locating an affordable Denver mover is essential.

  • Get estimates from different companies to compare and contrast.
  • Review customer ratings and experiences with the companies.
  • Consider where the company is located compared to where you are and where you are going.
  • Ensure the services offered will provide your household with what you need.

What is the difference between a local and a long-distance move?

Long-distance moving companies generally categorize long-distance moves as travel over 100 to 400 miles, so you don’t necessarily need to cross state lines.

Local moves are typically anything within your county or move within 50 to 100 miles, but if you are going further, you may need the help of legitimate Denver long-distance movers!

Is $3,000 enough to move from Denver to Colorado Springs?

Yes. You can move to Colorado Springs with $3,000 and even consider your packing included. Moving apartments and properties under three bedrooms or 1,800 sq ft for under $3,000 is possible.

Can I save money on my local move by renting a moving truck?

Saving money is at the forefront of minds all over Colorado, given the steep increase in the cost of living. Because of this, alternate methods of moving have recently been explored as options more than traditional movers.

But when renting a truck, you still have to account for packing supplies, travel time, cost of travel, gas, insurance, etc. This can add up quickly, amounting to more than using professional movers in Denver.

Plus, navigating the winding mountain roads up to Estes Park isn’t easy if you have never driven a large truck!

movers in action

What are the cost factors and implications of professional packing services?

Packing for a local move will always increase the cost you are charged per hour. This usually will increase the hourly charge from $30 to $50.

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