2024 moving trends

2024 Moving Trends: Where Are People Moving To?

Picking up from a place you are familiar with and traveling across the country to start over somewhere completely new is a significant journey that people all across the country choose to take every year.

From 2022 to 2023, over 25 million people opted to relocate.

However, not all those moves occurred across state lines or long distances.

Moving trends ebb and flow from year to year, and many factors influence where people are moving, where they aren’t, and the rate at which they are migrating.

While relocation has been on a downward trend over the past year, coming out of a nationwide pandemic was sure to significantly impact how people were moving.

Looking Back to 2023 Moving Trends

In order to understand where we are headed before you begin choosing your movers and packing up your house or apartment – taking a more in-depth look at what has happened over the past year can provide some insight into how the relocation industry will be affected in the upcoming one.

There are massive outliers that have caused a ripple effect, causing housing shortages, fluctuation within the housing market, and a shift in home sales that projected their influence throughout the moving industry, causing everything to slow down.

While people were still heading toward the Southern states, the moving and storage companies throughout the country saw things trickle away to a slow drip towards the second half of the year.

Long-Distance Migration colorado

Long-Distance Migration Trends Declined Significantly

It is no secret that people suddenly become less likely to take risks and make major life-changing decisions, and moving is one of the more stressful events Americans go through.

There are so many logistical insights that have to be accounted for; it can bring about a rise in anxiety, force people to face their biggest fears and push them to the unknown.

Significant changes like this suddenly became something that many residents across the country seemed to steer away from because of the sheer uncertainty of the world.

Castle Rock movers and packers, and major movers within the industry have noticed that a long-distance move isn’t quite sought after like it once was.

The Impact the Housing Market Had

  • Many Americans were discouraged from moving from 2022 to 2023 because of the state of the national housing market.
  • Interest rates began to rise to upwards of 7%.
  • Housing sales were initially expected to increase, but it remained a competitive market for buyers throughout the year.

Whether you were considering more affluent zip codes in moving to Estes Park or more affordable housing areas throughout the nation – there was talk of the housing market crashing, which caused both sellers and potential buyers to think twice about their options.

This is not projected to happen, but it isn’t in everyone’s best interest to sell at the moment, and it remains highly competitive for buyers to purchase a new home.

Average Moving Costs colorado

Reviewing Average Moving Costs in 2023

Moving companies in Colorado Springs and throughout the Denver metro area have seen a decline in clients due to the housing market. However, that is not the only reason Americans have second-guessed their ability to move forward with a relocation project.

  • The average long-distance move costs around $4,800, depending on where you want to relocate and how much you need to transport.
  • Local moves sat closer to $1,800, and people were more likely to relocate within the same county than across state lines.

But People Were Still Searching for More Affordable Living

You see all the usual life changes where young adults are moving away for college or young professionals travel across the country for a new job.

But a number of people pushed the trend of declining moving rates out of their minds and chose to leap anyway!

Affordable housing and living expenses are among the top reasons people of all ages pieced together a planned move in 2023.

Our local Aurora moving company and movers nationwide have continuously seen people reaching for ways to find more affordable living.

There are so many components that sink into the cost of living, and most cannot simply expect better wages and lower housing costs – you have to go out and find them.

why to move out of colorado

Why Americans Moved in 2023

  • About a third of those who moved in 2023 cited family reasons for relocating in the past year. This may mean they wanted to be closer to family members and aging parents, locate better circumstances for their children, etc.
  • The most common reason for moving, and nearly 40% of those who chose to execute moving plans in 2023, cited the search for a lower cost of living.
  • Americans moved for reasons of wanting more space, employment, and climate change as well.

Living in Longmont or Lakewood, CO, was a part of the many cities within the metro area that drew in new people who had cultivated moving plans within the state and throughout the county.

Both offer a nice change in scenery, climate change if moving from an area used to warmer temperatures, things to do, and a reasonable cost of living as it is outside of Denver’s city limits.

How Migration Trends in the Previous Year May Influence the Next

It is no secret that Americans moved less throughout the last year, as home sales and prices were sky-high, increased inflation, and in light of the recent pandemic – things felt a little unsteady in recent years.

And while this has impacted everyone on some level, long-distance relocation projects will likely continue to decline in the year ahead of us.

Some of the previously ranked as one of the worst places to live are actually in places and states that are now highly sought after and may even make it on the list of moving trends for 2024 & 2025!

How Different Generations Are Moving

While the rise in relocation trends we saw during the pandemic has come to a screeching halt, as we move through time, the younger generations seem to hold the key to what will be on trend and what isn’t.

  • Millennials, Gen Z, and Gen X populations would like to change and travel to another location. Still, Gen Z’ers are actually more likely to succumb to moving deterrents and maintain more solidified plans to relocate in 2024.
  • Millennials are also part of this equation as they have hopped on the trend with Gen Z and begun packing up their moving boxes for a long-distance or local move this year.
  • The Gen Z and Millennial populations are more likely to make a long-distance move than their counterparts – the Baby Boomers.

In the moving client reviews, we see several people in the younger generations request moving services and surface in places that are likely to appeal to their wallets and morals.

Pick-Up & Move Cross-Country for young people

The Younger Generations are More Likely to Pick-Up & Move Cross-Country Than Other Populations

There are plenty of younger generations that have followed through with local moves out of the city of Denver and into smaller suburbs like Englewood, Littleton, and Centennial.

There, they are finding lower prices, quiet surroundings, and a change of scenery.

But it doesn’t stop there; Gen Z is more likely to move to Washington or anywhere throughout the PNW and other places with like-minded people.

They seek feelings of belonging, community, and safety wherever they end up.

Where People Were Moving To

US Census Data and general surveys show that most Americans moved to places that could help relieve the rising interest rates, offering solace with more affordable housing and a chance of scenery or climate change.

While Americans moved at much lower rates throughout the previous year, they are moving to avoid the situations others choose not to move for.

Much of this is left up to personal preference; however, those choosing to follow through with booking Denver long-distance movers and planning relocation projects will set the trends in the upcoming years.

Long Distance Moves to Texas

Long Distance Moves to Texas Ranked #1

Previously, Texas has been the center of the universe for many people across the United States looking for a state that provides:

  • New economic opportunities.
  • A lower cost of living and rental rates in 2024.
  • High-quality education.
  • Healthcare.
  • Diverse communities.

While the state is polarizing for some, many people are migrating with their current line of work, business, or for new job opportunities – plus, there is no state income tax, so you end up with a larger take-home salary at the end of the year.

The Lone Star state was ranked as the most moved-to state in 2023 and is projected to offer the same numbers as we move forward into 2024.

But where are those people migrating within Texas?
  • Over 92,500 people relocated to Houston, the most extensive metro area within state lines.
  • Austin, Texas, came in second place, bringing in nearly 50,500 people.
  • Dallas is a close runner-up to ATX, with almost 48,500 people moving in.
  • And San Antonio gained over 45,700 people!

where people are moving to in tx

Relocation to Florida

Moving with the trends associated with Southern states, if you are looking for a prime relocation destination for nature lovers, the Sunshine State offers the best of both coasts!

Florida has long been a place where people love to vacation; it offers beautiful scenery, gorgeous beaches, good food, and even better people.

But what if you could turn your week-long vacation destination into your everyday home?

That is precisely what over 300,000 people did in 2023, and it doesn’t look like this trend will stop in 2024; instead, it will persist throughout the next couple of years and beyond!

While many choose Florida for the change in scenery and climate, others found better home sales, better access to theme parks and other exciting attractions, a laid-back atmosphere, and low tax rates!

Florida has shifted its previous reputation, which was centered around relocation for retirement, and now has become one of the top states for Millennials and Gen Z moves!

How different age groups demographics feel have suddenly met their match in Florida, and this will remain one of the top states for moving in 2024.

North & South Carolina Was Popular in the Past Year

The Tar Heel State and its twin, the Palmetto State, have defined themselves as the Carolinas and states that led the pack in moving trends within 2023.

While North Carolina had a head start on the frenzy, bringing over 139,000 people into the state market in the past year, South Carolina added over 90,000 as well!

They both bring the familiar feeling that has shrouded previous moving trends: southern hospitality, sweet tea, and good neighbors.

These are safe environments, and Census Data actually shows both states as having some of the fastest-growing populations in the country.

The Carolinas offer solace for people who are attempting to escape those rising interest rates, unaffordable housing costs, high taxes, and disparaged communities.

Are you considering relocating with furry friends? You don’t need to pick apart all factors associated with your move, but if you are worried about your pets, Denver Moving Group has the solution for you!

moving from colorado to tennessee

And Believe It Or Not, Tennessee

The people moving to Tennessee are not what you would expect.

It isn’t just those interested in following the trends or getting closer to family – more than half of those who relocated in 2023 did so with their business to find a lower cost of operations and better tax rates!

Nashville and Memphis have both become hot zones for young professionals, entrepreneurs, and aspiring business owners!

Tennessee may not be the first place you think of, especially when compared to Denver, but many people moving to the Volunteer State are preparing their moving boxes and quick home sales in search of better living conditions.

Tennessee offers the following benefits to current and potential residents:
  • A constant connection to nature.
  • Popular attractions.
  • Low cost of living.
  • Affordable homes and rental rates.
  • More space.
  • Business opportunities.
  • Tight-knit communities with that good old-fashioned Southern charm!

If you are considering a move to Tennessee in 2024, have all of your relocation FAQs answered by professional movers at Denver Moving Group before the big day!

Where People Were Moving Away From

As people move towards something new, they are all moving away from something they once knew – Baby boomers, Millennials, Gen X, & Gen Z.

Trends don’t happen overnight, but they all happen for a reason, and just as those are set for places residents are choosing to move into, they are also there for the places people are moving out of.

Places like New York and Bay Area relocations have taken place for a number of factors, but at the top of everyone’s list is typically one thing: money.

Movers in Arvada and throughout the Denver metro area noticed similar trends, and even though the rental rates recently started dropping, it is no wonder people began pushing out towards suburban areas and others chose to leave the state entirely.

This is a trend that began during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic as Denverites began dropping like flies off the map.

The city, while offering fantastic amenities and a gorgeous view of the Rocky Mountains, became unaffordable for many, and homeowners and renters alike were priced out of their neighborhoods!

denver rent price comparisson

People Were Migrating Out of New York

New York City will always have people ready to book movers and packing, but they have remained the most notable location for population decline in 2023.

This will most certainly continue moving into 2024.

It is no surprise to anyone that the cost of living in New York is difficult for anyone to get by.

The pandemic only exacerbated these issues, developing additional hardships and highlighting how unrealistic it can be to make a sustainable life for yourself and your family.

Couple all that with drastic inflation, a consistent rise in the cost of living, and financial instability, and you will see New York residents heading for anywhere but the Big Apple!

In the past couple of years, there have been a total of 102,000 people – many of whom were actually over the age of 65 and a part of the Baby Boomer generation, according to the United States Census Bureau.

Respondents reported leaving the state for different reasons:
  • Many chose to go to seek a new life and lifestyle in retirement.
  • Some cited health reasons.
  • Others moved for family or to be closer to loved ones.
  • The rest listed jobs or costs as the top reasons for leaving New York.

Saying Goodbye to Oregon

While there are many Gen Z and Millennials interested in moving to Oregon for the atmosphere and the ability to be around other like-minded individuals – it charted as one of the top states residents were moving out of in 2023, according to the Census Bureau and independent survey respondents.

The Beaver State used to be a place that acted as a magnet within the Pacific Northwest.

Oregon saw an overall population loss of approximately .14%!

This number is staggering when looking back to the mid-2010s when places like Portland and Bend, OR, were seeing new people moving in droves.

The pandemic happened to be a landmark, and the drastic change in circumstances forced many people to make the moves they had been pondering and procrastinating for so long.

Most chose to leave the state and head south to reap the benefits others were – low taxes and a better cost of living!

There were actually more people who left Oregon in the past couple of years than what was seen during the housing crash back in the 1980s.

Will this trend continue into 2024?

Many residents will likely continue leaving the state for the same reasons that others are choosing to move in, and that the population will continue to decline into the following Census data of 2030!

This is something that the research team at Portland State University will be keeping a close eye on.

long distance movers 2024

Leaving Ohio Behind

If you have to ask the question of why people are leaving Ohio, you may have never lived there or had the chance to visit.

The Buckeye State is like most within the mid-west region: modest homes, modest lifestyles, and a relatively average cost of living.

They saw a decline of .22% in their total population in 2023 as more than half of the moves out of the state were outbound.

Since this is known as an affordable place, most of the residents making moves were not doing so because of the cost of living but, more so, access to a different market.

Ohioans were packing up and leaving in search of something outside of the average; they began scanning their surroundings and looking for something beyond what they usually expect – better climates, beautiful places for retirement, and reliable job opportunities.

The lack of legitimate jobs within the workforce was causing a significant dent in residents’ pocketbooks and creating a rift within communities, which has caused a trickle in outbound moves to Southern states and even places like Colorado!

When reading the truth about Denver, you may gain similar insights, but there isn’t much to compare between the Midwest and the Rocky Mountain region!

Moving Away from Illinois

Chi-town is a historical city with a relatively large population that finally met its decline in 2014.

These trends have continued throughout the current day and will likely persist into 2024.

The most significant population drops occurred in 2021-2022, but this has been a decade-long pattern that one can only assume will continue as the past guides future predictions.

Illinois is a diverse state, with people from all over the country and others who have chosen international migration into the city.

Still, a large majority of those people are choosing to make a move out for the following reasons, according to the US Census Bureau population survey:

  • About 50% of people are leaving for job reasons, whether they are transferring, obtaining a new job opportunity, or would like to work elsewhere.
  • Approximately 20% of survey respondents have stated they are leaving due to trouble with housing affordability, looking for a better house or apartment, or better and safer neighborhoods.
  • Nearly 30% of survey respondents cite other top reasons like family, education, weather, or retirement!

There are still people moving to Chicago for the opportunity and chance of scenery, but if things go as they have for the past 10 years, they are looking to see a continual decrease in the population.

why people are moving

Are You Potentially Moving Longer Distances in 2024?

Those living in the Mile High City are all wondering the same things:

  • What is going to happen with the housing market?
  • Is it a good time to sell or buy a home?
  • Will rental rates go down?
  • Is moving a good idea in 2024?

While there is not one set answer for each of these questions, there is no reason to believe we will see anything too extreme compared to previous years.

Everyone is curious about how migration trends will continue to shape individuals, companies, and corporations within the coming years.

Curiosity is something natural to humans. Access to data, understanding the factors that relate directly to relocation, and knowing where the housing and job market is moving are all essential to understand and contemplate before deciding on your own moving services.

But moving into 2024 & 2025, the workforce is moving back to on-site work environments, and suddenly, the ability to pick up and move isn’t as convenient or accessible as it once was.

While some companies have chosen flexibility within the workplace, many are no longer completing their daily tasks from a remote office.

This will impact the next year compared to the previous, and we will see a significant difference in migration patterns because of it.

Unpacking Moving Across & Within State Lines in the Upcoming Year

It has been noted that over half of Americans are curious about cross-country moving and staying up to date on shifting moving trends. Still, only a tiny portion of those people will choose to schedule a move within the calendar year.

People are booking long-distance and local movers less and less, but it seems we are reaching a tipping point within the moving industry!

We still see and expect newcomers in Colorado compared to the numbers in previous years; the state offers a lovely place to land with your family in gorgeous environments but with high-interest rates, housing, and rental rates.

More people are running toward the suburbs and neighboring places like Colorado Springs, Longmont, and Westminster.

There will always be migration and access for those seeking a new place to call home, a new place to start a life, and a new place to play!

State Relocation Projects

The Evolving Landscape of the Future Will Impact Same County & Different State Relocation Projects

The top reasons Americans moved in 2023 will spill over into 2024 and 2025, and these will remain factors everyone will be paying attention to before leaping.

There are significant changes that will take place locally and on a larger scale throughout the country!

We will see moving rates stay more stagnant than previously seen throughout the relocation market, but it seems the mass’s interest levels are peaking.

Our Brighton movers have over a decade of experience in the moving industry and have seen the ebb and flow of migration throughout the country.

Denver Moving Group is fully dedicated to making your relocation journey as smooth as possible!

Evaluating the Cost to Move Your Own Household Cross-Country

For many Americans, the costs and pricing that come with long-distance movers are another one of the factors and top reasons they choose to avoid moves.

Just be on the lookout and know the difference between moving brokers and licensed movers because when you are attempting to go bold and move out of state, no one wants to end up outside their allotted moving budget.

Moving costs are one of the largest factors to integrate within the relocation and migration data collected across the country, as there are always costs people will expect. Still, everything is not always as it appears.

Understanding how you are charged and what you are being charged is essential, and having the chance to access multiple moving companies’ quotes to compare and contrast for positives and negatives gives you a better idea of navigating your moving services.

Cost Breakdown colorado movers

Relocation Cost Breakdown

Moving expenses are a significant part of the picture with any relocation project, whether you are a part of the Baby Boomers, Gen Z, etc. – your age and demographics do not impact your moving costs.

A few factors go into the cost evaluation of your local or long-distance moving company.

  • Most companies will create a quote according to the distance between your pick-up and drop-off location, fuel surcharges, and your shipment’s weight or volume.
  • There are plenty of additional factors that may influence your final price, as some people require professional packing, extra storage during moves, and other specialty services.
Local Moves

Moving locally is calculated much differently than typical long-distance or cross-country moves.

  • Most companies will provide a bottom line or base rate, considered a minimum move size to access the service options.
  • A local moving quote with Parker movers heading to Denver is developed by the hour, and travel time will also be assessed. Therefore, the more stuff you have to move, the longer your crew may take to complete the job, and your quote average will increase.
  • Additional charges should be reviewed at the time of booking so that you have the chance to explain what you need to the moving companies and so that they can understand what will be required in labor.

top Moving Services

Long-Distance Moving Services

Long-distance moves are calculated by reviewing the total amount of cubic feet or weight of the belongings and the distance traveled to reach your final location.

There are additional costs that can be incurred when you are relocating with professional moving companies.

  • Packing is charged by the materials used and the labor for the process.
  • Storage fees are calculated by the total amount of space used for storing multiplied by an average rate per month.
  • Shuttle fees can be applied if the moving truck cannot access your pick-up or delivery location.
  • Long-carry charges are applied if your moving crew has to carry your items an excessive length from the truck before reaching the entrance to your home or apartment.
  • Stair and elevator fees are charged when the crew can access either to complete your pick-up or delivery. However, different companies run their own rates for each service.
More Than Half of Those Interested in Relocating Choose Against the Move Because of Costs Associated with Relocation

The entire process of booking moving companies, assessing quotes, and following through with the booking and payment is something that survey respondents reported as being a barrier.

While moving projects can appear stressful, Denver Moving Group is more than your average moving company and makes moves locally and across the country easily accessible with affordable options!

Our moving tips and tricks can help with a pleasant moving experience.

Access Lower Cost Long-Distance Moving Services

The rates of your move will change depending on the first or second half of the year, relocating in the Summertime versus the cooler months, weekdays and weekends, etc.

If you are ready to get moving and have some flexibility, then consider the following to help alleviate your moving costs:

  • Try moving anytime between December and February, as these are not considered busy seasons, and moving companies have higher rates during the remaining months.
  • Schedule your move for a weekday instead of a weekend, as you will have a more flexible timeframe and experience lower rates when moving locally or long distances.

costs of upcoming trendy states

Predictions for Moving Trends in the Upcoming Year

We will see continued changes in 2024 in migration patterns, trendy locations for living, and how people choose to transport their households.

  • People are demanding more sustainable moving options, which is something many moving companies are already putting into action.
  • Moving costs are expected to level off, and rates should stabilize throughout 2024.
  • There will likely be more virtual services and artificial intelligence intervention within general moving services.
  • Younger people are more likely to get up and move and will set trends on hot spots within 2024 and the next decade.
  • People will be looking to save money wherever possible, and the migration to places with lower costs of living, lower tax rates, and a better quality of life will persist!

The best places to live in 2021 have changed some, but Denver and Austin, TX, both remain on the list of popular places Americans may seek out in 2024!

Why People Will Be Making Moves

We have already established that people move for different reasons, which will always be the case, but when the country’s economy suddenly shifts in one direction.

There is a lack of stability, or many questions arise about the future – people are more likely to go in one direction or the other.

So, to move or not to move – the question remains.

Sometimes moving is unexpected and almost always linked directly to another life change, whether you have recently welcomed a baby, need to care for elderly parents, are choosing to start educational endeavors, have a new job opportunity, etc.

While some of these events are planned, others aren’t, and many people will need to pack up and move quickly without any strategic planning behind the process.

Regardless of those moments, those who have a chance to move will be playing a game of chess and must remain vigilant in understanding and evaluating all of their options before doing so.

So get ready to start piecing together your packing supplies, be prepared to begin your moving journey, and allow Denver Moving Group to help you with your adventure.

Our moving professionals always keep our customers’ best interests in mind, and we treat every piece of furniture and moving box as if it were our very own!

affordable housing hunting

To Locate Affordable Housing

The search for affordable living and quality housing that isn’t placed on the market at outrageous rates is something Denverites are all looking for, but this isn’t the only city in the country that is looking to find the same slice of comfort.

Everyone throughout the country is always looking for better ways to save, different possibilities to stretch their monthly wage plans that allow them to save for bigger and better things, and a way out of living paycheck to paycheck.

If you are currently living in a city like Portland, Los Angeles, Denver, Seattle, or any of the infamously high-cost metro areas, you are probably all too familiar with this factor, becoming a losing battle.

It remains one of the leading reasons people outgrow city living and submerge throughout suburban areas where things are more affordable. It is one of the top reasons Americans are now attempting to locate new states where they can live comfortably and confidently!

This is one of the many reasons that Dallas relocation and moving to Texas suddenly became so popularized.

Still, due to the sudden influx of people, the housing market has begun to change rather significantly over the past year, especially when compared to five to ten years ago.

It is now comparable rates to Denver, and you are looking at property taxes and homeowners’ or renters’ insurance that is nearly double the cost.

You have to look at all of your monthly expenses or any upcoming expenses that you may incur to create a summary of your budget and how that will work on your projected or current take-home salary.

A New Job Remains at the Top of the List

Relocating for a new job when you are leaving a workplace you are familiar with, entering a position at a new start-up, or even venturing out on your own as an entrepreneur can sometimes feel intimidating and discouraging.

But this remains another one of the leading reasons Americans move from state to state or even locally within their region.

This is a tale that is just about as old as time because people are often willing to relocate when a better employment option is on the table or there is a more promising job pool to locate a position with.

This is something that the Gen Z population reports as being one of their top reasons for moving.

In contrast, Millennials and Baby Boomers are less likely to cite this reason for relocation.

While some generations will lean in more than others, jobs are one of the more significant reasons people will be making moves throughout 2024.

safety concerns colorado

Many are Citing Safety Concerns

Everyone wants to legitimately feel safe in their own homes and neighborhoods.

Security is one of the primary purposes for housing, fulfilling humans’ basic needs.

However, safety and security are climbing to the top of the list as one of the main reasons Americans are considering a move locally and longer distances.

Feeling secure on your own turf allows people to better integrate into their communities, helping to cultivate neighbors you feel comfortable with and even those with whom you can develop long-lasting relationships.

Gen Z’ers cite this as another significant reason for moving, but Gen X and Baby Boomers have sorted this as a lower priority.

Climate Change is a Significant Factor

Climate change is at the top of the list for older generations as the places they have recently lived are simply environments they have grown out of!

There is no significant preference whether you are moving to cooler or warmer climates, but making the switch is what’s important.

  • Dallas, Texas, residents who are sick of the heat and humidity may choose to start comparing Colorado Springs and Durango, COas both offer an escape from the humid heat waves and provide a cooler, dryer climate.
  • Residents in New Mexico may be considering states like Michigan, Tennessee, or Pennsylvania to get out of the dry and arid climate they are used to. They are likely attempting to find a more lush and cool environment.

People are looking for a total change in scenery and a complete 180 from the environments they are familiar with, and while everyone may be searching for a different state, many are looking for the same things at the end of the day.

which items cannot move

Who Won’t Be Moving

We can’t deny that since the decline in nationwide migration began, it slowed after a surge of sudden relocations during the pandemic and community shutdowns.

Stay-at-home orders asked many to begin work and school remotely, providing much flexibility for everyday living.

This had a chain reaction, with many discovering their options and places to save money during the shutdown.

Now that we have exited the national health emergency, many are being forced back into their usual routines and offices, which means that flexibility no longer exists.

But that is not the only reason people aren’t moving – there are still many factors of life that don’t feel entirely stable, from housing to general living costs.

Taking the time to evaluate the pros and cons of making moves is essential to a successful, happy life, and for many Americans, 2024 will not be the right time for a massive relocation project in their life.

Those Paying Close Attention to the Housing Market

There are so many unique and popular destinations for long-distance moves, but none stand up to the crisis many millennials face – the price of housing and the benefit of buying or selling in 2024.

We are in a time considered a sellers’ market; because the inventory is low, things are highly competitive and challenging for buyers.

So, if you are attempting to sell your current home and purchase another, you could end up with the short end of the stick.

There are tons of people who are worried about how selling or purchasing a house during a time of sky-high interest rates can benefit their lives and livelihoods.

Many of the older generations are more worried about the cost of living, interest rates, and the state of the current housing market, as opposed to Gen Z – who are more likely to spend an extra penny or two to live in a place they prefer.

Inflation in moving costs

Inflation is Unavoidable

Inflation is something all Americans can sing their united complaints about.

The initial spike hit in 2021, with some price gouges leveling off toward the end of 2023, but inflation continues to affect us all.

It is seen within the moving industry, in retail stores, at the grocery store, your favorite ice cream shop, delivery services, ride shares, even streaming services, and your favorite restaurant.

There is no way around it currently, and things don’t seem to be letting off anytime soon.

People have to plan their monthly budgets around the sudden rise in costs, and changing or moving only extensively heightens those costs and needs.

Even if living in Seattle seems like fulfilling your teenage dreams as a grown Millennial, many do not have the option or the necessary funds to make it there when you walk out of the local grocery store with one bag at nearly $100.

Thus, many Americans are choosing to stay put for the time being, adapt to the inflation, and play it safe, saving money and waiting things out until things cool off.

Remote Working Options

Remote options for working in Denver and throughout the country have suddenly been pulled from the table, and people are being forced back to work in traditional office spaces.

This hasn’t happened to everyone, and many workplaces have introduced a flexible workspace where employees can come into the office once a week.

Still, these kinds of situations essentially take long-distance moving or relocating anywhere within your state that is far from the office off the table.

Previously, there was a lot of flexibility for people. They could relocate across the country to find new homes and lifestyles for better prices.

Still, nowadays, and as we move through 2024, this isn’t going to be an easy option for most who are trading in the remote work life for traditional environments.

2024 moving services

Where People Will be Seeking Relocation Refuge

Whether you are debating between the possibility of renting vs. buying as a Millennial or just looking for new digs on the beach away from the rain in the PNW – 2024 is blowing in new winds of change and different places that will emerge as trends.

While there are many places throughout the nation, there are a few up-and-coming locations on the horizon that are people’s favorite places for long-distance moving in 2024.

North or South Dakota is a Promising Option

While neither of these states was necessarily noted as growing cities in 2023, the Dakotas may just swoop into Carolina’s spot on 2024’s list of popular states for long-distance relocations.

South Dakota is somewhat more notable than its Northern partner, and it did see some movement as the trend began to take the fold during the latter half of 2023 without too many Americans yet taking notice.

The Mount Rushmore State is most well known for the structure that brings thousands of tourists every year, but beyond the brief visits to see our previous presidents, there are so many benefits to settling down in South Dakota.

welcoming cyour neighborhood

The state provides the following advantages for newcomers:
  • Housing prices are relatively lower than the national average, as the current median sales price is currently around $369,000.
  • You won’t have to suffer through state income taxes at the end of the year, which entitles residents to more money in their pockets.
  • Beyond the lovely and historic Mount Rushmore, you have plenty of outdoor activities from Badlands Park to the Black Hills.
  • South Dakota and North Dakota are both known for their tight-knit, friendly communities offering a safe space for the inbound population.
  • There are meager rates of unemployment and job opportunities alongside high-quality educational endeavors.

Utah Will Rise in Popularity

Utah relocations are another spot that is sure to see a rising population throughout 2024.

A small pocket of the population made the transition from places like Hawaii, Florida, California, and other tropical climates to Utah. Furthermore, many younger couples and families are hoping to find their new home there!

The trend is on the verge of breaking to other demographics, and the state is projected to bring in a swift population increase over the next year.

The area is known for being family-friendly, and large families account for a good part of the current population, but it seems that changes are ahead of us.

moving from colorado to utah

Utah offers the following opportunities to new residents:
  • The Beehive State is well-known for its natural beauty and the wonders the landscape can bring to residents’ lives. There is world-class skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and plenty of outdoor fun to be had!
  • There is sunshine almost year-round if you want a change from rainy or dreary environments. This may be what feels like genuinely happy community members.
  • Utah offers great home pricing and rental rates, providing people who are coming from places like Denver with more space and options for more luxurious living on their current budgets.
  • It currently has one of the best-rated job markets in America, supplying fresh opportunities and a place to flourish for business owners.
  • The property taxes are much lower than the national average, offering residents additional savings and wiggle room within the monthly budget.

Arizona Brings New Opportunities

Have you ever considered moving to Phoenix, AZ?

Chances are you are one of many in 2024 pondering the idea of heading to the Valley and forging a new life in the desert climate.

Arizona is a prime spot and is looking to be one of the more sought-after places to live in the upcoming years.

It is an incredibly unique place with lots of interest coming from younger people, which would change the tone of it being known as a state for those choosing to settle down in retirement age.

colorado to arizona movers

Arizona provides tons of advantages to tempt to complete the migration:
  • Coming from a place like Denver or up North, you don’t have to struggle through snow storms and extreme winter weather cycles. You can finally get a break from the cold and soak up those sun rays instead!
  • People are starting to catch onto the fact that it has a relatively low cost of living overall, offering reasonable solutions to those keeping a close eye on their budget.
  • There are plenty of jobs to go around and new opportunities within the job market that you cannot find across the country.
  • You will have access to endless amounts of nature, ethereal landscapes, and outdoor activities!
  • The culture is dense and diverse and provides everyone within the community safety. Arizona is well-known for its safe communities, quiet neighborhoods, and laid-back residents.

Texas Remains a Hot Spot

This is undoubtedly no surprise, but Texas remains on the list of moving trends in 2024.

Everything is bigger there, including the population!

With this state, you aren’t even really taking a chance on Texas because it is already widely known that it offers multiple city options and suburbs.

We will see the Lone Star state on the list again as many businesses are relocating to the Southern states for lower taxes, property purchases, and rental rates.

This means that employees will choose to relocate with their current employer as they move South; they may find opportunities within the tech world in Austin, oil and gas within Houston or Dallas, or walk a more creative path with a start-up in San Antonio.

Notably, plenty of people are heading out of the state every day onto bigger and better things, but for all the people choosing to make their final exit, there are more who are making their initial entrance.

Texas provides a stable life, new opportunities, a different feeling and community to bond with, no state income taxes, and a place to bring your and your family’s wildest dreams to fruition!

colorado to georgia moving company

Georgia is Another State Climbing the Ranks

This state is a little more out of left field, but as we unpack the details, it is no question that Georgia will be the next of its Southern counterparts, climbing the ranks in moving trends for 2024.

Georgia has a large capital city and metro area, lush green suburbs, and luxury living.

It is a diverse place that provides a safe haven for those who call the Peach State their home or those who haven’t entirely made up their minds yet – their doors are open and waiting for you.

Georgia provides the following advantages to incoming residents:
  • You can kiss harsh winter weather goodbye and say hello to the sweet feeling of sunshine as you will be officially in the sunbelt.
  • It is incredibly affordable in terms of cost of living, purchasing a home or commercial property, or opting to rent instead – your money will go further than it would in Denver and other regions of the country.
  • Georgia has recently developed a name for itself as an idyllic place to retire, but many young people are also seeking new opportunities within the state.
  • The job market and economy are strong and diversifying daily to provide residents with the ability to change their profession, seek a new line of work, or even open their own local business.
  • You may not immediately think of nature in GA, but you can access the great outdoors wherever you turn!
  • Savannah, Atlanta, Alpharetta, Athens, and Roswell are the most popular places to live.

comparison net salary in cities

Gen Z is Leading the Way to What Will be Trendy in the Future

Gen Z and even Millennials are currently paving the path for what will be on trend and what will not.

The younger generations have different aspirations and priorities in relocation than seen with other demographics.

Who knows, perhaps a relocation to San Diego will be as trendy as the younger generations made Oakland.

But one thing is sure – the younger generations will continuously define the migration trends as they enter the workforce and find a stake in their lives.

Eventually, we will see Gen Alpha doing the same, which is why, at one point, Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers were defining their moment so their children could grow up and do the same.

But all ages need a safe space to live, a place they can rest their head and know they won’t have trouble paying the mortgage or rent, where they can seize the moment and find mobility when it’s wanted to needed – and with these things in store, the future is looking bright.

colorado moving methodology

Moving Methodology

Denver Moving Group has analyzed trends collected by the US Census Bureau and private organizations from state to state to provide our clients with detailed insights and predictions on relocation and migration trends of 2024.

Overall, it is clear that moving will continue to decline.

Still, people in this country are looking for a place to call their home and to feel comfortable financially, emotionally, and mentally.

Almost half of home sales in Denver are outside the reach of the younger Millennials and Gen Z populations, which means many are seeking solace outside of the state instead.

This is something that will only persist, and while interest in the Mile High City remains strong throughout the county, there are questions to be had about how the population may decline in the upcoming years ahead of us.

Whether you are interested in an outbound trip from Colorado or your first migration – Denver Moving Group works to create fast, efficient, and affordable relocation assistance, which will only continue to evolve and expand in 2024.

Questions Arise with the Possible Moving Trends of 2024

The moving industry and navigating a long-distance or local move remains a heavy emotional and mental event in one’s life.

Even if you are most interested in the upcoming moving trends, questions will likely linger about the possibility of housing shortages, which could influence pricing in your area of interest, different quotes to attain for long-distance moves, and your own home sales, etc.

Our Littleton moving and storage experts may have some answers and predictions that may help you with some of your most pressing relocation questions.

2024 moving trends in the usa

Is 2024 a good year to make moves?

There is some optimism on the horizon for cross-country and local moving stories, such as home pricing and rental rates!

This is not a question that can quickly be answered for everyone interested in the possibility of relocating, but mortgage rates will continue to decline in the upcoming years.

Rental rates reflect the same rate of decline but even at a more significant rate, especially within the Denver metro area and other major metroplexes throughout the United States.

Whether you are considering from Centennial, CO, to New York City or South Carolina makes a big difference.

While migration is projected to continue on its current track, the true answer lies in where you hope to go and why you are thinking of heading in that direction.

2024 brings new job opportunities, many regions of states within the country that provide lower cost of living, like-minded people, and new surroundings, so if you are ready to get moving – don’t second guess yourself!

What were the most moved-to states in 2023?

Long-distance moves to Tampa and throughout the state of Florida are never going to let up as people find a more affordable living and a break on taxes; many have aging parents in the area, and locating a new job isn’t difficult, but the Sunshine State didn’t rank on the top of the charts in 2023.

The lovely Lone Star State remains at the top of the list, gaining over 470,000 people – which means over 1,000 people were moving there every day of the year!

Texas has ebbed and flowed throughout the years, but it saw a significant influx of people during the nationwide pandemic, and that has only continued throughout the years that followed.

It is projected to remain a popular community with the new installation of Universal in Frisco.

It will continue to see people consistently coming from and going to the state in 2024.

Check out our Austin and Raleigh living comparison to explore the details around living in the most trendy states in America!

most popular states to move

Which states are people already moving to?

As we have just entered a new year and the Census Bureau only collects and distributes data every five years – we don’t yet have accurate information about where everyone is moving to.

But moving to Maryland, Georgia, Alabama, and the Carolinas has been a significant uptick!

People choose to forgo places like Sacramento, the Bay area, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and higher-cost states across the Eastern Coast.

Are people choosing to move less?

It has become relatively apparent that people are choosing to move less in recent years, and factors like high interest rates, high home sales, and a competitive housing market all feed into the common reason Americans are choosing to stay put.

But this isn’t something that will last forever, and there are still many people who are walking against the housing market trend and making a break for the top states!

We provide moving services in Denver, Boulder, CO Springs, and across the rest of the country to provide clients with options for secure relocations when the time is right.

Moving and relocation is like getting married or having a child – is there ever a right time?

While some say yes, others say no, and they will shape what moving trends look like in 2024, 2025, and the years that follow.

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Are You Putting Together Your Own Moving Plans? Contact Denver Moving Group for Professional Moving Assistance

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We provide residents throughout the Mile-High State and those across the country with seamless, stress-free move at rates lower than the average moving costs!

As a family-owned moving company, we are dedicated to becoming one of the top reasons people across America can access affordable moves. We are also committed to providing accurate information on how the industry we have mastered will change in the future.

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There are some relocation trends we can expect and others that have yet to be decided, but regardless of where you are heading from or going to – trust the best to ease any stressful factors that come along with the process, creating seamless moving services for every customer!

Contact the Denver Moving Group today to get started on the 2024 moves!

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